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Věra FilipováによるCoinbase Walletのレビュー

Non custodial wallet by the famous brand


The non custodial wallets are the backbone of the crypto world and should be used by each of the individual in the crypto space at least once to know how they work. I am not a huge fan of the services where there is trading platform which is not even custodian, where you are not allowed to withdraw your crypto (this means you actually do not own it). It is fundamentally important to be able to use your crypto and profit from it (esp. it will raise your experience if you connect your wallet with DeFi) in different types of projects (esp. with POS consensus you can stake and earn even more crypto). You will usually interact with standard exchanges (where you can withdraw your crypto) and the wallet back and forth.

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What wallet to use is the main question? For the beginners it could be convenient to switch from one of the major brand in the space Coinbase, which they are familiar with, and start using their very own non custodial Coinbase wallet. One of its main advantage could be that it can be linked to the Coinbase app (you can easily send the crypto between wallet and the app). This solution means you can utilize both - the trading in app (you can also have Coinbase Pro exchange) and using wallet with DeFi under one brand (synergies are obvious).

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There is only few similar services an it is usually done by the majors (I am using also brand - app, wallet and exchange).

For me the most important thing is how it can be used with different DeFi projects, how easily can be used and if it is convenient to navigate in it. What I think is the cuting edge advantage of Coinbase wallet is that it can recognize EVM compatible chains automatically (you do not need to switch chains like in Metamask wallet) so you only need to connect the wallet. The wallet itself has great, clear US. It is easy to use, easy to navigate.

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The Coinbase wallet could be used as web browser extension or phone aplication. If you are using browser extension another advantage could be that the wallet recognize DeFi projects automatically and the connection interface will pop up (from my experience it is working better than Metamask). I like that the wallet is using tags which is more convenient way how to send crypto between wallets.

The only problem is that there are only EVM chains and now they have added Solana.

The wallet itself is highly recognized by the industry and it is usually second prefered option behind Metamask. Lot of users using the wallet alongside the app (and the exchange).

I am highly recommending to use the wallet especially if you are a Coinbase customer. If you are not a Coinbase user it still woth using it as there is onyl few other options which are at least the same quality.



  • non custodial wallet
  • by Coinbase
  • crypto tag for easier transactions
  • automatic recognition of chain
  • only EVM compatible and Solana

コメント (1)

4月 06, 2022
This is the wallet I think first comers should use. They usually install Coinbase app but they are not going further to get the wallet and see the advantages of non custodial solutions. Thanks for the review.