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apvera managed security services 로고

Apvera Managed Security Services

The ease in which they can manage my network as well securing it from threats through their managed services department has been great! They have also done some work to improve speed issues I was having when working remotely via VPN connection at home (and other locations). Nothing really negative about this service so far - however there may be something better out there if price were not an issue? We use them primarily because cost effectiveness but do like how easy its made managing remote access/VPN connections possible since moving into larger offices now where space limitations prevent me using traditional desktop computers connected directly over ethernet cables etc..전체 리뷰보기

aohcae leashes training collar dogs(black) 로고

Aohcae Leashes Training Collar Dogs(Black)

Not for small dogs

This collar is advertised as suitable for small to medium sized dogs. This collar is really bulky and doesn't even fit my life size Goldendoodle. It's too big.전체 리뷰보기

mclanzoo terrarium reptiles substrate chameleons 로고

MCLANZOO Terrarium Reptiles Substrate Chameleons

later Although the product itself is not necessarily bad. I've since learned that reptile carpets are actually a claw and teeth pinching hazard and harbor a lot of bacteria. Luckily, there are even cheaper and safer options! We tried this while setting up our bioactive product before reading up on the downsides, then switched to a non-stick shelf liner while the CUC settles down. Our leopard gecko has been MUCH more active since the move, so I think the rug was actually a challenge and probably quite uncomfortable. Another benefit of the liner is that it is MUCH easier to clean and just as affordable, if not cheaper. I will say that the pliers are of good quality and we still use them! But I'm sure you could find it for a better price without the rugs.전체 리뷰보기

holder,8 compatible 2021,protective anti lost accessories 로고

Holder,8 Compatible 2021,Protective Anti Lost Accessories

Great keychain

Great quality and different colors! Keeps the AirTag in place and won't fall out. I use mine on my work keys and they haven't failed or caused any problems. What I like is that this holder makes it easy to show off your design when customizing your AirTag. Definitely recommend and recommend to my friends and colleagues.전체 리뷰보기

welltop aerial outdoor camping running 로고

Welltop Aerial Outdoor Camping Running

I like the cord, it seems quite strong but you have a little bend in the cord so the red color helps not to bump into it when mowing. The cable has a pretty chrome pulley that helps pet move freely up and down the trolley. I installed it between two trees with a coil spring on one end. but after the first day the spring broke and I had to chase after my pet, which was pulling a hundred foot cable. Installed without a spring and everything is fine.전체 리뷰보기

exo terra turtle bank small 로고

Exo Terra Turtle Bank Small

Do not buy this item! The magnets don't hold the product in place, that's an advertising lie. This might work if your turtle is about a quarter size, but if it's a larger turtle, like the size of a salad plate, adult yellow stomach sliders, for example, will get past it, just slip off, or roll over when the turtle tries to get on it to climb. That. And the company doesn't offer a refund once the package has been opened, so it really is a bloody criminal business. I want my money back, this product is useless.전체 리뷰보기

hollypet self warming luxury sleeping medium 로고

Hollypet Self Warming Luxury Sleeping Medium

The softest, thickest and most comfortable pet bed I have ever bought and as a life saver I have bought a lot. The midsection is soft and comfortable, surrounded by a higher "wall" of thick, lightweight material that won't wrinkle or lose its shape. I had to wash it on the 4th day because one of my dogs knocked over a glass of juice on the end table and soaked the new bed. I washed it according to the manufacturer's instructions and it's like new. I'll probably buy a few more in different sizes for my lifeguard guests. A limitation. Not for outdoors and if you have a "stuffed animal buster" probably not the best option because it's so soft and fluffy and snuggly. Highly recommended.전체 리뷰보기

oben at 3565 aluminum bz 217t triple action 로고

Oben AT 3565 Aluminum BZ 217T Triple Action

quality product.

So far, so good. The gift was for my husband who is a photographer. I bought it to replace his previous Oben tripod which was lost. This is a very good brand. I chose the more expensive one because it offers even better features like the strength and reliability of a quality product such as: B. screw-in legs and the maneuverability of a locking leg. It's slightly larger than the previous one, which is great for travel, but then again, the durability and stability of this product looks promising for outdoor photography in hard-to-reach places. It's also compact and comes with a tripod bag. The bag has a strap to carry it on one shoulder or my husband likes to attach it to his camera backpack. Thank you Aubin!전체 리뷰보기

glbsunion universal waterproof case cell phones & accessories 로고

GLBSUNION Universal Waterproof Case Cell Phones & Accessories

These are great things. I use them all the time. Prevents sand from getting into your phone at the beach. Protects against accidental falls or slipping in the river. Touching through the protective screen and using the phone's camera is also great. Inexpensive but very effective. I've ordered several times - not because they break - because my kids "borrow" them.전체 리뷰보기

revglue 로고


I love how easy it is to create my own vouchers, as well as manage them! It's great that you can also have your contact details at hand so customers know who they're dealing with if there are any issues/questions etc along their purchase journey through your site - this makes things easier when responding quickly (and easily!). The customer support team has been very good about getting back to me whenever needed too which helps speed up responses time-wise. There isn't much else i dislike really other than perhaps not having an option of adding more categories? But then again maybe thats something we should consider ourselves rather than being put off by what others may think :) Have used many different platforms over recent years but never found one quite like REVGLUE before now!! We've managed our online store catalogue better since implementing revglues platform allowing us. 전체 리뷰보기

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