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Checking out another review competition, I discovered it was Kucoin competition. This gave me so much joy and excitement because making a review on the Kucoin exchange platform doesn't require me browsing anything. This is because I have been using this exchange platforms for more than 2 years now (it's almost 3 years). This would make my review to be purely from my personal experience and not from things found on the web. Kucoin is an Asian exchange platform that was established in the year 2017, September precisely, and is presently headquartered in Singapore. The exchange platform presently has a Chinese man as their CEO known as Johnny Lyu. The founders of this exchange platform seems to be really confusing as there seems to be quite a lot of people. Johnny Lyu became the CEO recently, 2020 I guess. This makes him not the founder but just the current CEO. I got introduced to Kucoin by an Asian friend of mine who explained things to me about crypto and adviced me to check out the exchange platform he use. He assured me of the fact that I would love Kucoin majorly because it is the "People's exchange." (This also happens to be its other name). I then began using it, not because I wanted to love it, but because I don't want to fail that friend of mine. I gradually began using it actively and got into the crypto sphere completely. Talking about its interface first, Kucoin happens to have one of the most easy used interface I have ever come across. They have every single thing simplified for just anyone. That was the reason why I didn't find it hard to adapt to this "crypto thing." I also find their interface well designed too. Another thing I got to discover about Kucoin is their liquidity. The Kucoin exchange platform has one of the most liquidity in the crypto network, this is because it's one of the biggest of its kind in the world. Liquidity is something I like, because who would want to wait for hours before getting his or her token converted or sold? The exchange platform also have a good support team. Their support team gives response to all your request at a good speed and one can keep them reminded via their Telegram channel if your question is yet to be replied or if you don't like the reply you got. They make use of a support ticket which would enable you send your questions and have a unique number to relate your problem to them, in case you don't get replied on time. Their admins and Musketeers on the Telegram group chat are also quite friendly. There are some times when I would be having a question to ask and immediately I drop that question, I get a response. The Admins don't even waste time at that and are available at all time. Their response are also calm and friendly. What I mean here is that they don't treat a Newbie as a Newbie. They don't get angry when you ask an honest question that would look like a Foolish one to an Expert in cryptocurrencies. Moving on to their trading interface and fees. The Kucoin exchange platform has one of the most advanced trading platforms I have ever come across. Trading on their platform has been made so simple that you wouldn't have to do it more than once or twice before getting used to it. They have also made trading easier by listing many coins and tokens on their platform. This enabled traders access to whole lot of coins to trade with. Take a look at one Project I got involved in. This one is known as SFund. The Project started well but couldn't get an exchange platforms listing. They tried some exchange platforms like Hotbit and others but were denied. They then went to Kucoin and after little discussion on it, the token got listed and is currently traded with USDT. This explains the fact that Kucoin isn't calm with their users only but are calm with those people that wants their coins and tokens listed on the Kucoin exchange platform. Now moving to the fees they charge. As a crypto trader, I ensure I make a well detailed research on the fees an exchange platform charge before going into using the exchange platform. This is because an exchange platform is virtual and you wouldn't have anyone to keep complaining to if you dont like the fees they charge. The Kucoin exchange platform seems to be lenient on the fees they charge. This is because they charge Makers a fee of 0.1% and charges the same amount for Takers. The exchange platform also gives a discount for traders that make use of the Kucoin Shares (KCS) to pay trading fee. This happens to be a very competitive fee and looks too good for an exchange platform as great as Kucoin. As for their withdrawal fees, I find them very affordable and these fees tends to vary from coin to coin. Take the Tron, TRX, as an example. For every TRX withdrawal I make, I get charged a fee of just 1 TRX. This fee is very cheap and that's one thing I like about the Kucoin exchange platform. Allow me go into the Kucoin Shares. Kucoin Shares is the native token of the Kucoin exchange platform. It is an ERC-20 token that serves quite a lot of purposes. One of which was the one I mentioned earlier: reduced trading fee. This KCS can also be staked on your Pool-X account and earn you rewards. The KCS can also be hold on the Main account and earn the Trades a daily bonus. Presently, the KCS token has been listed on Binance and they also promise to list it on other exchange platforms. Finally, I would be talking about the rewards a Trader enjoys from using the Kucoin exchange platform. The first one is the many competitions they have. These competitions includes the Trading competitions, Trading Bots competitions, Futures trades competitions and many others out there. They also give out rewards during special occasions like a new year, Christmas and even during Easter celebration. The AMA (Ask Me Anything) Sessions they hold is also something I really like. This is because they educate traders on the project they would be talking about and even reward some traders. These type of events are held on their Telegram group chat and information are passed before then to keep Kucoin users prepared. They host AMAs in three sections. The first section is when the Lead Admin, also known as Steve, asks the Guest a question. The next is when the Group Members ask their questions and those with good questions get selected and are rewarded at the end of the day. The last section is when they drop some questions and the fastest people that answer all the questions correctly gets rewarded.전체 리뷰보기

