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bityard exchange is one of the biggest exchange in the world today having more than 200 countries adopting this exchange as one of the best exchange used in trading cryptocurrencies in the world today. bityard exchange has its headquarters in Singapore and has been known for having the best trading services, giving users, a user friendly interface to enable them trade cryptocurrency with ease. bityard exchange also, has been a good development to crypto traders by giving them good security and also a way of securing there wallet and funds by making user's provide there KYC for there own safety. A safety pin is Also required to be sure the person who owns the account is making any transaction his or herself.  The bityard exchange can be found on Google play store for user's with android phones to download and also available on the desktop mode, for those who prefer it on a bigger screen. bityard has a good community that helps it's user's to get quick answers to there questions when having an issue. they have a good tweeter handle and With lots of subscribers making the exchange have more legitimacy. Bityard has also brought a new update that has brought alot of excitement for the bityard user's. this is generally concerns the maintainance and also upgrade in the current version of the mobile application. Bityard has made it possible for user's to earn rewards by participating in their competitions and also making reviews on the revain platform. Bityard exchange has also help to employ people to work on there socials making an opportunity for people to earn more because of the project. The new update concerning bityard has improved the speed of transactions and also make the fees more mild and affordable. the development of bityard is great and I will recommend this exchange to anyone reading this. your funds are safe with bityard. Vedi recensione completa

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Revain is a company that promotes many crypto project, business firm and many companies. revain was established in 2018 and has done a great job ever since increasing community of many industries especially crypto related ones. revain is a centralised platform which has played a role by rewarding many people who choose to write good quality reviews on their platform. Revain has helped many people in the world by giving them a means of making money on their platform. revain has a cryptocurrency called the REV token. this cryptocurrency is used to reward many users who write good quality reviews on any company and in return these companies are been helped to make people understand the benefits of their platforms. revain has helped many people like me to ensure that I understand the benefits of many crypto related projects. There is telegram community in which you can involve yourself in their daily tasks and get rewarded after being ranked the most active user either first, second or third. in this platform you can ask any questions and if you have any problem there is an admin called ksenia she is a nice person I will help you with any question that you need to ask on this platform. and there are many people we can also assist you in the group, this group of people are known to be the best we are writing reviews example are joshbellz, ibrahimijai, Robiul and more they have helped me in achieving many good things in this platform. the security standard of this platform is very excellent. they protect users from losing their phones and also against scammers or hackers period before you get into your platform you need to provide a valid email and password, a code will be sent to your email and then an authentification code will be required also needed also. there cannot be any fraudulent activity unbelieving platform. only good quality reviews are allowed in this platform. your review will be deleted if it lacks quality and it might lead to your ban. the living doesn't have a study policy, the developers always change their policies on this platform which has made many people furious and has left the community. but at the same time, revain has shown that it is the number one leading platform that will help many companies be known in the world.Vedi recensione completa

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EInc Wallet

This Wallet looks abandoned.

ELNC wallet is one of the newest wallet ever created in the cryptocurrency community. This Wallet was aimed to hold digital currenency and give good security. But the wallet has a possibility of not being used by user's. The platform seams to be abandoned by it developers ELNC Wallet, has not been in existence for now because their has not been any activities going on the wallet recently. This Wallet has not been able to hold cryptocurrency for any user. I couldn't not even access the platform very This Wallet has no active user's and the application is not available for download on the Google play store. This Wallet can not be recommended for any There are many Wallet, that are very helpful, I will advise you make use of them than using this WalletVedi recensione completa

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Tux Exchange

A non informative project.

It seems Canadian Exchange has the most amount of useless project. This platform couldn't be classified as a cryptocurrency project. The features and rating is clear and concise. This platform lacks proper information I don't think it was designed to be an exchange, the inactiveness of this platform is so real that you don't need to make much research My review about this platform will be short, because if something those not affect the lives of people then it doesn't suppose to exist. For me this is an unexisting project because it services are not active I will pleed with you not to use this platform. You can't even get access to it so there is no warning towards it usage. It's just a design keept for people to see just like an online art work Many projects are there which are not supportive, it is ment for you to make good research about your desired project before using or putting your fundsVedi recensione completa

