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Hasan A.

Hasan Abbasli

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Hasan A.

Hasan Abbasli

10 livello
442 recensioni
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I have been in the crypto world for about 1 year, and I am both a researcher and a Revain Expert. My main job is a lawyer. Also i am studying at Baku State University
Iscritto a Sat Oct 24 2020 22:13:58 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Hello my friends, I hope you are well. Today I am going to write a review about an exchange that is very important to me. The name of this exchange is BitYard. Bityard can be differentiated from many other exchanges according to its many features. All of these features are pretty good features for me. As I've mentioned in my other reviews, I'm an innovation lover, so I work with a lot of exchanges, not just one. But most of them do not meet all my expectations. That's why I change the exchange frequently. I had never heard of BitYard before. The biggest reason for me to know this exchange is BitYard's collaboration with the Revain platform. Almost hundreds of people like me learned about BitYard thanks to this platform. This is proof that the exchange has taken a correct step. I believe this cooperation will be better for both platforms. I would like to talk a little bit about BitYard's operations. BitYard is traded on the website, which has a very interesting interface. The reason why my website is interesting is that the color combinations are chosen very skillfully and the menus are so organized that they do not tire the users. The registration process, transaction times and fees do not differ much from other exchanges, but I can say that it is in a better position than some exchanges. That's it for now, thank you for reading.Vedi recensione completa

kucoin logo

Hello everyone, today I am going to write a review about a very interesting topic for me. This topic is Kucoin. I am a Revain writer for more than 1 year now and I got to know Kucoin thanks to this platform. Actually, I thought I was writing a review about Kucoin, because since I met this platform, it has managed to become my most used exchange. But when I looked at Kucoin's page today, I realized that I haven't written my own ideas about this exchange yet. That's why I'm presenting my review today by doing a more comprehensive research on Kucoin. General information about Kucoin Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange created in China in 2017. Despite only 4 years of exchange experience, today Kucoin has more than 8 million users from approximately 207 countries. Having such a large customer base in just 4 years is not an easy task at all, but thanks to an excellent team, well-executed managers and many other employees, Kucoin has succeeded. Kucoin is one of the first platforms that comes to mind when talking about the world's largest crypto exchanges. The fact that it develops itself every year and does its best to satisfy its users also causes this exchange to spread its influence on more people. At the time of writing this review, Kucoin's 24-hour trading volume was $5,832,849,487. Features of the exchange and other important information I have worked with many exchanges since I got involved in the crypto world. While most of these exchanges were good at their business, some of them were built on fraud and I lost some of my assets because of it. But I never liked some of the non-fraudulent exchanges. This was due to the high transaction fees on exchanges, the KYC verification requirement on some exchanges, and some other things. But the exchange I use the most is Kucoin. The reason for this is that the features that I have seen in other exchanges and that I do not like are not available in this exchange. For example, KYC verification is not required to make any transaction on Kucoin, only KYC verification is required for large withdrawals. This is a condition the exchange has set to ensure the safety of its customers. Kucoin operates both on the website and on the mobile app. But I couldn't find any information about any desktop application in any of the resources I researched. The design of the website is very nice. The moment we enter the site, the excellent and relaxing interface of the exchange welcomes us. On the first page, we encounter information about the exchange and information about the most famous cryptocurrencies. Then, thanks to the easy interface of this site, we can access the desired feature of this exchange. But first of all, registration is a must. The registration process is also very easy, we can easily register just by email or phone number. Afterwards, it is possible to use all the features of the exchange . The mobile application is as useful and easy to use as the website. So it's easy to tell how professional the developers of the exchange are. In addition to features that are available on all exchanges, such as cryptocurrency trading, Kucoin also has some features that are available on very few exchanges. I think the most important of these is the purchase of cryptocurrencies. In other words, it is possible to buy cryptocurrencies with your credit card at a very low commission fee on this exchange. In fact, the exchange's P2P feature allows you to sell your own cryptocurrency directly or buy it at a much more affordable price than anyone else. To tell the truth, I have not seen this feature on any exchange before, and I must say that it has managed to become one of my favorite features. My final thoughts on Kucoin exchange As I said at the beginning of my review, I've been using this exchange for about a year now and it looks like I will for a long time. The opportunities that Kucoin offers me are very wide, so I would like to further extend my cooperation with this exchange. The fact that it has a very nice and eye-catching interface, it is much more comfortable to use than many exchanges, the transaction fees are quite low and many other reasons are some of the reasons why you should choose this exchange. I have no problems with the security of the exchange, in fact, I prefer to keep most of my assets in Kucoin instead of any wallet. If you still have any doubts about this exchange after reading my review, I think you should use it and see for yourself. That's all for today's review of Kucoin, but the fact that it's such a fast-growing exchange may cause me to reconsider my review recently. Thank you for reading.Vedi recensione completa