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Asking me to write a review on the Ethereum project is like asking me to give a complete detail on how my journey in the crypto space began. The Ethereum blockchain happened to be the first blockchain I got exposed to. This is because as at the time I got into the crypto space myself and my fellow crypto traders saw the Ethereum blockchain as the best (this is before BSC became popular and before the high transaction fee on the Ethereum blockchain network). This makes the Ethereum blockchain the bedrock on which my foundation in the crypto space was built. Writing a review on the Ethereum project is nothing less than my personal experience with in the project. This is because I have completed quite a lot of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain and have known some people who have their projects built on this blockchain network. To give a complete detail and correct information about the Ethereum project, I will start by giving a brief overview about the Foundation of this blockchain network. The Ethereum we all know and celebrate today was founded in the year 2015, in the month of July precisely. Taking a glance at the history of Ethereum, I begin to agree to the fact that the success of a project isn't determined by the year it was established or founded. Taking a look at a Ethereum for example, it was established in the year 2015 while Bitcoin in the year 2009 yet, Ethereum seems to be the next popular coin on the block chain network (with Bitcoin being the first). Does that mean no crypto project were being established between the years of 2009 to 2015? Of course there were many projects that were established between these years but most of them weren't that popular before the arrival of Ethereum. The Ethereum project was established by a group of persons who were classified as some crypto enthusiasts but today, the founder of Ethereum is generally known as Vitalik Buterin. The initial price of Ethereum started at about 2.7 USD (United States Dollars). Although this price seems to be varied as some other sites claims it started at 2.8 USD, I still feel leaving it at about 2.7 USD is a good one. The price of Ethereum has been able to grow on an annual basis as its price was above 300 USD in the year 2020 and today, the price of Ethereum is about 3,230 USD (as at the time of making this review ready for publishing). This significant growth in price seems to be quite fascinating and this happens to be a significant reason why I have been able to develop interest in the project and today, I'm an holder of the coin along with some others. Taking the question of price away, I would be moving on to the next feature I have on my mind to talk about in relation to Ethereum. Taking a close look at Bitcoin first, we all know how dominating this coin is, having more than 40% of the total market cap (and this is fastly approaching 50%). Looking at this statistics, one might be curious (in this case, my readers ) and that seems to be the exact solution I'm providing in this review. Bitcoin, as we all know, is the first cryptocurrency that was ever established, as a matter of fact, it brought the story of cryptocurrencies to us. This clearly states the reason why it's dominating the market. Bitcoin have been known by crypto traders since the year 2009, what else would you expect if not dominance? Taking a look at Ethereum, it was integrated after the emergence of Bitcoin and I guess the founders of Ethereum clearly looked at some mistakes or some things the Bitcoin project lacked and made it available in the Ethereum project and also added extras, some of which I'm not too comfortable about. Listing these features in numbers would make things clearer for readers, I guess. 1. The first one on my list today is speed. The world we live in today experiences advancement on a daily basis. Some of these advancements are focused on making things easier and one of the means of making things easier is by increasing the speed at which things are done. Ethereum seems to have noticed that and have integrated it in their project. With this, the Ethereum network is known for its "3 seconds transaction time." As at the time of making my first transaction on the blockchain network, some years back, I was expecting to wait for about 2 to 3 minutes only to get my transaction fully executed in less than a minute. 2. The next one I would talk about is "coin Burning." We all know of the recent announcement relating to Ethereum, which simultaneously happens to be the reason why this competition was held. The announcement clearly stated that some Ethereum would be burnt, these Ethereum were said to be worth millions of dollars. The major reason for doing this is to help increase the value of Ethereum. We all know that coin Burning has always helped to increase the value of the project involved. Let's just hope it affects the value of Ethereum positively too. Wait a minute, it has already started affecting the price of Ethereum positively as is seen in the value of Ethereum today. A crypto analyst once said and I quote "in few years time, Ethereum would be worth more than Bitcoin." 3. Gas Fees: This feature don't seem to be a positive feature, unlike the rest of the features. Notwithstanding, I have decided to mention it in my review as I feel my review wouldn't be complete without mentioning both the positive and negative sides of the project. I'm sure that must have been the reason why the Revain platform has both the Pros and Cons sections. Not minding how great the Ethereum blockchain is, the fees charged makes it not too convenient for people to build on the Ethereum blockchain network. This has been the reason why many projects are being built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) before being bridged to the Ethereum network. While many people seems to believe that the "Ethereum London Upgrade" might have an effect on the fees charged on the Ethereum network, I personally don't believe that. One thing I'm quite sure about the upgrade is the fact that it would affect, positively, the price of Ethereum. The effects seems to be visible already as Ethereum, even in the midst of recovering from the dip, is already experiencing a great increase in value. As a means of bringing my review to an end, I would like to implore those in charge of Ethereum (not minding the fact that it's decentralized, there are still some people in charge of it) to try working on the fees so as to bring developers and traders closer to the Ethereum blockchain network.전체 리뷰보기

