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pchunter rms 로고

PcHunter RMS

I like that it is very easy to use, has great reporting options for both recruitment as well analytics/analytics of candidates data in order run reports across multiple locations or even different types (e-recruitment). It's also really good at keeping records up to date so you don't have any issues about missing something from an application process when someone changes their details later down stream. There are some things i would prefer not being there but they do say its still under development which means improvements will be made over time - hence why we chose this product! We've just started using PC Hunter recently however our previous system was quite old school meaning many processes were manual therefore taking longer than necessary plus had errors due loom around them all day every single week. Now everything runs smoothly through one platform allowing us more efficiency within each stage whether applying online / via email etc.전체 리뷰보기

irme zoe booster waterproof removable 로고

IRME ZOE Booster Waterproof Removable

This is a good car seat for my small dog. It keeps my car clean and also protects my dog. It has a replaceable mat and we can clean it separately and it's easy to change and fold. They have a double safety leash to secure the dog seat and increase the safety of the dog. I recommend this safe dog seat!전체 리뷰보기

blueberry pet velvety flocking leashes 로고

Blueberry Pet Velvety Flocking Leashes

This is the cutest leash ever! , modern "girl" designs. Bought for our new girl pup as i live in a boys house and was so hard finding a cute selection until i found this brand! Great quality! BUY IT!전체 리뷰보기

bonding carry pouch sugar gliders 로고

Bonding Carry Pouch Sugar Gliders

I bought this bag so my hedgehog would adapt to my scent and take me to the pet store or just walk around the house. Even at her adult size, she can curl up comfortably in this fleece. The mesh like material allows me to see it and it's comfortable to breathe when the zip is up and I don't have any thread inside so I have to worry about it getting stuck. Both my fiancee and I love carrying our little miss with us in this bag and she loves that it is best protected from the light as she is quite nocturnal. I also received an email from the company and they were extremely gracious, polite and a welcome surprise in welcoming me to the community and giving me advice. in my new favorite fatherhood. I would definitely recommend this company and this product to any new small animal owner.전체 리뷰보기

mountainsmith dog trippin pack small 로고

Mountainsmith Dog Trippin Pack Small

I would not use this pack for long hikes. The backpack does not use a Y yolk on the shoulders and does NOT transfer much weight to the dog's shoulders. I love the accessories (water bowl, food bowl, thermal mat and leash). Having said that, I have to say that I take my Mountainsmith bag to the seamstress to convert the chest strap to a Y-egg and move the bag forward to put more weight on the front shoulders. Dog owners with long-backed dogs or a breed prone to hip dysplasia later in life should NOT consider this backpack. A Bergmeister should be ashamed of selling such a product that increases the likelihood of long-term harm to dogs.전체 리뷰보기

