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Canon PowerShot Wide Angle Stabilized 3 0 Inch Camera & Photo in Digital Cameras
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Model NameCanon PowerShot SX150 IS
Form FactorCompact
Shooting ModesScene

À propos de Canon PowerShot Wide Angle Stabilized 3 0 Inch Camera & Photo in Digital Cameras

12x zoom optique grand angle et objectif 28 mm avec stabilisateur d'image optique. Capteur d'image 14,1 mégapixels et processeur d'image DIGIC 4. Vidéo HD 720p en son stéréo. Grand écran LCD de 3,0 pouces de large. Le mode Movie Digest enregistre des clips vidéo avant de prendre une photo. Zoom optique grand angle 12x. Zoom optique grand angle 12x et objectif 28 mm avec stabilisateur d'image optique, garantie Canon USA d'un an. Capteur d'image 14,1 mégapixels et processeur d'image DIGIC 4. Vidéo HD 720p en son stéréo. Grand écran LCD de 3,0 pouces de large. Le mode Movie Digest enregistre…

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A really necessary purchase, glad I found this product.

In general, I am very pleased with the camera. I can recommend it as a suitable camera for a beginner - the price is excellent, manual settings are present, but not imposed - it does not discourage :). Withstands long-term operation in difficult conditions (hiking, expeditions, etc.). For 2.5 years of use, two problems appeared - the battery cover loosened (it does not open, but there is a gap) and the date / time settings are lost every time it is turned off (which is the saddest thing - the service said that everything was fine and did not fix it).

Pros & cons

  • - reasonable price (very!) -manual settings - good color reproduction -design, button layout, compactness -Lots of modes and effects - reliable fastening of the lace -smart auto mode
  • -no viewfinder - noise in low light - Flimsy battery cover -slow operation (compared to, for example, sx160) - poor quality of warranty service

The quality exceeds all expectations, I recommend to buy.

Having tried to shoot in RAW, I was amazed at the quality of the photos. I convert to Lightroom 4. HA, distortion are corrected, you can pull out both overexposure and shadows, plus it's easy to correct the white balance. The picture is obtained with pixel-by-pixel sharpness (where the lens can give it), and the noise is converted into non-irritating grain. The frames are saved in RAW, of course, for a long time, but they weigh 20 mb each. The battery charge is displayed as a percentage! Sample photos here (ISO 80, RAW) https://plus. Google. Com/photos/110614746454829255336/albums/5887667987048074577

Pros & cons

  • Manual modes, AA power, zoom, stub, the ability to shoot in RAW (and much more) using CHDK.
  • Not for this price.

The product is okay, it's not a waste of money!

The main disadvantage of this camera is a noisy matrix, as a result, the loss of detail. Here they write that it makes noise at high ISO. This is not entirely true. It makes noise at any ISO, just weaker at low values. I compared the SX 150 IS shots with the 2022 Canon Powershot A610 shots. The results are not in favor of the SX 150 IS (at least at low ISOs). Nobody canceled the laws of physics, they shoved so many megapixels into a matrix the size of a fingernail. There's nothing you can do about it, thanks to technological progress and marketers. The good news is that if you don't look at the images on a computer in 1:1 scale, then the noise is not so noticeable;) I didn’t like the screen yet - on a cloudless sunny day you can’t see much on it (even at maximum brightness), and in addition it also glares. The automatic mode also did not please - there is a tendency to overexposure (for example, when shooting landscapes, the sky often comes out white). If you do not want to mess…

The product is faulty in some way, I definitely won't buy it again.

Was extremely disappointed with the purchase. I'm going to take it back to the store and buy the SX130! With regard to many camera models, taking into account personal experience and feedback from other users, you can rephrase the saying “All that glitters is not gold!” thus: "Not everything new is better than the old!" or “Not every new model is better than the previous one”! :-)

Pros & cons

  • Lots of manual settings.
  • Absolutely agree with Jakobs1284! I bought a Canon PowerShot SX150 IS as a gift for my mother only because I was pleased with the Canon PowerShot SX130 IS I bought for my girlfriend. Thought times newer, then better quality! However, he was very disappointed. All pictures on the SX150 are noisy - monstrous grain! Compared with pictures of SX130 - heaven and earth! Of course, it's also not super professional, but quite satisfactory - even at maximum magnification, such an obvious "grain" is not visible!

The quality is at the level, I am satisfied with everything.