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BHEX Wallet

The many kinds of projects we have today makes it a quite difficult task to sort out the good ones, or better still, the chaffs from the good. Notwithstanding, the good ones have some characteristics that have made them exceptional and outstanding. If you have been an active Author or an active reader on the Revain platform, then you shouldn't be surprised or baffled when you hear the name BHEX. This is because of how popular the name has gotten on the Revain platform. First, it was the competition held on the BHEX exchange platform. This I couldn't participate in as I wasn't active then. It then went down to the fact that the exchange platform implemented Revain widgets recently and now it has finally come down to the review competition of the BHEX wallet. Before now, I got to know about Revain competitions from their articles on the website but haven discovered their Telegram group, I now get informed about it there. As a matter of fact, if not for this Telegram group, I might have missed this competition and that is the reason why my review is coming up late. The BHEX wallet is known to be the best choice for any asset involving the BHEX ecosystem. This is even displayed in the close relation in their names. This wallet seems to have been created for the sole purpose of the BHEX ecosystem and has been able to support the De-Fi agenda of the BHEX ecosystem. Just to make my review as authentic and interesting as it should be, I had to go check the BHEX wallet out on the Google play store and then on YouTube. It didn't take me that much time to get as much information as I would need about the exchange platform as it seem to have already been popular. The first thing I got to discover about this wallet is that they have their mobile application available for download on Android mobiles. This mobile application don't seem to be available on the Google play store but I got to access it from another source which seems to be authentic (I'm not really sure about this as it might be a problem from me). This made it quite easy for me to prepare my review as I just had to download it on my phone. I would be giving my personal experience in details below to make it easy to comprehend as it should be. The first thing I got to discover about the wallet after downloading it on my mobile phone was the simple user interface. The BHEX wallet seems to have a beautiful and well designed user interface. Beauty don't seem to be everything a wallet should have and I guess they must have known that and have made their wallet easy to understand. The wallet has been made so easy that even a Novice wouldn't find it hard to operate. Honestly, I wasn't expecting this much from a wallet that was created not too long as I had expected them to start with something not too attractive and keep improving on it. With this, I don't think they would even need anymore improvement or upgrade (😂😂 just joking here). I was unable to make use of their support team as I thought it was quite late (that is, at the time of making this review), but notwithstanding, their support team seams to be doing good. I would ensure I make an update to my review as soon as I get to know more about their support team. With this, I guess I would have to end my review here with this: the BHEX wallet got me interested in their beautiful user interface and simplicity wasn't left out too.전체 리뷰보기

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If you happen to be one of the persons that follow up my reviews, what I mean here is read everyone as they come, then I guess you shouldn't be surprised seeing the project I would be reviewing today. Well, if you happen to be one of the persons that don't follow up, by reading my reviews as I get them published on the Revain site, then I guess your missing quite a lot. You can cover up by going back to read up all of them (as they are not even up to 20 yet, making it an easy task to accomplish). For the sake of those that are yet to know, I would be talking about a project known as NXT in this review today. For specialists in Analysis and crypto projects and are focused on the Ardor project specifically, just like I am privilege to be among that group, then I guess you should have known quite a lot about the close relationship between Ardor and some other projects like IGNIS and NXT. Ardor has been able to make its name engrafted on the "hall of Fame." Taking a look at its products alone assures one of this fact. Its products too have been recognized too and I would be talking about one of such products. This one is known as NXT. Many know something spectacular and peculiar about the relationship between NXT and Ardor. The fact that NXT is closely related to Ardor doesn't mean Ardor founded NXT. Specialist claim there are many proves that support this statement but out of the many, I have been able to pick out two and would be explaining them in this review. 1. The first one is the wide gap between the dates the two projects were founded. Normally, for a company to be accepted as a founder of something or another company, the founding company should be older than the company founded. This is because it is impossible for a company yet to be born to establish another company. That happens to be the case of Ardor and NXT. Many people believe Ardor is the founding company of the NXT project but when you take a closer look at the difference in the ages of these companies, one would begin to raise doubts on the claim. Ardor was founded as a company in the year 2018, while NXT had been in operation since the year 2013. This proof seems to be very valid and that's why I have decided to make it come first. 