kapital bank logo

Hello everyone, the review I will write today will be about Kapital Bank. I am from azerbaijan and this bank is almost the biggest bank of my country. I can say that the company that has managed to develop itself the most locally is Kapital Bank. I have been a customer of this bank for about 3 years, so I have a lot of information about Kapital Bank. Now let's move on to the main part of my review. Some general information about Kapital Bank This bank, which was created under another name for the first time in 1874, is the first bank of Azerbaijan. Having been operating for almost 140 years and being the first bank locally, the bank was able to reach a large customer base and the number of customers is increasing steadily today. The bank, which does not lag behind European banks and other national banks in terms of the services it offers to its customers, also tries to keep the quality of its services at a high level. Among the customer reviews, there are many positive comments, but there are also negative comments. Also, I have to say that my personal thoughts are in line with most of these reviews, so I'm going to talk about my own thoughts, not customer reviews. My personal thoughts as a customer of Kapital Bank for 3 years I got to know this bank for the first time at the university, because the money paid to students by the state can be taken through the cards of this bank. Despite being the first bank I knew, the fact that Kapital Bank is one of the best banks according to my research caused me to buy other credit cards. Because when shopping or other credit card usage, very reasonable conditions were offered and this is still the case. But as time passed, I started to feel uncomfortable with some of the terms of this bank. The most important of these was the commission fees charged by the bank. At first, I considered such commissions normal because I did not know much about this subject, but later on, when I learned that some other banks offer better opportunities, I realized that Kapital Bank's commissions are high. The official currency of Azerbaijan is AZN, so I will show the commission fees of this bank in this unit. The bank charged a commission of 1% for every 100 AZN, plus a commission of 1 AZN for money transfers up to 100 AZN. Except for commissions, all the features of Kapital Bank are almost perfect. In fact, a very high quality mobile application was launched by the bank a few years ago to facilitate the work of customers. I also use this application, and I am quite satisfied. I hope bank officials make a change in commissions in order not to reduce customer satisfaction even more. That's all for today's review, th anks for reading.Vedi recensione completa

apple logo

Introduction to the review Hello everyone, friends. As we know, there are many technology companies in the world. Many people, including myself, know only the very big and famous ones among these companies. This is a normal situation, because I said it in my previous reviews and you can understand the accuracy of what I said from such giant companies, the most important feature of a company is its advertisements. In this way, it will grow much faster. Without further ado, let's move on to today's review. Our topic today is Apple, one of the world's technology giants. General information about Apple The Apple company was created in California in 1976. The company's first name was Apple Computers, but after a while, the "Computers" part was removed as the company started to produce phones. Today, Apple company is famous all over the world for its Mac computers, iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets and many other products. Thanks to nearly 50 years of experience, very high customer satisfaction, quality and superior services, the company is growing day by day and succeeds in putting its competitors behind. I also used products made by Apple for a while. Indeed, the experience of the products is quite excellent, so I think the company deserves all this praise. Let's look at Apple from the perspective of the customer; Customer feedback Since the customer base is quite large, of course, the number of returns is also quite high. But no matter how high the satisfaction is, of course, it is possible to come across negative comments here. A few days before I wrote this review, new technological products were presented by Apple. I think these products, which are eagerly awaited every year from almost all over the world, upset the customers a little this year. But rest assured, this was in no way related to the quality of the products. The main reason for this was the prices of these products. Let me put it this way, although the average monthly income in my country is suitable for buying local products and other things, the prices are quite high due to the import of technological products such as iPhone, and therefore very few local people can benefit from the services provided by Apple. Finally, I would like to say that although it has quite high performance, I hope the company will make some changes in the prices of its products in the future, otherwise I think the company may face a huge loss of customers. Because the prices are increasing every year unbelievably. I end my review here and thank you all for reading.Vedi recensione completa

