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If you are choosing what to try, it is not only about the application or platform itself but also about whole ecosystem and its parts. I am looking what it supports. This can have multiple different aspects. I am evaluating if the ecosystem has its own chain, own wallet, exchange and more. One part of the ecosystem which fits to my expectations is exchange. The exchange utilizes a lot of features from its application counterpart. First of all the exchange has enough trading pairs (but still they can improve in this area). Fees are competitive and I would say average. Withdrawal fees are reasonable (on the lower end). I like that they use a lot of different chain for USDT so you can withdraw it quite cheaply. Specifically for their exchange they are utlizing their own chain Cronos (also for USDT deposits and withdrawals). There are lot of users and enough liquidity as the whole ecosystem has attracted lot of customers (that is the advantage of complex ecosystem). There is prompt and helpful customer support. The exchange has its own mobile application version fo your convenience. It has lamost the same features as the web application. There are some cool features such as stake and earn which can be divided in the Soft staking (just holding the assets above determined threshold). Soft staking has advantage that you do not need to move assets on different account how we are used to and can be withdrawn any time. There is also CRO staking for staking native token CRO which can earn you more token but also higher the interest rate for your other holdings and even lower your fees. How many CRO you stake influence your tier. There are more advanatages such as allocation for syndicate (see below), Pay benefits (used in app) and higher interest on staked CRO. Moreover you can use the Supercharger that is another option how to use the CRO token. You can stake it in order to receive tokens and coins of othr projects (even BTC). The Supercharger has lower threshold than CRO staking (it make sense to stake more than 5000 CRO in CRO staking). They have lending feature which you can use to borrow or lend your crypto assets. The rates are competitive and within the average range. There is one interesting feature called Syndicate where are listed quality projects which you can buy with 50 % discount with your CRO allocation (allocation can be reseved and be higher via CRO staking). I am only missing that derivatives and margin part of the exchange is only available via web application. Overall I am using the exchange (as I am ecosystem user) and I can recommend it, esp. if you are in their ecosystem. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

coindeal token लोगो

CoinDeal Token

Today I am going to write a quite common story in the crypto space. It is mainly about the unfilled dreams. It is about projectswhich are only able to survive in the bullish market enviroments (in these conditions each project looks great from the ivestors point of view). The main issue with the projets such as with the native token Coindeal (CDL) of the exchange bearing same name - Coindeal is that they have higher ambitions and plans than that they would be able to fulfill in the reasonable future or which are sustainable for longer time period (even in the hars times when bearis sentiment prevails). Their native token CDL was invented with lot of features from beginning. The tokenomic has looked great (at least on the paper). Lets focus on the features now. First of all their token as it is quite common could be used to lower transaction fees on the exchange. This was clear use case and brought the token some value. They have added more. The token itself could be staked with quite high APY (not as high as we can see in DeFi projects and yield farms but still sustainable). Moreover the token could be staked for Bitcoin or Tether. I was typically splitting the amout of CDL tokens for staking (one part for more CDL to stake and enjoying compounding effect and one part for Bitcoin or Tether as kind of long term savings). With first bearish sentiment in sight and with lower interest in their exchange they have lowered APY significantly and the product started to seem unatractive for many. It was not all they have invented a really cool feature of tokens (not so typicall). You were able to use the CDL token for voting for new tokens to be listed on the exchange. There was nominations on their twitter where you can nominate the future project to be listed on their exchange (it was times when their twitter was quite active not like nowadays). From the winning projects on the twitter you were able to vote on the one to be listed. The voting was done via the CDL token. If you have chosen the right candidate you were able to get some CDL token from the pool and the amount of giveawayd tokens was pretty high. But there was a catch when they suddenly stopped launching twitter nominations and voting. The whole project seems to crash. The price was of the token follow the same path. It was rapidly surging from the beggi ning when it suddenly crashed with the first bearish sentiment in sight. They have tried to revive the token with their tokenomics 2.0 or at least they have promoted it in such way and adverteist the new whitepaper. But nothing really happened. The project which looked great is now unfortunatelly almost dead. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