I took the device after a long search and choosing a model with the parameters indicated in the list of qualities above. The quality of the pictures was not pleasant, and it took time to figure out the device. As a result, two modes became the main ones: P, in which you can select ISO, and M, for fully manual settings. First of all, I turned off unnecessary functions such as tracking in the settings, thereby reducing power consumption. The ISO value began to use the minimum, 80, in this case, the image quality is excellent, but requires good lighting. In other cases, I switch the ISO to automatic (the pixels become slightly blurry). I use manual settings for shutter speed and aperture only for scenario shooting. Often you also have to work on the brightness of the frame. The stabilizer fulfills the task perfectly, and passes only at dusk at large zoom values. Still pleased with the ease of portraiture on a soapy background. Of the shortcomings, I note the unsuccessful location of the…

Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

We were talking about flash. She is regulated! Automatically stands at a minimum or at an average. In the settings you can increase everything. The stabilizer is good, but it works mainly when shooting video. It's less visible in the photo. The video is very good! + you can apply effects (sepia, bw, etc.) to the video. In general, I was pleased that you can configure everything-everything-everything. Personally, I shot on a car only on the first day after the purchase. If you want to shoot on a car - do not take this fotik. The interface is convenient, BUT because of the abundance of functions, you still have to read the instructions) And it’s better not to nest, but full from the Internet. But then you realize that in fact everything is very convenient and as it should be. And, of course, the price is a plus. I took for 5 along with an 8GB card.

A high-quality product, the price corresponds to the quality.

Chose a soap dish as a gift. Now I grab it myself every now and then (in the presence of two SLRs and a bunch of optics) Little, you know. Comfortable. It will be revealed to the full for those who are familiar with at least the basics of the process. But he will also be loyal to the layman: green AUTO, a red heart or the letter P along with hints - all yours. Summary: quite a lot of camera for little money.

Pros & cons

  • Manual modes, high-quality macro, in general - a decent picture for a minimum of money. With direct hands and a minimal understanding of the essence of the process, because there are nuances - see below
  • Errors in auto-exposure with flash at the telephoto position of the lens (treated accordingly by exposure compensation). Most users may never encounter these little things. I do not consider a small noisy matrix for this money a disadvantage.

Valuable purchase, nothing but pluses!

I learned to shoot on it, exploited it both in frost and in heat. An item of exceptional quality. Everything you need is customizable. Tons of automatic modes. Warta took 2700 mAh batteries right away - there was enough for a day of filming (about 300 frames) and this was in the cold in winter! After 2 years, I took a DSLR, but it's a pity to sell 150-ku. Already the first batteries died, but the digital camera is still alive. Sometimes it is useful to take a quick picture of something, a document, for example. I recommend very much!

I am satisfied with everything, both price and quality, I advise you to buy.

If you have your own small battery factory, then this photo is for you otherwise, or expensive batteries that you need to carry SEVERAL PAIRS ! or buy for every 15-50 shots (average consumption) a pair of batteries 50-100. And I would advise the manufacturer to shove a normal battery into this device, and then it would be truly the best camera for the money in its own and not only in its own, but also in the neighboring class, which is an order of magnitude higher.

Pros & cons

  • The best camera in its class in all respects.
  • The most important and most significant is that the characteristics declared by the manufacturer in terms of the number of frames shot 320pcs do not coincide with reality. It is unrealistic to shoot 320 shots on any batteries or accumulators ! (checked) personally. Batteries maximum 70 shots batteries up to 100 shots. About the video, I generally keep quiet, really shoot only a few MINUTES !

I don't see the good quality, it's nothing but downsides.

Some sort of irregularity. we have already bought 4 sets of ansman 2850, sony 2700, etc. batteries, but none of the batteries are pulling. Batteries duracell and energizer - too. Enough for a couple of pictures for testing. Then it closes "Change batteries". It would be interesting to measure how much current it consumes. Malaysian manufacturer. It was not possible to return, the service deftly demonstrated its recharged GPs. As a result, it lies for two years, it’s a pity to rent it, but it’s impossible to take a picture. A friend has the same camera, but more successful, it even works on ordinary batteries. You can adapt a stray with batteries. There's a rubber inlet for the wire. or take it to a pawnshop. They'll take it :)

A good product at a good price, I advise you to try it.

I bought it somewhere in the fall, in general, the camera pleases me not big and not small. Very strong, because because of my carelessness, it fell on my concrete floor twice, and from a decent height, but it still works well. 4 points because of not the highest quality. I was amused by one review where they wrote that the batteries that were included in the kit were quickly discharged and melted when charging: of course you will excuse me, but who charges the batteries? These are BATTERIES and not batteries, well, maybe I'm wrong, of course, but honestly I laughed when I read this :)

An unattractive product, an unprofitable purchase.

According to the experience of operating this device during the year, I can safely advise - DO NOT TAKE. There has not yet been a person born who has the patience to wait until the flash is charged. Because of this, precious moments and frames are lost. And the second - batteries / accumulators. The canon engineers clearly had a rest on this machine. Two batteries are clearly too little for him. Before that, I had two canons - I charged the batteries once every six months. Here you need to charge once a week, regardless of operation. Moreover, the news that the batteries are discharged comes unexpectedly and instantly. You have to carry a clip of batteries or an extra set of batteries with you.

