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"We based Zippie. To construct global believe the various humans.

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Zippie turned into created to permit people and groups to maintain in touch with every different with out being an middleman, so they should purchase services or products and trade with every other for money or different digital assets, regardless of what part of the sector you stay in. Although the Internet presents nearly same access to statistics, we have visible that a vast part of society isn't available for monetary gadgets to promote, buy, and borrow online. We desired to make it simpler for human beings to fill inside the gaps and use equipment to access economic offerings the usage of their smartphones. It is plain that Blockchain has long past via era for this, but we've found out that as a technology, blockchain is still early and it is not clean to apply user experience. So our first task become to construct a layer on the blockchain that might make it less complicated to use packages primarily based on blocking off technology. We additionally desired to create a platform for software builders as a way to without problems construct blockchain technology while not having to dig deep. As a result of 4 years of development, Zippie is a price and application platform in which customers can without difficulty write and execute within seconds. Also, developers can most effective construct primary web programs based on our platform with programming abilities. Our crew founded Jolla, a Finnish cellular operating gadget that develops Sailfish OS. This technology assignment turned into certainly one of the most important in Europe. Our group has funded € 50 million and has controlled to develop considered one of several unbiased cellular running systems. In 2017, Rostelecom won a majority in Jolla. Zippie became created by means of constructing a blocking off Web3 working device. Zippie is one of the main consumers inside the global. Zippie's pockets answer has been examined with greater than 70,000 users, and thus far $ 5 million has been invested in developing the Zippie platform. We have released our air gadget and e-wallet with our neighborhood regulated partner in Kenya, Jambopai. On the Zippie platform, we opened our first 1/3-party apps, Lohko Wallet and MyPlanet, and released an airtime manage panel for organizations and NGOs. One of the maximum tested and verified blockading platforms within the world. Our Web3 running gadget is based totally on blocking off and different decentralized technologies, providing a framework for APIs for builders to build software this is cost-effective. This allows software users to interface with a decentralized and cozy fee environment. That’s why we name it the Web3 working device.



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