coinsbit लोगो


I have been looking for and trying different kind of crypto exchanges. I was always attracted by the EU established and located exchanges (local exchanges close to your livehood) as they are healthy competitors to US and Asia exchanges. Moreover I have been looking exchanges with any possibility to get free tokens (airdrops, giveaways or refferal rewards) to be worth at least trying. Coinsbit is EU located exchange that started offering free tokens so I was hooked and singed up and passed the KYC. The result was disappointment that the airdrop token are practically worthless and my experience with exchange was not as expected. The exchange has old fashioned interface and it is quite hard to navigate in, to be sincere. There is low liquidity with lot of trading pairs and I think not so many people is using the exchange. On the other hand they have listed lot of tokens that can be found only on this exchange (still the issue is they are worthless). The exchange has phone app (both Android and iOS) to be more convenient for some users and I have to say it is better than its web counterpart. As it is quite traditional they have their own native token CNB which have various use cases. The main one is to lower trading fees. The trading fees are in average. They have slightly higher withdrawal fees. There are some features which yu can expect exchanges have implemeted them. One of its feature is savings (or how they called it staking pools) where you can earn yield on your tokens. It is only available for limited number of tokens nad they are usually lowcaps (and as I have mentioned worthless). You will not usually find yield generating option for your BTC. I have to say that the feature is easy to use, you can withdraw the funds anytime and the yield is accumulated daily. Another feature is launchpad where new tokens (lowcaps) are listed. I do see this as less valuable if you are not interested in some unknown tokens. There is one really unique feature and that is their store where you can spend your stablecoin (for example usdt) or native token CNB for products (pc stuff etc.) from the shops all around the world (such as Amazon, Aliexpress etc.). There is more. They have something called Burning Stage where you can burn their native token CNB in order to get some new tokens from launchpad or some limited offers on Staking Pool, IEO, OTC and much more. You can also have p2p loan or at least they are showing the feature but there is no liquidity so the feature is practically dead. You can use credit and debit card to buy crypto alongside crypto to crypto trade. In my humble opinion there are some interesting features but they are not worth trying the exchange as there are better options in each of the mentioned category. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

chainlink लोगो


There are not so many projects in the crypto space that are focusing on the other area how to utilize the blockchain technology and its primitives. There are not some many proects that have different primary aim than to improve blockchain itself or traditional finance. Chainlink is quite unique decentralized project that is focusing on completly different aspects of the blockchain possibilities and have clear use case. Chainlink is the crucial bridge of information flow between real (traditional) world and blockchain (crypto) world by promoting their very own oracles and data structure. They are connecting off-chain data to on-chain. You are able to verify events, facts, payments, much more and all other inputed information (it is a source of verifiable information). It is main source of data for blockchain are the web (not suprisingly) and it connetcs to it via https protocol. The Chainlink is implemented almost in every crypto project now. It is mainly valauble for DeFi platforms as a crucial infromation source (esp. price source). Chainlink feeds the smart contracts with the off-chain data. Without Chainlink the DeFi could not work how it works now. On their way they have implemented (acquired) some new improvments and technology such as zero-knowledge proofs that helped to anonymized sensitive information (promote privacy). Chainlink is built on Ethereum blockchain with their native ERC-20 token LINK. In my humble opinion this is the main setback for Chainlink that they do not use their own blockchain. I would expect their own chain with enhancing security and transparency in order to fulfill what tehy are trying to achieve (not to inherent security and transparency from Ethereum blockchain which has its own problems). I think it will push LINK more in light if they will embrace decentralized type of leading the project with own blockchain. On the other hand I think the value of their token LINK is for a long time undervalued and should deserve more recognition. I am investing in the LINK (and probaby other infrastructure projects) as for me I believe that it will last because of its have a clear use case. The price could go up (it is a matter of time). The native token LINK is listed on almost all major exchanges. You are able also to earn yield on your LINK tokens (the LINK is awarded to node operators and validators who verify data feeds and information) but in the future you will also be able to stake your LINK tokes. I have to say that there is so much value in the Chainlink it should not be overlooked. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

