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A home of Old stuffs. Oldies store

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Seeing that Oldies is a store for CDs from the 1900s, I decided to check out one of my most favorite movies of those days "Home Alone" and to my amusement, it was on the platform. So here's what about Oldies The platform is a mobile store for the purchase of products, mostly Movies and music from the 1900s and they are all available in disc form. Other old-fashioned stuffs are available to buy on Oldies too though. The products can be rummaged around via it's category button or a direct search can be used when you know what you are looking for. Oldies is the first store I get to review which allows for shipping to any part of the world which means I can get any of the oldies I so desired delivered to me in my country from the US. I have never seen anything like the Oldies Store. Am sure they are ready for greatness

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फायदे नुकसान

  • Oldies has a wide range of Movies and music from the 1900s to choose and buy from
  • Oldies ship to anywhere in the world
  • Other products aside movies and music are available on Oldies and they are also old-fashioned stuffs
  • I have no negative comment about the store