2. The next one, which also happens to be the last one is the fact that when we look carefully into the history of NXT, that is, how it started, one would get to know that it wasn't built on Ardor at all. Going to the web, one of the first things I saw about NXT was the fact that it was built from scratch in Java. This one seems to be something that isn't popular among companies that are funded by other organizations and companies. The reason is because the companies in charge must take care of what the new one would need. These things might includes financial sponsorship, proper guide, and even some blockchain enlightenment for people who are not really learned in it. With this few points, I think I have been able to clear the doubt in the mind of some people about NXT being a project under Ardor. At a point, I began thinking the NXT project is under Jelurida (Jelurida is the founder of Ardor and is automatically the founder of the projects under Ardor, talking about the likes of IGNIS, and Triffic). But after taking a closer look at Jelurida too, my doubt was completely cleared. The reason is because, Jelurida was founded as a company in the year 2016, compared to NXT which started since 2013. With all these, I think my conclusion would be that NXT and Ardor (or Jelurida) just have a type of relationship known as Mutualism. This is a type of relationship where both parties benefit. Taking a look at NXT, I think they are benefitting recognition and public attention from Ardor, while Ardor in return can boast of NXT's wealth of experience. With all these being said, I would be proceeding to what traders tend to enjoy from NXT. The one and only thing an experienced crypto trader or an expert would be looking for in a crypto project I what they offer. Only newbies go in for the "pump and dump." A crypto project gets massive adoption when it offers a solution to a problem that has been ravaging the crypto space. Talking about NXT here, there seems to be quite a lot for traders, some of which I would be explaining today. I would be numbering them for easy assimilation and understanding. 1. Security: The kind of world we find ourself in today makes Security a priority in almost every single thing we do. Talking about the crypto space is something completely different. If there was any way one could be even more careful that she or he is now, I guess that person would glady apply it. This is because of how much scammers we have on the internet today, leaving traders with a higher risk of falling a prey. I guess this must have been one of the things NXT thought about and was what made them come up with a solid security system. The NXT project happens to belong to one of the few projects on the blockchain network that has been without any security issue or hack for the past 7 to 8 years now. This is because ever since it was established, there have been no security issue. One might be wondering how they were able to do this. Well, they make use of a complete Proof of Stake algorithm and this has been able to keep it safe from hackers. 2. Decentralized Exchange: Whenever we talk about a Decentralized exchange, the first thing that come to my mind is user friendliness. This is because it's only a user friendly project that would want to have a Decentralized exchange for traders in need of one. Records has it that NXT was one of the first projects to implement this "Decentralized exchange" and made this with the sole purpose of having a user friendly platform where traders can exchange NXT stress-free. 3. Years of Experience/ Expertise: People say experience is the best teacher. Well, I think this must have been the reason why most crypto traders would rather invest in a project that has been in existence for a while than one that was established few months ago. When it comes to years of experience, then I guess NXT should be something you should really think about, haven survived the test of time for more than 7 years now, NXT should be accorded the rank of expertise. 4. Co-operation: It is usually believed that Success can never be achieved without cooperating with one or two persons. This is because you would need someone to help you drive your goal to an achievement. NXT must have discovered that and that must have been the reason why they are cooperating with companies like Ardor, their cooperation with Ardor has benefitted them so much that they are ready to cooperate with many success-driving companies available. This would also help them achieve their desired goal on time and at its peak. With all these being mentioned, I think this brings me to the end of my review.전체 리뷰보기

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There is no joy compared to that of seeing your offsprings doing exploit in what you have programmed them to do. This is a phenomenon that is visible in real world scenarios and virtual world too. This is because the virtual world, Blockchain network especially, is gradually taking over the real world, or better still, the physical world we interact with usually or consistently. In my last review, I talked about a project known as Ardor, one of the few projects that I find to be quite interesting, inspiring, and enticing. If you haven't checked it out, I think you have missed a lot and checking the review would help cover up. Today, in this review, I wouldn't be talking about the Ardor project anymore but I would be talking about its Protege. Whenever we talk about the Proteges of Ardor, many informed traders mind go to either NXT or IGNIS as these were the first projects from Ardor. To make my review as clear, logical, and easy to assimilate type, I think it's better I start by specifically mentioning the exact Protege I would be talking about here. Well, I would be talking about IGNIS in this review. Stay tuned as the next review would be on NXT. IGNIS, just as I have mentioned earlier was, and still remains one of the first projects from Ardor. Better still, allow me put it this way, IGNIS is one of the starting projects of Ardor. As a matter of fact, it was the first child chain to be built by Ardor. Surprisingly enough, Ardor never wasted time in starting what they wanted to do as this is displayed by the fact that IGNIS, their first child chain was launched in the same year the Ardor project itself