digifinex लोगो


If you are looking for new platforms and considering to sing up for any new exchange you would like to try, you usually have to run into some of their advertisement in the space (web, newsletter, social media - especially twitter) in order to be attracted to it. The exchanges and other platforms are trying to lure new customers via airdrops and giveaways as they are the easist way to onboard new users. That is the way I have tried Digifinex as there was great offer to join them. They have regular giveaways so you can use the exchange just for them and earn passively. Watch their offiial twitter closely. The exchange has full set of features that I would like to see on one of each exchanges. There is phone application for your convenience (friendly environment, easy to navigate) where you can do almost the same as with web app. Digifinex has all of the feaures you wish for and even more. There is spot market alongside derivative market. They have a lot of trading pairs and lot of alt tokens. They are adding new tokens almost each day. There is a huge potential that your favorite altcoin will be listed here (you can even vote for some new coins to be listed here). The trading is easy and convenient with standard order types, with graphps and others utilities you are used to. There is Wealth tab which is part of teh exchange were you can earn yield. You can use their flexible earning for your USDT and BTC, there is even crypto quant fund opportunity to invest in. There are loan opportunitis with low interest rates and zero fees. Last but not least there is launchpad for new projects to take part in early stage of the project. All of these features are well set and managed. There was no security breach that is why Digifinex is going up in ranks and becoming one of the top exchanges in the space. There is enough liquidity in majors but also in low altcoins that means that enough users are using Digifinex. The derivatives market offers swaps, option (still in testing and not live now) and also have insurence fund to cover some loses. They have native token (DFT) as it is quite common for exchanges (good way to raise capital). The token is associated with full set (similar with other exchanges) of use cases: lowering fees, rewards, voting, refferal rewards, discounts. The DFT token is tradable in pair with USDT. The trading fees are reasonable and in par with other exchanges. As I have stated in the beginning you can see this as an advertisemnt and try Digifinex, you will probably not regret. In my opinion they could have slightly better UX on their web.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

terra लोगो


I have to say that looking for the future star project, is the hard discipline, especially if you are trying to find next top contender to slip into top 10. I was quite lucky I have found out Terra Luna (2 years ago) which seemed to me as a really innovative project (and I hope I was right). It has all utilities what would you expect from modern chain. It is smart contract platform. There is NFT ecosystem around the project (it has own NFT marketplace). It has its very own stablecoin which is built algorithmically. There are lot of wallet (Terra Station, Leap Wallet - I have tried both and I could say taht there are both great, easy to use with friendly environment). The team behind Terra is not anonymous, it is well know with clear startegy that is always important. The scalability is great, there was no downtime. The fees are low so it is easy to use the ecosystem. There are dapps around the ecosystem and new applications are being developed. I see that their smart contracts are audited and working well without any hack or rug pull. They are moving fast in development and we can expect more to come in the near future. Terra blockchain is using the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm like all other new chains comming in the space. The backbone of the Terra is their algorithmic stablecoin UST. It is growing in the popularity. There is also a huge option to earn on your UST with app. 20% APR with Anchor protocol. Anchor protocol is easy dapp on Terra with simple use case (they are not generating yields from reserve but from their very own lending business). The recent news convinced me that the UST should be the main stablecoin because their cofounder Do Kwon announced that they will buy 10 billions of BTC to their reserve as collateral to UST ( to susatin its value). I percieve BTC as the best reserve assets. It works alongside the native token LUNA which is used (burned) to sustain the value. There are also yield farming opportunities in plethora of decentralized finance apps such Mirror Protocol (there you are farming via a synthetic assets which "mirror" real word assets such as stocks). The Terra blockchain is IBC that means it works within Cosmos ecosystem so you can yield farm for example on Osmosis. There are also native DeFi applications allowing yield farm (i.e. TerraSwap). The project has an active and friendly community. It is robust with all you expect from the chain. Best in class. I am highly recommending and I am myself moving my funds to the ecosystem. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

