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This is a long-term reward program project for people

Long term marketing programs are actually very hard to come by and the cost are the terms that limits or nullifies the reasons to why an ad campaign must continue. Touch con is making a difference by implementing a long-term strategy in...See full review

QR offers research administrations for advertising.

TouchCon was created as a work of the blockchain world, which integrates QR development into its current state, integrates QR development with its current state of affairs to show blockchain-related development methods and mix incentive structure...See full review

It is the phase that coordinates QR innovation around these lines that creates great ad management for stores, products, and organizations.

Long-term incentive programs are difficult to actually trace, and cost is the term that cuts off or eliminates why a promotional effort should continue. It aims to give a permanent and huge trade sector to use the largest measure of dealers...See full review

This is a drawn out remuneration program project for individuals

Long term advertising programs are in reality exceptionally rare and the expense are the terms that cutoff points or invalidates the motivations to why a promotion crusade should proceed. Contact con is having an effect by carrying out a drawn out...See full review

Review on TouchCon by HarunCan.

TouchCon is a project based on advertising and advertisers ' trading of cryptocurrency and its token. The project aims to provide a permanent and large trading market in order to benefit the largest amount of traders that join this platform in...See full review

QR offers scanning services for advertising.

TouchCon was created as a work of the blockchain world that integrates QR innovation into its environment, integrates QR innovation into its environment to showcase blockchain innovation-related methods and harmonize the incentive framework for...See full review

TouchCon (TOC) offers QR scanning services for ads, works for reward delivery and decentralized trading.

TouchCon (TOC) has been developed as a project of the blockchain world, which integrates QR technology to its ecosystem, thus generating good marketing services for stores, products and companies, facilitating marketing strategies based on...See full review

TouchCon (TOC)

TouchCon (TOC), is a currency developed to fulfill the function of payment method, from the TouchCon application, also this is a currency that works also as a method of rewards for digital marketing, and scans of QR codes of products. TouchCon (TOC)…See full review

digital marketing project through smart QR

TouchCon a project based on the advertising market between advertisers and consumers through the intelligent QR code. In addition to presenting a two-dimensional scalability, it aims to offer a commercial market that has infinite value to...See full review