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Menlo Security

The Menlo Security Web Isolation Service is built to provide complete security for our customers. This means that the platform allows us to control what web content users can view and what they can't. It also allows us to provide a safe browsing experience to our users. The Menlo Security Web Isolation Service is very easy to use. I am very happy with the platform and its ability to keep our users safe. The Menlo Security Web Isolation Service has allowed us to provide a safe browsing experience to our users. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Create Ads On FaceBook With Your Business Name It is not able to create ads for your business account. It is a good app, the only I can not do is create ads with my business but only for my personal Facebook, I can not create ads with the company name. It is a very good app, I can create ads, and I like the split testing and the data that you get, it is also very good, very good. Scalify allows you to create ads on Facebook with your business name, your business name, your business name. It is a very good app, to scale your business and to make your business profitable, but I can not do it for the company, I can only do it for my personal Facebook.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Easy to use documentation and integration was pretty straight forward. We didn`t get much support from the team and the project has been paused for a year now. Real-time integration between our software and our clients. API enabled the clients to create a self-service environment on their website. It`s super easy to build an API for simple use case. For any customization it can be difficult to make things work as we`d like them. Recommendations to others considering the product:It works great if you need something basic up and running quickly. But if you want something more advanced or unique in terms of handling your data, Occtoo won`t cut it - or they may let you have access to their full platform to do what you need, but that`s outside of the scope of projects I`ve worked on there myself. You might have better luck finding what you`re looking for using some other 3rd party tools and seeing if you can get support from them. Also make sure you`ve done enough research, and thought about all the edge cases and how you are going to handle each one before you start putting together your project. It isn`t meant for anything complicated or custom whatsoever - use cases are VERY narrow for developers when building out complex applications requiring complex integration points, and it simply just doesn`t work well (or sometimes not at all!) in most situations. .देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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This is a very helpful resource tracking website for my clients. Not only are they fast, they're extremely easy to navigate, understand, and complete. It’s free! For less than $1 per month per user, they provide scheduling for most employees, including supervisors, forepersons, and hourly workers. It also tracks expenses, labor hours, payroll details, equipment breakdown, inspections and more. My colleagues and I use this site weekly without issue. This is extremely user friendly especially when dealing with clients that aren’t familiar with using our CMS platform. You can customize templates and layout easily without needing to download any extra addons. My husband and I love the ease in which we can update clients on pending jobs, send emails with invoices attached, track progress and send daily email updates to keep them informed. FMX has helped me streamline and eliminate many repetitive tasks associated with scheduling workorders, invoicing and reporting. This includes managing equipment usage and vendor utilization. In our case in particular the user interface for ordering materials for the job site workspaces and for scheduling are very straightforward and well designed making it easy to understand even by new employees. Our organization also benefits greatly using a team approach utilizing spreadsheets and hand written notes to keep on task as the project progresses. I enjoy using Fast and Easy resource management because it makes things fast... especially when it comes to tracking assets. Tracking assets manually takes weeks. With FME this works in minutes and then you add notes along the way to document changes/updates. My experience with FME has been much better than my previous experience with Asset Master because now I don't have to go back and forth with paper documentation anymore and wait until its done.. just enter a new piece into FMX as often as required. Once completed you export updates to your GIS map and print the sheet so you can fill out forms. This saves sooo many tedious hours trying to create forms. Plus I appreciate the simplicity of this program, i can easily edit form fields within this application without having to worry about retyping or changing text. Finally FMX gives me a visual representation of the whole job instead of just "this" part of the job.. it also gave me the ability to group tasks, assign sub-tasks which saved me multiple times over.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Switch Fire Games

I have bought some games from this company, but they seemed to be making more money on their shipping cost than what actual game is worth. Let me explain by example: I bought "Quarriors" for $32.70 plus 9.16 shipping equals total of $41.86, which isn't too bad price-wise until you realize that they actually charge you about $6 more for the game itself. It's now sitting in my closet because it doesn't feel right playing a game where I'm getting shafted out of almost half its price without even knowing it at first. Besides the high prices and misleading billing e-mails (they will actually TRY to make it seem like you are getting better deal than you actually are), they will also put the credits of their company on top of your purchased game, which just isn't right. You can get that kind of stuff out of a used game for MUCH cheaper. It's more likely that they do this so when you receive your purchased game, you'll see how small it looks compared to the credit card size of their company logo and realize how big of a rip-off it is ... but I'm not falling for it! I will NEVER buy anything from this company again and I would advise anyone reading this review to stay away from them as well!!! Their customer service staff is even rude and down right irritating to deal with when you try to return the product because they think that since they have your credit card number, you are screwed. I did get my money back after I kept bugging them but it was a big headache for me. And remember, don't pay full price ... check around before buying because you might find something cheaper elsewhere without all the hassle. I would not recommend this company to anyone. The prices are too high for the product, and they also do shady things like put their logo on top of your game so you can see how small it is compared to the size of their credit card. Their customer service staff was rude as well when I tried returning my purchase, but luckily I got all my money back after bugging them enough. If you're looking for a good place to buy games at fair prices with no hassle ...देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Wigwam Toys