was launched, 2018. According to records and write-ups seen on the web, IGNIS describes itself as the main child chain of the Ardor project, thereby making it an essential part of the Ardor project itself. Enough of the shallow background and understanding of IGNIS. Allow me give a more detailed information about this project. Just as I have mentioned earlier, IGNIS was launched in the year 2018 by the Ardor project as its main child chain. The project has its token launched under Ardor too and is known as IGNIS. The project started out quite well and was one of the secrets behind the success of Ardor. As for their website, its design and URL is almost the same with Ardor. IGNIS has so much in common to Ardor that I began pondering on the fact that I never got to know that much of it as at the time of knowing Ardor. A detailed overview of this project was what I promised and that is the exact thing I have done. The next segment I would be going into about IGNIS is its token. It is believed that the life of the flesh is in the blood. This principle is also applied in cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain network, but this time around, in a different way. It is better put in this way: "the life of a crypto project is in its token or currency." This seems to be true as if you take a good look at some of the projects on the blockchain network, you would find this principle applicable. I guess it's the same reason why most investors are more interested in the value of a projects token that in the work the project has to do, the services it has to offer, and the project in itself. Haven seen how much a projects token is relevant, allow me jump into giving a detailed information about the token of the project I am reviewing: IGNIS. Starting with the Blockchain network this o is found. To make my review as honest as I want it to be, I went out in search of every single information I have here. I also did the same when searching for the Blockchain network IGNIS was built on. I discovered that it is built on the Ardor platform. I'm not too comfortable with this but I'm quite sure it's an Ethereum based token. That being clarified, allow me go deeper into some vital information about the IGNIS token. Haven gotten a token, marketing is the next thing to do. This marketing can only be made possible by bringing these tokens to great exchange platforms to have them listed. This makes consideration of the type of exchange platform a token is listed on important. This is also the reason why the type of exchange platforms a coin gets listed on has an effect on its price and popularity. Taking a look at the types of exchange platforms the IGNIS token is listed on, I discovered some of the popular and influential ones to being the kinds of HitBTC exchange platform, Bittrex, and Probit. Other ones includes the likes of UpBit, TOKOK, AlterDice, and STEX. These exchange platforms has IGNIS traded with pairs like Bitcoin, USD Tether, Ethereum, and Krown (KRW). These pairs are quite nice but can be increased. Another thing I really feel they should improve on is the number of exchange platforms and types they are listed on. I feel they should target an exchange platform like Binance and Kucoin. Not minding this, I still feel the IGNIS token is still doing well. Among some other things the IGNIS project possess, there seem to be one I like so much and this is because it is something that is almost required in the blockchain network today (when I mean almost required, I mean it's not really required but having it would he something good). What I'm talking about here is Privacy. The IGNIS project seems to put the privacy of their users at heart and this is demonstrated by some things, of which I would be showing you today, in this review. The first proof is the fact that they have all transactions visible to anyone on a public ledger. This would help proof their sincerity. The project also supports encrypted messages. Using this feature means securing your words or the things you have to say to a person from the sight of a third party. They also make use of a Coin shuffling algorithm. This is a feature that allows several users to shuffle equal amounts of tokens into newly initialized recipient accounts. This would help keep the privacy of both the sender and receiver. Haven said all these, I guess IGNIS should be something worth your time and feel you should check it out. This is because just as useful as I find Ardor to be, I'm also finding IGNIS to be so. 전체 리뷰보기

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Virtually everyone in this world must have enjoyed what psychologists call the "Parental Care." The same group of Physiologists made this term, Parental Care, clearer for us to understand. They said Parental Care is not usually rendered by Parents alone, that's why some people have a specific couple or parents they refer to as their god-parents. Taking a look at the group of people who might have lost their parents due to one unfortunate thing or the other, one might begin to wonder if they have ever enjoyed this "Parental Care," well, this set of people tend to enjoy care from their "Foster Parents." These are people who adopt children from the Orphanages or pick up little ones from anywhere and shower then with as much love as they would shower their own children. Foster parenting is common among couples who are not lucky enough to have children on their own and take adoption as a "second plan." Reading through all these story and context about Parental Care, one might begin to wonder what I would be reviewing today. Well, I won't be talking about Parents directly or the many benefits we get from them. I would be talking about a company in the blockchain network which fills in the post of a Parent for other little projects coming into the blockchain network. Just as I have said earlier, Parental Care is showered upon you by people who are your parents only. This happens to be the exact case of the company I would be reviewing today. They don't just "Parent projects that they establish. They take good care of virtually any Project, all you have to do is to ask for that "Parental Care." This company is known as Ardor, therefore, I would be reviewing the Ardor project today. Going away