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Coinbase is undoubtedly the best platforms that exist, it is very complete, it allows you to manage a large number of cryptocurrencies, and exchange them in moments, it is easily linked with a large number of faucets, games, casinos and various payment methods with cryptocurrencies. , that gives it Vedi recensione completa

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Without a doubt one of the best wallets I have had, it is very functional, at the beginning it costs a bit to handle the cards because it is not so intuitive but when you grab the thread it is really great. Its integration with the Brave browser for the payment of rewards made me use it in the firstVedi recensione completa

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Binance I have used it for 6 months for currency exchange operations and it works well, it is very fast and intuitive, it seems really safe when making withdrawals since it asks for 2FA verification, it is full of custom functions for Latin American countries, specifically For the purchase and sale Vedi recensione completa

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Coinex Exchange

CoinEX is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency business that offers investment trading services for investors interested in the crypto-to-crypto pairing. Starting in 2017, the company registered services within the financial institutions in Hong Kong, much like what Bitfinex and Binance did. The organiVedi recensione completa

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Electrum is in my opinion the best option for a desktop wallet. It is available on all three systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), and is one of the most popular and safest wallets for Bitcoin. Bitcoin's Electrum wallet is also extremely light, which also makes it very fast. Using it is not complicated atVedi recensione completa

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BRD wallet is one of the best Bitcoin wallets for iPhone, and considering how many BTC wallets for iOS exist today, that really says a lot about it. The wallet is compatible with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and almost all ERC-20 tokens, so there will definitely be no shortage of cryptocurrencieVedi recensione completa

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It is among the safest Bitcoin wallets and reaches this level of quality almost effortlessly. He claims to be safe from theft, cloning and similar threats. Most users would not describe it as intuitive and easy to use, but would rather describe it as an elegant wallet due to all the plugins it offeVedi recensione completa

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