Quality of the product is at the level, I will recommend this product

I took a few years ago for 4000. Happy with the choice. Fotik justifies itself to this day. I'm not looking for a replacement. I bought 4 AA Varta Ready To Use 2600 mA batteries with low self-discharge for it. A couple in the works, and a couple spares, enough for a long time. Sometimes I don't even take a spare pair with me. The indication of the battery discharge appears earlier than necessary, but at the same time the camera still works for a long time, probably longer than before the indication appeared.

I didn't expect the quality to be so high.

I used to have a Canon powershot sx110 is, also a good model, that's why I took the 150th model and did not regret it. In terms of price-quality ratio, everything has successfully developed in this model. More recently, I began to delve into manual modes and the quality of the pictures pleases me even more than before, when I shot only in AUTO mode, but even then the pictures turned out to be good. I recommend this model as an uncomplicated, reliable friend in the world of photography.

I didn't expect the quality to be so high.

I was impressed by the video shooting, as a result I sold a three-matrix Panasonic mini DV camcorder. The device was bought for photo and home video shooting. Works one hundred percent. Lover is enough. For nutrition. I do not understand people who insert simple batteries into such equipment. they are not designed for this, only as a last resort. As for all kinds of Durasel and JPI, this is also not an option. untwisted advertising, but little sense. Use Eneloop from Sony, Panasonic, Sanio, etc. and you will be happy as they say. With daily two or three shots, they keep it for a month. Good luck.

Pros & cons

  • Probably one of the best in its class.
  • A few long flash charging, you can adapt. The cover of the compartment is original, but also with careful operation it is quite tolerable.

High-quality product, the price corresponds to the quality.

Great device for your money. A slight excess of noise compared to some younger models due to the compaction of pixels on the matrix does not play a special role for me, and it is not so strong. I bought the camera because of the presence of creative modes in it and at the moment it completely satisfies me (of course, for that kind of money) Obviously, the camera is not suitable for professional shooting, but it is quite possible to take photos at the initial amateur level. I didn’t distort the video shooting on the camera, I can’t say anything about this.

Pros & cons

  • 12x zoom Ergonomic design Build quality Manual flash control Creative Zone modes (P; AV; TV; M) Manual white balance setting AA type batteries sold anywhere.
  • Too many megapixels for such a compact sensor results in too much noise. Low camera screen resolution Dimensions do not allow you to easily fit the device in your pocket

Think twice before buying - product is disgusting.

I bought this device half a year ago, at the first shooting it turned out that the batteries were enough for a couple of zoom increases and a dozen photos, I bought other batteries, the effect is the same. Cheap batteries do not suit him, he does not even turn on them, and expensive ones last 5-10 minutes for shooting a video or 15-20 photos. I called the canon hotline, they said that this was most likely a marriage, took it to a service center, but the conclusion of the service center was "No malfunctions were found." This is such a hoot. There was a Sony soap dish, the battery was enough for a week of vacation, and in this craft (unfortunately I can’t name this product otherwise) I have to change several sets of batteries a day.

Pros & cons

  • Image quality
  • Very large appetite for food sources

I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

I have been doing photography since 1968. You can buy for 4500r a universal camera with a flash, with a built-in battery, charging, with ultra-zoom, with video shooting for an hour. Canon sells it for little money, because whoever needs the rest will then slowly buy it . Battery and charger 2500r, CD card from 2gig, up to 128GB, mains power 220v. The device has a powerful digital processor DiGiC-4, these are now put in DSLRs. If you choose the right accessories (card, CDHC class 10, power, lighting) it works quickly and efficiently. There is practically no noise . My zenith-ttl does not take photos indoors, but this one is easy. I bought it for my wife on March 8 - a complete delight, only that it didn’t jump . I have a Canon EOS60D - there is almost no difference in the pictures, you have to look with a microscope or on a plasma screen. There is something to compare. I went to visit my grandson, one set of batteries was enough for 2 days of photos and videos. The son went with his…

It's the best purchase I ever made, I will definitely do it again.

I advise you to take, the device is worth the money. Do not expect super quality photos from him, he still has a small matrix like all soap dishes. I wrote this for those who have very high hopes for such cameras and then they say that the camera is bad, they don’t take photos even in the "national geographer". ))) But, he really shoots very well! At 50% photo viewing size - the quality is excellent, this is more than enough. It shoots beautifully at night, only for this you need a tripod, or something on which you can put it, because the shutter speed will be long. Set ISO - 80, open the aperture - close, depending on what you want to shoot, shutter speed up to 15 seconds and in front. You will love the pictures.

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

I bought my wife to replace the killed G9. For keeping a "family diary", I tried the macro surprisingly coped with the task. A very fast processor, it turns on in 1 second and is ready to shoot, there are many plot programs, this is what you need for everyday shooting. It shoots video well, we probably won’t turn on the old camera anymore. I recommend to buy, but do not think that this device is the top of the technology, it is good for its price and niche.

Pros & cons

  • - simple - smart - does not slow down - finger batteries (AA) - shoots good video - well automatically exposes the white point - good ergonomics
  • - rarely but still smears - takes a long time to charge the flash - quickly eats batteries