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The great ecosystem that makes sense


From the very beginning lets be honest and state that I am not a huge fan of GameFi and NFTs as many games are unplayable according current modern standards (such as Axie Infinity). Compare Blizzard Games with Blockchain Games and you will probably know why. The focus should be on another types of games where the ownership and trading makes sense. Lets check the card games. I have always loved collectible card games such as Magic the Gathering and later on I have even tried Hearthstone (about that later). The best thing about Magic the Gathering is the collecting of the cards in different rarity and that you can really own them (and probably speculate on their price surge which can make you a living). You can own them digitally or in physical form. The price tends to surge as they are scarce object (does not matter physical or digital). As the world tends to be more digital, more digital card games appeared and evolved. The aspect of the ownership was not granted in many of these games and for example I have lacked the ownership in Hearthstone where you are unable to sell the card as digitally owned object. The Hearthstone has great playability and the money potential was done only via tournaments. Here comes Gods Unchained with its ecosystem where its marketplace is integral part.

Within the marketplace you can sell your cards as NFT for currencies (cryptocurrencies which you can later cash out to fiat). I like that you can use as a currency different payment options from ETH to USDC (this is almost like a fiat). There is great filter options to be able to manage your collection and trading.

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Each transaction is written on the blockchain. You can even go to special ingame star market to use the ingame points (stars) and change them for the cards which you can later sell.

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The best way is that it utilizes second layer of ethereum blockchain - Immutable X where the transfers are instant and near free. I have been buying and selling the cards on the Gods Unchained marketplace for some time and it makes the game itself much better as you progress you can earn some cash and enjoy the fun. The system for trading is based on auction mechanism in which you are listing the cards for the price and someone can buy for this price.

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Worth to mention that marketplace for card collectible games makes much more sense than utilizing blockchain and marketplace in other different games (like digital weapons, creatures etc.). If you have ever played Magic the Gathering and you like the trading aspect of the game you would definitely love Gods Unchained and it is marketplace.



  • trading collectible cards
  • lot of currency options
  • trading that makes sense
  • playable game
  • i do not know any