I recently bought some toys from Wigwam Toys, an excellent shop with a lot of great stuff. I have visited this shop many times but never bought anything until now. I chose two LEGO sets to buy, the #7914 LEGO  - The Council and the #10224 LEGO - Café Corner . Both are retired sets with discontinued pieces and very hard to find. The set was very well packed in a big box filled with peanuts and other airbags which prevent damage while transporting it by mail or any means. I'm really happy there were no missing pieces! At least none that I could find... These are the two boxes with their list of pieces inside which I found interesting after studying these pieces on BrickLink . Here is a bit more info about them: LEGO - Café Corner #% off!   Condition: Mint/New, Sealed Box - retired set with discontinued parts Notes: This set has all pieces that originally were included along with some extra items not included. If you are buying this set to resell it might be difficult to find buyers for some piece because there are still many sets available. The instructions are printed on paper instead of glossy paper or thick cardboard like LEGO instructions usually look like. LEGO - Council Meeting #% off!  Condition: Mint/New, Sealed Box - retired set with discontinued parts Notes: Like the other one this also has all pieces that originally were included along with some extra items. The instructions are printed on paper instead of glossy paper or thick cardboard like LEGO instructions usually look like. I'm very happy with these two sets and I would buy from Wigwam Toys again if there is a set I really want to have. I recommend this store to other LEGO fans out there! They have a great selection of LEGO stuff from new and retired items, series, special editions and discontinued one too. You can visit their online shop here: Just send them a mail before buying anything to make sure they still have the set you are looking for in their inventory because it changes pretty fast over time as soon as some piece or special element is discontinued or retired. Wigwam Toys is an excellent shop with a lot of great stuff, especially for LEGO fans. They have a great selection of LEGO stuff from new and retired items, series, special editions and discontinued sets too. I'm very happy with the two LEGO sets I bought from them and would buy from Wigwam Toys again if there is a set I really want to have.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Recently i bought a pair of shoes from and at first i thought "great! this will be perfect for my friend's birthday party!", but after the first night wearing them, they turned out to be too small for me! Nevertheless, they are beautiful shoes so now i'm looking for another "shoe" (the term shoe sometimes refers to any kind of footwear) that would fit me perfectly. I checked their website again but now they're slightly over my budget so now the hunt continues! My opinions about the store: -I think the store is great, but expensive. I know that this comes with quality and variety of products on offer, which you won't find on other stores. -Delivery is fast, especially if you live in the USA (for international orders it usually arrives after 3 weeks or so). Shindigz is an online store that sells party supplies such as invitations, decorations and tableware. It offers a wide variety of options such as different products' categories (balloons, banners, candles), color selection and personalization (names, dates). Their website has a simple design and it's easy to navigate which makes the shopping experience pleasurable even for first time users like me! Shindigz is a popular online store that offers party supplies such as invitations, decorations and tableware. It has a wide variety of options for different categories (balloons, banners, candles) and color selection. For those looking to personalize their products with names and dates there's no better place than Shindigz! The website design it simple but effective; the navigation makes the shopping experience pleasurable even for first time users like me who had never shopped on this site before.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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FreshDirect is a online grocery store. You can order from them and they will deliver your groceries to you the same day. They have no minimum for free delivery, so even if you just want one ice cream cone, it won't cost you any extra than $12 dollars. It's an awesome service that I've been using for about three or four months now and would recommend anyone who lives in New York City to try it out because it saves you a lot of time and money compared to going to a regular chain supermarket like Gristedes or Food Emporium. I used this company mainly when I was in college because my kitchen at school didn't have enough storage space for all of my needs when I wanted to cook. What I would do is go to FreshDirect and buy all of the groceries that I needed for a month or two, then put them in the closet of my dorm. This saved me lots of time because instead of going to Gristedes everyday, I could just order everything on FreshDirect's website and they would deliver it right away. I also liked the fact that you can get nutritional information about each product on their site. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, you can look up almond milk online and it will show how many calories are in one serving. That was really helpful when I was trying not to eat too much junk food while studying for midterms or finals during college made me gain some weight over the years. to time I had two midterms scheduled back -Their website is hard to navigate and navigating through the site takes a really long time. -The prices for items on the site are usually more expensive than what you will find in stores nearby. .देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Vivid Seats