ton bridge logo

Introduction to the review Hello everyone, my review today will be about TON Bridge. I have been doing research on crypto projects and similar projects for more than 1 year. At the end of each new research, I tell myself that I now know about all kinds of projects. But when I do a new research, I realize how wrong I was. TON Bridge is one of such projects. Honestly, I've never come across a project like this before, but while researching about TON Bridge, I realized how interesting and creative it is. In my recent reviews I wrote about the Free TON project and the projects supported by it. TON Bridge is the last of my reviews, and I think it will be the most interesting. Now let's get to the main part of my review. What is TON Bridge? As I just said, TON Bridge is a project supported by Free TON. The aim of this project is to switch some cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum network to the Free TON network (if you want to learn about Free TON, you can read my Free TON review). I understand that it is a bit of a strange situation for those who are encountering such projects for the first time like me, but if you read the rest of my review, you will understand better. As we know, Ethereum's price has risen considerably recently, which has created a huge increase in the transfer and transaction fees of coins traded on the Ethereum network. That's why the Free TON network was developed and the purpose of this network, as you can see, is to save people from high transaction fees and delays in transfers. How to use TON Bridge? I decided to use TON Bridge to further expand my research on the project. TON Bridge has its own website and all transactions are carried out through this website. To use this platform, you need 2 wallets, one is the TON Crystal Wallet and the other is an ethereum wallet. I chose MetaMask as my ethereum wallet because it is a more secure wallet. After connecting both wallets to the platform, you can now use TON Bridge. So no registration or any other action is required on the platform. Transactions in TON Bridge are 2-sided, you can both migrate ERC-20 tokens to the Free TON network and vice versa. If you take a look at the photos I've included at the end of my review, you can better understand what I mean. Some people look for a security issue in each platform, so I want to touch on the security part of TON Bridge as well. As I just said, you don't need to deposit any assets to trade on this platform, you can simply connect your wallets to TON Bridge and make your transactions. Also, TON Bridge does not keep your wallet information in any way, so I have a lot of confidence in the security of this platform. Finally, I would like to say that TON Bridge is easier to use than I thought, and because it has a very useful and simple website, new users can learn how to trade in a very short time. I don't think the platform has any bad features. Just for now, the cryptocurrencies on the platform are few, I believe that this will be increased by the developers in the near future, because TON Bridge is growing and developing at a very high speed.Vedi recensione completa