coinbase wallet लोगो

Coinbase Wallet

Non custodial wallet by the famous brand

The non custodial wallets are the backbone of the crypto world and should be used by each of the individual in the crypto space at least once to know how they work. I am not a huge fan of the services where there is trading platform which is not even custodian, where you are not allowed to withdraw your crypto (this means you actually do not own it). It is fundamentally important to be able to use your crypto and profit from it (esp. it will raise your experience if you connect your wallet with DeFi) in different types of projects (esp. with POS consensus you can stake and earn even more crypto). You will usually interact with standard exchanges (where you can withdraw your crypto) and the wallet back and forth. What wallet to use is the main question? For the beginners it could be convenient to switch from one of the major brand in the space Coinbase, which they are familiar with, and start using their very own non custodial Coinbase wallet. One of its main advantage could be that it can be linked to the Coinbase app (you can easily send the crypto between wallet and the app). This solution means you can utilize both - the trading in app (you can also have Coinbase Pro exchange) and using wallet with DeFi under one brand (synergies are obvious). There is only few similar services an it is usually done by the majors (I am using also brand - app, wallet and exchange). For me the most important thing is how it can be used with different DeFi projects, how easily can be used and if it is convenient to navigate in it. What I think is the cuting edge advantage of Coinbase wallet is that it can recognize EVM compatible chains automatically (you do not need to switch chains like in Metamask wallet) so you only need to connect the wallet. The wallet itself has great, clear US. It is easy to use, easy to navigate. The Coinbase wallet could be used as web browser extension or phone aplication. If you are using browser extension another advantage could be that the wallet recognize DeFi projects automatically and the connection interface will pop up (from my experience it is working better than Metamask). I like that the wallet is using tags which is more convenient way how to send crypto between wallets. The only problem is that there are only EVM chains and now they have added Solana. The wallet itself is highly recognized by the industry and it is usually second prefered option behind Metamask. Lot of users using the wallet alongside the app (and the exchange). I am highly recommending to use the wallet especially if you are a Coinbase customer. If you are not a Coinbase user it still woth using it as there is onyl few other options which are at least the same quality.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

cardano लोगो


There are a lot of crypto projects emerging throughout the time after bitcoin was invented and they are more like Ethereum (first main smart contract platform). It is quite hard to navigate in the space and to recognize the real value. However is "do it your own research" clause crucial, lets look how to evaluate Cardano. For me it is important to look at the team, scalability, fee structure and how many apps are there. The new projects are usually smart contract platform so I would like to see what are some major useful DeFi aps working on the Cardano and how smart contract are audited (or how many scams are there). Lets start with the team where is the main leader Charles Hoskinson who is a cofounder of Ethereum itself. There is some controversy around him but I think he is a still the good chocie for the project for his enourmous experiences. The project and him himself have some influence on the whole space. I like the style of development of Cardano where they have focused on scientific approach. On the other hand the development is quite slow and the smart contracts were added recently nevertheless the foundations of Cardano were laid in 2017. The Cardano blockchain utilizes Proof of Stake consensus so it is faster than PoW but still the scalability and speed is on the lower end of the smart contract platform. If I was looking for some apps on Cardano, especially I was looking for yield farming, I have found out SundaeSwap and MiniSwap. To be sincere it is not as much developed ecosystem as you are used to with Ethereum and the apps are poping up slowly. I have tried the swaps mentioned above and I have to say that the fees are quite high, there are better solutions right now where fees are concerned (but still much cheaper than Ethereum). I can recommend MiniSwap as there are some really high APR farms in hunderds of percents. To interact with the blockchain and apps you need a wallet. I have tried CCVault wallet. The wallet itself has quite old UI, the UX was disappointment for me. The benefit is that it has a phone version alongside web extension but I would expect more modern design. By using the wallet you will realized the complexity of Cardano adn how it works (it is advantage for someone but disadvantage for anyone else). The apps (at least the ones I have tried) were secure and with active community. I am not aware of any hack or major issue with Cardano ecosystem. I would like to talk about y price estimations. I can see ADA token (native token of Cardano blockchain) go higher (it could be around 1-3x from now) in the future but I think there are some limits and comparing to other blockchain solutions the overall valution will be limited.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