(Vivid Seats Review) This is my review of Vivid Seats. I had to switch back to regular internet just to write this, because the company would not let me post or rate their services. I was surprised that they deleted it initially, but then glad! They continue to make false statements about their service and refused to answer any of my questions (which were all answered with great detail by others here who also tried out their site).  I don't know if these are valid complaints, but I do know that there is MUCH more negative than positive regarding this company.  When you're ready for some real-world experience about Vivid Seats, skip down towards the bottom where you will find very detailed reviews and complaints from other people who also tried their service and had a bad experience. I'll start with the feedback I've read on their Facebook and Twitter pages: I just took a quick look at their FB page and they haven't responded to most of the negative claims on there from upset customers.  Not one! Also, when they have asked people who were unhappy with their service to call them about being charged hidden fees or taxes, etc., they either get no response or are told by Vivid Seats that "we do charge VAT taxes and a fee that covers the cost of your seat." When asked for details about how much it costs, they don't answer. What kind of company does that? Hmmmm... I totally agree with all these posts here. I wish I had read them first before using Vivid Seats. One other thing I found very odd is that they make no mention to their privacy policy, refunds or policies until you set up an account - once again trying to catch the consumer off guard and make them pay for something without realizing what's going on!  Oh, and if you do try to file a complaint or refund request online, be sure to have a nice cold drink nearby because after clicking submit it 2+ minutes just for the complaint to go through and for them to receive it, you'll need a moment in the refrigerator.  It's like watching paint dry... Vivid Seats is not BBB accredited and neither do they have any reviews on Yelp or Better Business Bureau. I'm sure we all know why by now. Again, if anyone has anything nice to say about Vivid Seats, please share because I haven't found much yet!! Best of luck!देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Allen Brothers

Allen Brothers has been a mainstay in the convenience store and foodservice distribution industry for over 100 years. They distribute some of the most recognizable brands today: - Bumble Bee Tuna - Just Born Candy (Reeses, Mike & Ike) - Del Monte Produce (Mott's, Sunkist Fruit Gems, etc.) - Red Bull Energy Drinks My experience with Allen Brothers was nothing short of outstanding. When I went down to their office in Philadelphia to take an internship interview with them (I actually got the job! =D), they gave me a tour of their headquarters. It was very impressive. Very clean, organized, well kept up and everything seemed almost too spiffy for a distribution center. The offices were amazing. They have a large board room with an enormous table and separate rooms for the different department heads to meet and discuss things privately, as well as multiple conference rooms. Allen Brothers also has over 30 delivery trucks (not counting consignment trucks) which are all equipped with semi-automated fully computerized tracking systems for every single order that they deliver out of their distribution center. I am not familiar with the consignment truck business, but it is something I might want to look into in the future since Allen Brothers has built up such a great reputation because of their consignment program. Basically consigners can stock their own private label products onto Allen Brother's trucks so that they can deliver them to the consigner's customer. After which, Allen Brothers gets to keep a % of the profits (usually 20-25%) depending on how aggressive or passive the consigner would like to be with their consignment business. My experience with consignment products was minimal when I worked for them as an intern, but it seems like there is plenty of room for expansion in that market for those who are knowledgeable and driven enough. Overall, my interview day at Allen Brothers was top notch and very impressive because they showcased their professionalism, friendliness, cleanliness, and cooperation so well during my one day visit outlining what being an employee at such a large company entailed from them: 1) Very well organized environment. 2) Very friendly and cooperative atmosphere. 3) Very strict but stellar work ethic. I was very impressed by the person I interviewed with. In this industry, people work very long hours, deal with a great amount of stress for relatively low pay (compared to other professionals), have to travel around a lot, meet deadlines daily and still need to be every bit as professional as those working in accounting or law firms. It is important that employers treat their employees well and Allen Brothers seemed like a great place to start out one's career considering all of the benefits they provide such as: 1) Free onsite daycare center where children can stay until they are 14 years old while their parents work there (a huge plus for working mothers). 2) Healthy bonus program. (Your team gets the highest bonuses, your individual bonus goes up as well.) 3) The 8% consigner incentive (for those who consign products to be delivered out Allen Brothers truck). Overall I was very impressed with this company and I am happy to know that they were willing to offer me a position at their company because it shows that my work ethic is high enough for them to want me on board. If anyone would like more details about this company's consignment program or internship program please feel free to contact me!देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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