ton swap logo

A few words before we start the review Hello to everyone. Today I am going to write to you about TON Swap. TON Swap is a decentralized exchange backed by the Free TON project, which has recently become very popular. I've done research and written reviews about the exchange more than I can count before. Some of these exchanges have ceased operations as a result of competition with larger and more powerful exchanges, while others are still operating. Operating exchanges are divided into centralized and decentralized exchanges, which I favor decentralized exchanges. The reason is that I trust such exchanges more, because usually no assets are held in decentralized exchanges and we can connect to this exchange through any wallet. In this way, there are almost no problems with security. TON Swap is one of these exchanges and if you read my review to the end, you can understand the pros and cons of this exchange. What is TON Swap and how to use it As I said at the beginning of my review, TON Swap is a decentralized crypto exchange. But don't think that TON Swap is similar to others because I call it the exchange. Because this exchange stands out from the others thanks to some excellent features. First I have to say that this exchange allows you to complete all transactions securely and with no middlemen, which a professional trader can understand how reassuring it is. Among the best features of this exchange are its farming programs. Thanks to these programs, it is possible to earn passive income at very high rates. Also on the official website of TON Swap there are guides for how to trade, farming guide and many other operations, thanks to these guides we can easily learn how to use this exchange in just a few minutes. In addition, thanks to the videos on the site, you can learn by watching such information. In other words, TON Swap officials try to do their best to ensure our comfort, so user satisfaction is very high. To start using the exchange, we go to TON Swap's website. We connect to TON Crystal Wallet from the upper right part of the screen and we are now logged into the exchange. You can understand what I'm talking about from the images I added at the end of my review. After connecting to the wallet, your assets in the wallet will now appear on the exchange and you can easily change your assets or take advantage of the other features of the exchange. I would also like to say that there are many features in this exchange such as barter, pool, farming, token creation. TON Swap's security level and other important informations At the beginning of my review, I wrote a few words about the security of this exchange. Since TON Swap does not keep any user's assets, I don't think there are any security issues. Also, do not hesitate to register on this exchange with your wallet, because the exchange does not store your wallet information in any way, so I can easily say that it is more reliable than many exchanges today. Let's move on to general information about the exchange. According to statistics, the number of users of TON Swap is not very large. I think it has to do with the fact that the exchange is still new. But despite being new, exchange officials have managed to take serious steps in advertising and cooperation. Collaborating with some of the famous and big platforms of the crypto world, this exchange has the potential to achieve great success in the future. In short, this exchange has a long development path ahead of it and I think TON Swap will be able to continue this path with great success. Thanks to the excellent user interface, low commissions, ease of use and many other excellent features of the exchange, as well as the excellent strategies made by the authorities, it is developing at a very fast pace today. If you have more questions about this exchange, I recommend you try it as soon as possible, so you can gain more experience. I would like to end my review of TON Swap here. Thank you for reading my review. Vedi recensione completa

ton crystal wallet logo

A few words for the introduction Honestly, I've come across many wallets, but using a wallet has always been difficult for me. That's why I keep my own crypto assets on an exchange that I use most of the time. I understand that this involves a great risk, but I have always found crypto wallets difficult to use, so I have to take such risks. Over the past few months, I've expanded my research in the crypto industry and realized that holding assets on an exchange has far greater risks. So I decided to find a suitable and easy to use crypto wallet and came across TON Crystal Wallet. Details so that you don't have any questions about the setup of the wallet The TON Crystal Wallet is a wallet that has almost all the features I was looking for, so I wanted to try the wallet as soon as possible and downloaded it easily from the Chrome App Market (the wallet is quite small in size so it's unlikely to cause any hassle on your computer). After installing, I encountered the interface of the wallet. Only someone who uses it can understand how easy the interface is, so I recommend you to use this application as soon as possible. In order to log in to the wallet, we must click on the register button on the interface and create a wallet. Creating a wallet is already quite easy, we write the 12 promises given to us on a piece of paper and keep this paper in a safe place. Later, some of these words will be asked by the wallet, after typing the words, your entry has been successfully completed. Let's move on to the use of the wallet. About using the TON Crystal Wallet As I said at the beginning of my review, the TON Crystal Wallet has always been the wallet I've been looking for. After completing the registration process in this wallet, the main screen of the wallet welcomes us (you can see this in the photos I shared at the end of my review). In the center of the main screen, we can find the public key of our wallet and our wallet address. It is also possible to use different network options from the networks list at the top of the screen (6 networks are available here). On the upper left side of the screen, we can find the notifications (deposit and withdrawal transactions) coming to our wallet, and on the right side, we can find the settings section of our account. When we log in to the wallet for the first time, we only see TON cryptocurrencies on the screen, which is quite normal, because the wallet belongs to TON. But if you want, you can add other cryptocurrencies from the "Select assets" section at the bottom of the screen. But is the TON Crystal Wallet reliable and safe enough? As I said before, the TON Crystal Wallet is still a very young and inexperienced wallet and I'm sure it has a great experience road ahead of it. But that doesn't mean the wallet is dangerous. Although an online wallet can be quite difficult to maintain, I think the TON Crystal Wallet succeeds. So far, this wallet has not been hacked and hopefully never will be. But if any virtual attack is made, I believe TON Crystal Wallet has the means to counter it, because this wallet was created with the latest technology. Also, if you are going to use this wallet on a daily basis, you don't have to worry about security, because when used daily, TON Crystal Wallet uses your computer to store assets and it's pretty safe. With that, we have come to the end of another review. If you, like me, are not very good at using wallets and are looking for an easy-to-use wallet, then TON Crystal Wallet is a wallet created for you. I don't think the wallet has a serious problem either. Although there are some minor issues, I don't want to make any bad comments about the wallet as it is new and has little exp erience for now, because I'm sure such minor issues are the ones that can be fixed as soon as possible. Here I end my review of the TON Crystal Wallet, thanks for reading.Vedi recensione completa