from the story of parents, allow me come close to the Blockchain network and projects found there. We all know that before a solution is termed a solution, a problem must be available for it. A solution can never be a solution until it solves a problem. This explanation brings me to the question: "What problem is Ardor trying to solve?" Many Authors on this platform and some Readers across the globe must have had, at least, a glimpse of idea of what the Blockchain is all about, the benefits we enjoy from using it, and the problems associated with it. In this context, I would be dwelling, majorly, on the problems because this is how Ardor is related to the Blockchain network (this is the problem it's trying to solve). But before dwelling so deep into reviewing this platform, allow me give a general overview and history of this great Project we all know as Ardor today. Ardor is a project that have started operating for quite a long time now, in the year 2013 precisely, the Ardor Project was founded by a team known as Jelurida. These team were able to come up with an Open source Blockchain platform known as NXT, as a matter of fact, NXT was the first of their productions from Ardor. Records has it that NXT wasn't that much of a Success as the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) they held raised a mere sum of $6,000 (six thousand dollars). This didn't stop them at all as they have remained optimistic ever since and now. Today, they have been able to come up with greater Projects like the popular Ignis child chain, Ardorgate (AEUR) child chain, Bitswift (BITS) child chain, Max Property Group (MPG) child chain, and Triffic child chain. They have even promised more with time and seems to be heading towards greater Success. Each of these child chain seems to be doing really great, and I would be looking into each of them carefully for better understanding. 1. Ignis (IGNIS) child chain: it is the main child chain on the Ardor Blockchain network and had its foundation at almost the same time as Ardor itself. 2. The Ardorgate (AEUR) is another child chain that is focused on making a bridge or connection between the world and the Blockchain technology. They have been able to make this possible by having the AEUR token pegged to one of the most popular Fiat currency in the world, Euros. In essence, one AEUR token is equal to €1. 3. The next one is the Bitswift (BITS) child chain. This is one that is owned by a company known as Bitswift Technology Solutions Inc. The company is based on brand recognition and to do this, they have allowed payments or transactions with many currencies, examples are: BTC, NXT, IGNIS, and of course its own token, BITS. The company is best suitable for little start ups that wants to be recognized. 4. The next one is the Max Property Group (MPG) child chain. This one, just as its name sounds, deals with properties. Their services are reliable, offered by professionals, and of good standards. They help in Property investments, Financing, Listing, and Management. Their local token, MPG, helps sustain the community. 5. The last one here is the Triffic child chain. This is one that helps promotes travelling. It helps build up the interest of people in travelling by rewarding anyone in their community for travelling and Treasure hunting in cryptocurrencies. I don't think they have their own token yet, as I'm yet to find any, leaving them with the local token for Ardor and other ones like the NXT and IGNIS. On their platform, one can also purchase virtual properties, if interested. There seem to be one major thing I love so much about the Ardor project. This is due to the speedy rate at which the project has grown. Most investors, if not all of them, love a project that grows fast and has the effect of this growth visible, I guess this must have been the reason why most investors love the Ardor project too. Take a look at the projects token. About a year back, or lesser than a year, the token had a market value that wasn't too compelling. This really had a negative effect on it as no one would like to have anything doing with a stagnant project. Looking at the value now, one can say its growth has been fast and significant. Not minding how much and fast it has grown, better growth is still expected, we do hope the founders continue the good work they have started. It is usually said and believed that it's more difficult to retain than to maintain success, let's just hope that don't be the case for Ardor 전체 리뷰보기

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Richmond Sports

The companies I make reviews on are gradually being a part of me. This has proves in the form of the fact that making other reviews in this category has been a simplified stuff to me. If you're that updated with my reviews, then I guess you should know it's the Sporting Goods Shop category I'm talking about here. The companies that are found in these categories are available in their numbers and diversities. My target is to ensure that each and everyone of this company gets at least a review. Today, I would be talking about another Sporting Goods shop which is known as Richmond Sports. With the little experienced gained from writing reviews on this type of companies, I quickly figured out the fact that the company is from the United Kingdom, after confirmation, I discovered my predictions were true. I've gotten to discover that most of these type of companies are from the United Kingdom, making that place one of the most industrial places in the world. Going into the review of this company, I started by checking out their website. The Richmond Sports website seems to offer its services to a limited group of persons. This is proven by the fact that when I was trying to access their website so as to make my review authentic and a personally experienced one, I was denied access. The message read: "Unavailable due to legal reasons." They also went further to clearly mention the reason why I have been denied access to their platform. It said it's because I was trying to access their website in a country that belongs European Economic Union (EEU) which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To be honest, I don't really understand what they meant here. Before now, I thought it's only the European countries that belongs to the European Economic Union, EEU, I also never knew that companies can even make selections of the country where their customers are coming from, especially a company that provides goods and services for sale. Haven seems and experienced all of these, I think I would conclude my review today with this message to the people in charge of this Sporting goods shop, access to your website shouldn't be limited to a specific group of people, rather, every single person should be allowed access to their services as one don't know exactly where most of their sales would come from. Personally, I feel servicing Foreigners would give better gain that Locals. This is because the Sporting goods store can earn little from the Shipping fees these Foreigners pay.전체 리뷰보기

