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Ride Sharing Software

Ride-sharing software allows users to easily hire a taxi or rent a car via an app. These platforms connect passengers with the closest drivers and calculate the price of the ride, usually based on traffic, distance, and overall demand. Companies can also use ride-sharing apps to facilitate business travel and to cut costs. To learn more about ride-sharing software, read the reviews in this category.

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professional cab booking software like uber, ola script logo
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Our ready-made cab booking script has several attractive features such as responsive layout, taxi managing capabilities, Google map integration, secured payment gateways, notification tips, and is much more flexible on customization etc. En savoir plus

uberdoo logo
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We develop clone versions of several on-demand applications like Tinder, Swiggy, WhatsApp, UrbanCompany, and Uber. We incorporate effective and tailor-made customizations for the clone applications based on your requirements. En savoir plus

ridecell logo
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Ridecell helps build your High-yield shared mobility business. Ridecell helps companies build and operate profitable shared mobility businesses. En savoir plus

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beep - rent a cab logo
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Beep app offers the easy, fast and economical way to book a rental cab ride. En savoir plus

cabubble logo
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Cabubble is a UK based dispatch-integrated taxi and minicab booking platform. En savoir plus

rideshark logo
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We provide full service and customizable solutions for your organization En savoir plus

shohoz logo
0 avis, owned and operated by Shohoj Limited, is a premium online and on-demand service provider committed to make your life convenient, easier and smarter. En savoir plus

tripspark rideshare management logo
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TripSparks ridesharing management software (RidePro) is about connecting commuters and the places they live and work. Along with our core ridesharing solution, we support vanpools, all with advanced analytics. RidePro allows you to report on your programs, reduce overall costs, encourage participation, and more. En savoir plus

vibe rides logo
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Vibes Rides is a ride hauling app similar to Uber and Lyft. It was launched in Houston in December 2019 and is currently available in Texas, Florida and I believe California En savoir plus

ola corporate logo
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Ola cabs fares can help your company save upto 60% on travel En savoir plus

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