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Hosting providers offer rentable space on computer servers to store and operate users’ websites as well as a connection to the internet so that websites are accessible by online visitors. Web hosting is used by organizations who desire server storage and internet connectivity but do not want to host or maintain servers on-premises at their place of business. Instead, website hosting providers maintain, configure, and frequently own servers in remote data centers, and offer a series of hosting plans to customers with varying levels of support, access, and pricing. Reviews in this category provide information and ratings about all the popular tools.

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green mini host logo
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Green Mini host offers specialised Mac infrastructure for iOS and macOS developers. You can rent dedicated Mac mini servers in the data center and host a Mac server cluster in the cloud. Colocation packages are available as well, where you can host your own hardware in the data center En savoir plus

namecheap domains logo
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Domain names, SSL and hosting En savoir plus

dnsimple logo
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Simple, Secure, Smart DNS and domain management. From domain registration to DNS hosting, DNSimple provides a comprehensive API and web interface for domain management automation to customers around the world. Our vision is one where anyone, regardless of skill level, can register, secure, connect domains to the services they ❤️or need without thinking... En savoir plus

gandi logo
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Gandi is a domain name registrar approved by ICANN with operations in Europe and the United States. En savoir plus

hover logo
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With hundreds of domain extensions, no heavy-handed upselling and best-in-class support, Hover makes it easy to spend less time on your domains and more time on your big idea. En savoir plus

pathscale logo
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PathScale provides enterprise CDN solutions and support without the buzzword bingo. Our multi-CDN technology works at multiple layers to go past synthetic benchmarks and guesses to ensure that your users and your CDN of choice are running optimally. En savoir plus

bloxone™ ddi logo
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BloxOne™ DDI is the first and only cloud-native DDI solution that simplifies DDI control and management at scale. En savoir plus

zilore logo
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A fast, reliable, and globally accessible DNS hosting service maintained by a team of experts, with amazing capabilities. Managed DNS: Increase the speed, reliability and security of your websites and applications using a simple and functional DNS management service. Geo DNS: Configure various DNS responses for your users depending on their location... En savoir plus logo
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CDN77 helps the world’s most demanded and widely accessed websites and apps deliver the best possible online experience to more than a billion users monthly. Every second we receive more than 4,000,000 HTTP requests. Every day, we register traffic peaks over 25 Tbps. And every month, we successfully mitigate around 8,000 DDoS attacks. With our 60+... En savoir plus

lunarpages internet solutions logo
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Lunarpages is a leading provider of managed hosting services with over 150,000 customers, providing secure, reliable and compliant IT infrastructure and management for some of the world’s most demanding enterprises. Founded in 1998, Lunarpages is a growing, profitable business run by a seasoned management team with experience in delivering hosting... En savoir plus

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