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When we talk about Sports, we talk about a very wide range of games which might include games like Soccer, basketball, table tennis, lawn tennis, and even swimming. These games are not only there for the fun of playing it, they also help stretch our bodies leaving them as a vital form of exercise. Today, I will be talking extensively about a company that deals with sporting goods and on Swimming equipments specifically. The company I would be talking about in today's review is known as TheSwimGuy. This is a Sporting goods store that has anything to do with swimming in their possession. These things includes swimming trunks, Goggles, and many other swimming materials a swimmer would find very helpful. The store seems to be from the United States of America and has just 2 Stores opened there. This is proven by the fact that they have it boldly written on their website. The writing states that they have these stores in South Bay and Santa Monica. These are placed I'm not too familiar with, honestly. Making a good review would require one's total commitment and dedication to it, that has been the reason why I make my reviews carefully and a bit of slowly. This is because before I make any publication, I would ensure I have run a thorough check on the platform I would be reviewing. I have done just that for TheSwimGuy. Checking out their website, I found it to be well designed. They have almost all their pictures displaying what they do. This alone helps to market what they do. There seems to be another thing I found out about their website. Although it is well designed, their website takes more time than it should to load. This is a feature I don't really admire as I really prefer fast internet to slow ones, and I'm quite sure many people do too. Their website also has a careful means of categorizing the stuffs they sell. These categories includes the Swim Suits, Goggles, Gear, and some featured products. This makes selection very careful and free from many errors. Another thing I admire so much about their website is the fact that they have some articles which both Professional and Novice swimmers would find very helpful. Some of these articles includes: "What training Gear to get," "How to fit a bathing suit," "How to pick your Goggles," and even some basic swimming rules. All these would help guide swimmers and help them avoid errors. As a means of concluding my review, I took some screenshots of the website and some features I found to be wonderful. These screenshots are found below.전체 리뷰보기

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Harry's Sports

A Sporting goods company is one that is majored at the Sporting equipments one might need to keep fit. We do have so many Sporting goods companies today and the Revain platform shows that. Today, I would be talking about a company that belongs to the Sporting goods category and has a unique feature. This unique feature was what catch my interest and made me prepare a review for it. This company is known as Harry's Sports. This is a company that is privately owned by a Family whose name is as clear as a crystal and is known as Harry. The company is one that specialize in Sporting goods products like Football, Crickets, and Baseballs equipments. They have these products in their numbers and seem to be very considerate in the prices they charge. The reason why I described the company as a unique one is because the Harry's Sports is the first company which showed me something when trying to access their website. Ever since I have started writing reviews on the Revain platform, (weeks ago, as I started writing this month) I have never encountered what I did today. I tried accessing the Harry's Sports website but was denied access to their platform. The website boldly had something encrypted which displays the fact that they don't grant access to their website any longer. The website had a "This website can not be reached" writing boldly written there. Due to the fact that the thing had never happened to me, I thought it was a regular issue of either network issues or something else. I then had to check out my WiFi Router, readjusted some features on it, and also had to arrange some network settings on my phone. I did all these and retried it only to receive the same information. Just to be very sure of what I'm seeing to be what is happening exactly, I then tried doing it on another person's phone, a close friend of mine, and still received the same information. Haven seen all these, I decided to run to a conclusion that the website of Harry's Sports isn't functioning again. One would have said they are on Hibernation but there was no announcement to support that. One more thing I noticed about the company is the fact that although the website isn't functioning anymore, it seems their physical store, in the United Kingdom, is still working. This is because I still saw their active phone number and they also had their active time showing clearly. This seems to be a little proof of the fact that it's just the company's website that is down while their physical stores are still active. 전체 리뷰보기

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BlueHelix Exchange (BHEX)