cosmos लोगो


My main focus if the market is in the range, is to look for, how to get value, educate myself and be ahead of the herd is to try new inventions, features and utilities in crypto space. I am also looking for investment opportunites via new yield farming opportunities and hidden gems with potential in the industry. I also believe that there will be more competitive blockchains in the future. All of this I have found with the Cosmos blockchain and its native token ATOM. It is quite robust ecosystem with which you can achive the above and much more. First of all I would like to mention that the Cosmos blockhain and the whole project is trying to invent and brought to masses multichain future. They are quite good at it. Its solution is by far the mos elegant I have ever seen.. In my humble opinion it is a better option than is for example Polkadot as the other chains are independent and have their own security (it is not inheritent). The Cosmos is real cotender in the DeFi and could be the most important one where all apps will be built around it. The consensus mechanism is Proof of Stake so it means the transactions on the blockchain are fast and cheap which comes handy if you are DeFi fan. The Cosmos blockchain is built on Tendermint and use so called IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) protocol to connect other blockchains. The is the core stone of the system where all the chains could communicate with each other (it means you can transfer your asets from one chain to another without any bridge needed). There are for example LUNA or CRO right now in the Cosmos ecosystem which are top cap coins. More will come in the future. There are also great applications attached. In the heart of the ecosystem is the Keplr wallet which can be used as an web extension or phone app (whatever is more convenient). You can use the wallet as a bridge to other apps or you can use the implemented staking function to stake your ATOM. The app is simple and easy to use. It has a good UX. The great app is Osmosis where you can trade (swap) or provide liquidity with high APR in the liquidity pools (for example ATOM/OSMO is more than 60 % APY with the OSMO as a native token of Osmosis). There is also possibility to use other as there are at least 25 chains on the Cosmos now and can be provided as liqudity also. The Osmosis app is implemented in the Keplr wallet for your convenience (it is super easy to earn, you only need your phone). Is native token ATOM is listed on many exchanges (Binance, etc.). They have not done any marketing yet so I think the token ATOM is quite undervalued. The whole ecosystem is in the trend right now and I can see the price to surge. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

newscrypto लोगो


Information are valuable to get rich

There are two types of main crypto projects and applications which differ in their perspective. One of them are exchanges, DeFi where you trade, shift assets, yield farm etc. and the second one are the places where you cen get valuable information how to execute your trade, where you can learn about crypto and how to be in profit (some platforms are trying to combine both). I have choosen Newscrypto as a valubale source of information to be better investor and trader. This is high quality source of information in many areas: technical analysis, fundamental analysis, actual news, trading signals, portfolio aloacation. You can start completly free with a basic tier. There is full set of features you would expect from such platform. You can use the portfolio feature where you can see you portfolio on exchanges (such as Binance, Kucoin and FTX) via API. It is very easy to use and convenient. There is also their proprietary wallet in their ecosystem. With basic tier you will get - whale alert, correlations, price analysis, charts, gainers and loosers, funding rates on exchanges and more. All of these sources of information are valuable to be better trader and to be in the profit. There is a section where you can find academy and learn as much as possible to understand crypto and trading. As a quality project they are providing their own mobile app which is a matter of course today. It serves me well. There is full set of information which can be found on the webpage. There is a lot of interactions with community via predictions, opinions, social and others. They have their own native token NWC (it is on Stellar blockchain) which has its inner tokenomics and the token is mainly used for the paid subscription. The token NWC can be staked to get some yield from it. If you will buy Professional subscription you will get trading signals, arbitrage hints, AI sentiment, backtesting bot, on-chain analysis and more). You can earn some NWC via multiple promotions. The token itself is governance token which allows you to vote on proposals or submit new proposals. There is one more thing I like if I am active within the social platforms - such as Telegram - where is the regular weekly quiz for free native token NWC each Thursday at 12:00 UTC, I am accumulating free NWC. Keep an eye on it. The project is following latest trends. One of the new feature is Stellar-Polygon Bridge which will allow you to send assets from Stellar to Polygon blockchain. NewsCrypto is worth to try (at least with basic tier) for each one of us to avoid mistakes and be better trader. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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