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coin rate is a cryptocurrency exchange from the united kingdom. This exchange has been concluded to be a dead exchange, there has not been any progress associated with the platform. on 8th of November 2019 the 24 hours trading of this Exchange zero. there was simply nothing to be traded in this exchange. without any decent trading grade I don't think any one could associate themselves with this kind of a project.  no one has recommended this Exchange to be a part of a cryto project. it lacks Proper information on how the Exchange runs. this project has been out of business since 2019 without any progress. The the social accounts of this project can't also be found on any social networks. the developers has not been active or sending notifications to the world to know if the project will be revived, but according to the internet the platform has been classified as a dead exchange please don't use for any purpose. no one has recommended this Exchange to be a part of a cryto project. it lacks Proper information on how the Exchange runs. this project has been out of business since 2019 without any progress. There is actually nothing good about this project, it no number of investors.Vedi recensione completa

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sBIT500. This is an investment platform for increasing income using algorithmic strategies of the best traders and their mission was to reduce crypto currency investment risks to generate positive income. This platform was founded in 2019, SBIT500 started oper aging on the principles of a private hedge fund. Since 2021 the system has opened SBit500 is an investment platform that was programmed to achieve better goals combining machine process and this exchange platform which we have today has made a better impact on so many people and it has created a lot of opportunity for somany less privilege. This company has not been on board for long but it has a great and better impact on the people enrolling and it has an easy access for newbies which has been already programmed based for new users who can not use Finally through the reseach i made i was made to discover that SBIT500 started operating on the year 2019 and it has been another investment platform for crypto currency compared to other cryptosystem currency. This system has an encrypted security system which I mentioned earlier and it also has a social medium of passing out information to the users and enrollers to enable them know what is happening on the platform and how it works Vedi recensione completa

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EOSEX is an exchange that is a fork of ethereum. The platform has been designed to o hold cryto currency and also trade them. The platform has not been functioning properly. Base on the fact that it's a fork of ethereum it was supposed to be a long lasting Exchange. But it's development has not been recorded as a good Exchange. Although it has has a recorded cryptocurrency but I don't think people he used this Exchange to trade I also tried accessing the website Tor more information but I didn't get enough information about the exchange. So this platform those not suit any trading activities for investors. Checking the social accounts too is like a waste of time to people. Because the account has been spaced with messages that those not suit the business sense of investors Having a way to Trade or buy and sell cryptocurrency Is by using Exchanges, this fact has also been compromised by other people who want to eat from other investors. I will advise you to to make more research about this Exchange before usingVedi recensione completa

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Barterdex is a decentralised Exchange created in 2017. the platform has a characteristic which aim to develope the speed of transaction and also good trading abilities. The exchange was the best of it time and the developers has worked very hard to keep the platform going and moving forward. This Exchange was dew for maintenance and as it pleases the developers they decided to update the platform. But after waiting for the update the platform seams not to be resuming it's activities This platform has curently loss it's investors and has not been trading ever since the platform was due for maintenance. Despite it good abilities the Exchange has now suspended all it activity and many users has complained of their funds which was not returned to them As we all have the intention to trade with good Exchange, i will advise you choose another platform for trading, we can no longer than wait for this Exchange to resume it's activities. As this exchange has lost it track as a good ExchangeVedi recensione completa

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lendconnect is a project that has not been able to complete it's purposes as a cryto project. This Exchange has been put for sale by it's developers. The platform was said to support lending service and staking of their native token. Also with so many good publication, but this project has not been serving it purposes Lendconnect has no active user's. And the platform couldn't raise enough money for the developers to continue the good process of developing this platform. Many has also been confused about this platform because it had a good motive stated on the internet but actual truth is that this exchange has nothing to offer Since this platform cannot guarantee your investment safety, I will advise you don't use the platform because of it promises. Make more research, there are good Exchange in the world despite the bad one'sVedi recensione completa

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turusEx is a centralised Exchange, which was aimed to provide good security and fast trading possibilities with also less transaction fees. I think the aim was good but the aim to keep the platform moving forward was not registered. According to my research this platform has not been functioning legitly as all it characteristic has been cut off by it developers The activities of this platform has also been suspicious and every investors who has made their choice to use this platform has withdrawn their intentions from this exchange. It has not legit backup with any strong blockchain technology team to Power the progress ot this project This platform cannot be a good project for trading any cryto currency. The platform has listed only few cryptocurrencies which nobody has traded on. Trading in this platform is highly risky, its not recommended for useVedi recensione completa

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