Going through the different industries we have one the blockchain network, talking about the Projects, Exchanges, Wallets, Cards, Games, and Casinos, I have finally decided that the Exchange category is the best to me. This is because of how much fun I derive from reviewing an exchange platform. I find it a lot easier to make a review that talks about my personal experience when it comes to an Exchange platform. I also like the fact that reviewing an exchange platform exposes me to more interesting exchange platforms on the blockchain network, ones that you never knew of its existence until at the point of reviewing the company and checking out their services. Just as I usually do, I checked out the Blogs on the Revain platform, I discovered that there is an ongoing competition on another exchange platform (as the first one I saw was on the Kucoin Exchange platform and I have made me review on it, it comes before this one). This exchange platform is known as the Blue Helix and is also known as BHEX. This is an exchange platform that I have never heard of before now, this made me very optimistic about reviewing the exchange platform and that was how I got my review prepared in about 3 hours, unlike the other ones that take me more time. The Blue Helix is an exchange platform from Malta and started operation just in the year 2018 (the same year as Kucoin did and one year later than Binance). The exchange platform is one that has pride in its top notch services and expertise in the Exchange platforms category. This is proven by the fact that the first thing I saw about the exchange platform was: "BHEX Exchange is a 100% token holders owned trading platform that is jointly invested by Huobi, OKEx and 56 other world-class institutions. BHEX Exchange has completed 6027 iterations of upgrades and 136,569 system builds to maintain near-perfect system reliability within 2 years." This explains the fact that the Blue Helix exchange platform is a home to Token holders and has been able to expand its horizon by cooperating with other top leading exchange platforms like Huobi and OKEx. Without further stories, allow me to move on to my personal experience with the exchange platform. Today, all thanks to the internet, one don't have to stress himself or herself before finding the exact information they need. This is the reason why I make use of the Internet for all my research. In order to make my personal experience story rich and interesting, I had to search out their website on the Internet. Although I couldn't find a website for this exchange platform, I found a very vital information that helped me take the next step to making my personal experience story a reality. This information was found in a very popular crypto reviewing platform known as cryptowisser. This platform enlightened me on the fact that the Blue Helix exchange platform has been rebranded to HBTC Exchange platform. Going on to check out other information relating to this exchange platform, I found their mobile application too. I didn't bother to install this mobile application because I have already been told that the exchange platform has been rebranded. Haven heard this, I moved on to check out the HBTC exchange platform. I discovered that this exchange platform had a well decorated user interface. This proves their expertise in what they do. The exchange platform was also easy to access and navigate through, making the exchange platform a good option for both new and existing users on the blockchain network. Setting up my account wasn't much of a problem too as it took me fractions of seconds to get my account set up and ready to make trades. Now, moving over to trades. Whenever we talk about an exchange platform, the first thing that should come to mind is Trades. An exchange platform isn't known as an exchange platform until one is able to make trades. This is the major reason why whenever I want to check out the services of an exchange platform, I would ensure I check out their Trading features and other things related to Trades. That was the exact thing I did when trying to review the Blue Helix exchange platform, HBTC rather 😐. Starting with their trading fees, the Blue Helix exchange platform belongs to the class of many exchange platforms out there that are careful about the fees they charge for trades made. This type of fees are what we know as competitive fees in the language of cryptocurrencies. The Blue Helix exchange platform charged a fee of 0.1% for both Makers and Takers of a trade. This fee happens to be one of the most competitive fees I have ever come across and is well known among some of the most popular exchange platforms (such as Kucoin and Binance). As a trader, we should all know that trading cryptocurrencies isn't just about the fees they charge, the trading interface is also something that is vital. This is because an exchange platform would be as good as useless if it has a very competitive fee (even more cheaper than the one Blue Helix exchange platform charges) but has an interface that is complex to understand. That was the reason why I had to check out their trading interface. I found it to be very easy to understand. They have made trading of cryptocurrencies so easy that I think my little sister should be able to trade comfortably on their platform. All you need to do is to ensure you follow all the instructions and they even have a tutorial for those who are interested. Haven said quite a lot about the Trading features the Blue Helix exchange platform possess, I would now be moving on to about some other general features of this exchange platform. First is the fact that ever since the Blue Helix exchange platform came into existence, there have been no security breach or challenge. This is a great achievement especially for a company on the blockchain network. This is because of how vulnerable the blockchain network is to security attacks. The fact that the exchange platform also have their mobile applications is another nice thing to talk about. This feature would be mostly preferred by traders who would prefer a mobile application to their website. The exchange platform has also been translated to other languages. This would give access to their services to a large range of people, with even those that can't speak English. The Blue Helix exchange platform is a nice one, one of the best I've come across, special thanks to the Revain platform for exposing such a great company to me. 전체 리뷰보기

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