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Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) are companies that modify or expand the features of the already existing products (thus creating added vallue) and then ressel these modified or expanded products to the consumers. Added value can be created via system integration, consulting, training, etc. VARs also adapt mass products to specific needs of the users in order to handle specific tasks. Reviews in this category provide information and ratings about all the popular tools.

सभी परिणाम

convergeone लोगो
1 समीक्षा

ConvergeOne is a provider of custom information, communications and data technology solutions and services for any environment, regardless of existing vendors or systems. और देखें

vocus communications लोगो
1 समीक्षा

Vocus Communications is a telecommunications provider of data centers, wholesale voice, peering and international internet connectivity to telecommunications companies and ISPs across Australia, NZ and the US. और देखें

ircm solutions लोगो
1 समीक्षा

iRCM Healthcare provides EMR and RCM Services. और देखें

six s partners लोगो
0 समीक्षा

Six S Partners consults on best practices and the improved use of ERP and related technologies. और देखें

capstone alliance partners लोगो
0 समीक्षा

Capstone Alliance Partners offer affordable logistics solutions that provide the right information, to the right people, at the right time. और देखें

datanational corporation लोगो
0 समीक्षा

Datanational Corporation, a Michigan-based company, provides a wide-range of IT solutions for businesses. और देखें

encompass solutions, inc. लोगो
0 समीक्षा

Encompass Solutions is a business and software consulting firm that specializes in ERP systems, EDI, and Managed Services support for Manufacturers and Distributors. Serving small and medium-sized businesses since 2001, Encompass modernizes operations and automates processes for hundreds of customers across the globe. Whether undertaking full-scale... और देखें

compasys लोगो
0 समीक्षा

Compasys provides Epicor ERP and SCM Implementation services to manufacturers. Our professionals offer over thirty years of integrated management systems experience for small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution operations. और देखें

2w technologies, inc. लोगो
0 समीक्षा

2W Tech is a full service Epicor ERP and IT consulting firm. और देखें

aim computer solutions लोगो
0 समीक्षा

AIM Computer Solutions provides business software for manufacturers. और देखें