bradlands pet supplies logo

Hello everyone, today I am going to write to you about Bradlands Pet Supplies. Bradlands Pet Supplies is a store founded in London in 2011. The customer base of this store, which sells pet products, that is, food, toys, beds and much more, is still very small. We can actually understand this because the store has only been in business for 10 years and only delivers locally. But I think the authorities can make this store a better place with some new plans and strategies. Trying to add new and high quality products frequently, Bradlands also attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. We can also understand this from customer feedback about the store. There are so many feedbacks on the internet that most of them rated the store with 5 stars, which is excellent and I think it's a testament to how successful a small store can be. Bradlands Pet Supplies officials state that their goal is to create the perfect environment for pets and enable pet owners to easily find the product they want. I think they succeed in this. The store has a website and thanks to this site, people can receive the product they want in a short time. That's it for my review of Bradlands Pet Supplies, thanks for reading.Vedi recensione completa

habitat pet supplies logo

Hello everyone, today I am going to write to you about Habitat Pet Supplies. Habitat Pet Supplies was a small store created in 2012 in Australia. A small business at the time of its new creation, Habitat soon became famous among local residents and opened its own branches in several other cities. The store sells pet products, namely food, toys, accessories and many other similar items. Its establishment by animal-loving people further increases the reputation and reputation of this store among its customers. The variety of products in the store is quite large, and since most of these products belong to famous brands, there has been no problem with their quality so far. Habitat Pet Supplies has only been in business for 9 years, but as they say, in 9 years they have managed to achieve greater success than much larger companies. The website of the store is also active. The products ordered through this site are delivered to the customers as soon as possible with a solid cargo, which is another reason for the high level of customer satisfaction. I could not find any serious complaints among the feedback from the customers. I was very upset that a store with all these positive features was only operating locally. I hope Habitat Pet Supplies will start operating globally as soon as possible.Vedi recensione completa

pawsindia logo

Hello everyone, today I am going to write to you about PawsIndia. PawsIndia is a store created a few years ago in India. This store was created to meet the needs of pets and to make people's work easier. Pet owners sometimes have a hard time finding the products their animals need or can't find the product they want. That's why PawsIndia has decided to collect almost everything a pet might need in one store for its customers. In the store, you can find beds, food, toys and many similar products for dogs, cats and other pets. In addition, there is almost no risk of any problems with quality, thanks to the strict control of the products. In addition, the store gives a 100% guarantee on the quality of the products. PawsIndia also makes online sales through its website, thus making it easier for its customers. Loved by its customers for its short delivery times, low delivery rates and other positive features, the only downside of the store is that it only operates across India. I hope PawsIndia will start to serve globally as soon as possible, because I believe it will be more successful in this way. That's all for my review on PawsIndia, thanks for reading.Vedi recensione completa

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