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About MonetaryUnit

MonetaryUnit is a cryptocurrency based on the Quark encryption algorithm. MUE can be sent anywhere for a low fee and offers a in-wallet blockchain messaging system.

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Decentralized and self-governed cryptocurrency with an open-source architecture.

The goal of cryptocurrency is to get more people involved in the crypto market. It works without any central server or management authority. Thus, its growth is entirely dependent on its users and…See more

Based on the Bitcoin blockchain with PoS and Masternodes.

A decentralized and autonomous project, it intends to provide its users with a currency that allows them to purchase items through MUE and generate rewards according to the contribution made on the…See more

Works on a stable network.

The primary purpose of the currency is to make cryptocurrency available to everyone and to break the technical framework around its use. So its algorithm allows users to create currency from a…See more