grriggles zanies holiday stocking assorted 로고

Grriggles Zanies Holiday Stocking Assorted

My cat loves it

I've had some successes and failures ordering pet stockings online. But this year I am very happy with my choice of Zanie's. I ordered this green stocking for my Siamese cat named Toby. He is very sociable and will play with almost any toy that is put in front of him. He's only a year old, so he's still in the "I've got to take care of everything!" phase. This collection is perfect for him. The stocking is made of disposable plastic. I don't think it's meant to be reusable. It is slightly smaller than a normal stocking. It only measures about 7 inches long and 4 inches wide (at its widest point). But for a cat I would say it's the right size. It's filled to the brim with twelve cat toys. All toys are different, do not give duplicates. I thought that was really cool. I also like that it comes in shades of green (there's a red stocking too - if you want to go with that array). In Toby's Green Stocking he received: 1 Hanging Bell Toy. It is a small green soft stocking connected to an elastic red rope that can be pulled or tied to a surface. Your cat can pull, grab and play with the toy, and the elastic rope lets it bounce for longer playtime. The stocking also has a golden bell. It's made of felt material which my cat really likes as he can grab it with his claws. 1 bell toy in a cage. It's not a sphere, it's a cylinder. This one doesn't roll very easily. It only rolls in a straight line, so the cat can't play with it alone. But with human interaction, he likes the toy. 1 small rattle toy. Toby is a mouse hunting machine and when he saw this little toy mouse with a tail and eyes he immediately pounced. He likes to scatter it and bring it back to "show his catch". The rattle also makes him attack. 1 small felt mouse. Once again he loves this toy. The felt material is easily grabbed by the claws, allowing it to attack like crazy. He loves this toy. 1 small green rattle. It's a bit strange. It's a small green plastic soccer ball with rattles inside. Not sure what this has to do with Christmas other than it coincides with football season? It also doesn't roll very well due to its shape. Not my cat's favorite toy, but cute. Plastic rattle with 1 mesh. It's like the cheap cat toys you buy at your local pet store. It's a plastic ball with a net cage and a bell in the middle. Light enough to move easily over carpeted floors. The cat loves it and can easily move it on its own. 1 red tinsel ball. This one is really unique. In fact, this is a ball of red tinsel. Shiny, shiny and light. The tinsel doesn't roll very easily but the texture drives my cat crazy. He loves trying to bite him. 1 green tinsel ball. This is the exact same product I was just talking about minus the green color. 1 large stuffed animal heart. At first I thought it was a catnip toy, but it's not. None of the toys in this set contain catnip (which I appreciate - I'm not a big fan of the stuff and find it unethical for cats). In fact, it's just a full heart. It's green and made of faux fur. My cat doesn't play with it. It's a bit big for him. But other cats might like it. 1 green and red mini tennis ball. It's just a small, lightweight tennis ball. The outside is made of the same material as the tennis ball. My cat loves it because his claws easily cling to him again. We put it in the basket and he does his best to get it back. 1 green and silver rattle. That's the size of a tennis ball. It is a green felt ball wrapped in silver tinsel. In the middle is a rattle. Toby is easy to push and likes to attack him. The noise drives him crazy too. Finally, a plush mouse. This one is slightly larger than the other two, but still interesting. He doesn't have a rattle so my cat doesn't play with him as much as the other two. But he also gets his fair share of affection. Overall I liked this set. The toys are well made and hold their shape well. My cat loves them. The Christmas theme is very cute. And there are no catnip toys, so I don't have to worry about monitoring my cat's behavior. I really liked this set and will definitely buy it again!전체 리뷰보기

doggone good train directly manufacturer 로고

Doggone Good Train Directly Manufacturer

This is a nice treat bag that has probably been redesigned a bit. The material is dense and durable and will likely last a long time. I use my bag every day when I walk my dog as I try to encourage positive behavior when I have him on a leash. My treat pocket has a ziploc filled with Cheerios and dry dog food, and the back zippered pocket holds a roll of dog poo. In general, the back zip pocket is difficult to access due to the fabric choice of the treat pocket (it's a really small and tight pocket) and the main pocket is also quite small and tight, but acceptable. The belt clip is strong and I don't think it will break anytime soon. Overall I'd recommend it, but small tweaks can make it even better (lighter fabric, easier access to pockets, stronger magnet closure or zipper to keep treats fresher longer).전체 리뷰보기

jpgdn 25colors grooming accessories attachment 로고

JpGdn 25Colors Grooming Accessories Attachment

Perfect Colors

I love different shades of each color. This will make matching my child's outfits more accurate. I can't wait to wear them tomorrow.전체 리뷰보기

poochpad ultra dry 30 inch crate crates 로고

PoochPad Ultra Dry 30 Inch Crate Crates

Quality Product

Our pets travel all over the world and these pillows, placed in a cage instead of blankets, help protect the animal from urine. The pad has a removable cover for occasional washing when used at home, but the inner padding can be washed when saturated with urine. Simply wash on gentle cycle with your regular laundry detergent and a few ounces of odor eliminator like Bac-Out (by Biokleen) and do not tumble dry. You have a fresh seal again. The pillow is also durable.전체 리뷰보기

petsafe stay wireless fence stubborn 로고

PetSafe Stay Wireless Fence Stubborn

We have a very large and stubborn Giant Schnauzer. Seriously, she's about the size of a horse and has an energy level on par with a Tasmanian devil. Having kept bumping into our neighbors roaming around their yard "playing" with their chickens, I had to invest in this collar. It was indeed our last option! I wish I had done this sooner! I started training them as directed in the instructions for the first few days, just about 30 minutes a day. When she wasn't exercising, we kept her on a leash so she couldn't walk outside the designated perimeter. I started with just the beep (level 1, no shock/static) and she didn't seem to be concerned. After working with her I switched the shock/static level to 2 and then 3. I found that level 4 (medium shock/static) was perfect for her as it gets the job done being so stubborn and is that big. I've never had to climb higher. She went around the fence several times and immediately ran back to the house. I'll be honest she didn't like it and it broke my heart but now she doesn't get close and is even behaving better! She listens and respects our orders. Treats and positive compulsion are a must during training. No more tensions with neighbors and no more stress!전체 리뷰보기

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