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The fact that it is an online tool, which makes it easy to use for all employees regardless of their location. It has helped us in creating a smooth workflow between the different departments.The interface could be improved as well. I would recommend this software for any organization that needs to manage multiple projects at once. We have been able to centralize our workflows and make them more efficient by using Sobol. We have also been able to create a transparent environment where everyone can share their ideas and suggestions. See full review

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The best thing about Easy Cis was its simplicity in installation process as well ease-of-use interface which makes it very user friendly tool even if you are not familiarized at all with programming language like Java or Ruby On Rails etc - i am newbie developer so I dont have much experience yet working from java/Ruby side using ci tools but still managed install easily without any issues by reading documentation provided along setup guide file available online through their website itself! There were no major issue faced while implementing CI system based workflow within our organization however minor hiccups here n there can be resolved quickly once contacted support team via email id given during account creation phase (highly recommended). We used to automate deployments across multiple environments such as development QA UAT test production where we ran integration tests against each environment before deploying final version to respective customers end users.See full review

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I like how easy it was for me as an intern user (and now employee) of markup! It's intuitively simple but has so many features you could use in different ways depending your needs or preferences; from creating comments directly into code via our web editor tool right through adding interactive annotations using React Native which allows us build mobile apps with ease too!! Sometimes when we need help there are some people who aren't very efficient at helping out new users understand what they can do best - however this isn’t always true because everyone here works hard everyday trying their hardest not only towards getting better themselves by learning something every day/week etc.,but also working together daily toward making sure everything runs smoothly within all departments across multiple locations including customer service support team if needed :). As mentioned before sometimes its difficult understanding exactly where certain things might be located inside various areas such comment sections &;&lt. See full review

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The best part about Market Snar is how easy it was to set up my account with them! I had no idea what i needed but they walked me step by step into setting everything up so i could start getting leads right away!! They also have great customer service which makes things super simple when you need help or guidance along the way. Sometimes if your site isn't working correctly then their tech team can be slow at responding sometimes too. But overall its been good. We were able to see an increase in our sales after we implemented this system within just 3 days (we didn't even use all 6 features yet). See full review

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We needed an offsite backup solution for our clients' servers/data in case of disaster (fire). The support was excellent - they had great customer care reps who were always willing help us troubleshoot issues we encountered while implementing their services with little training required! I wish there could have been some more automation features available but that would require additional licensing fees which wasn't feasible as it pertains directly into cloud computing solutions offered by other companies like AWS & Azure so this may not apply here at all :/. If price points are important then probably don’t consider these types products unless if cost savings can offset any initial investment costs incurred upfront through implementation process. Data back-ups without having to worry about data loss due too hardware failure etc., easy access via mobile devices when away using remote desktop connection tools such as TeamViewer.See full review

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It's very easy to use, it has all features we were looking for in one place (Task management with different projects). The only thing I dislike about this software is that sometimes when saving changes there are some errors or things not saved properly so if someone else will try editing your tasks they might mess up something important which may take long time fixing by yourself. We needed an application where our team members can log their daily work activities without having many problems of losing track what was done each day/week etc. With enporjob everything related directly to project development process would be logged automatically into separate folders called "Project". This way everyone could have access easily over his own progress regarding any given Project at anytime just using web browser.See full review

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It's easy to use with my team! There are so many features you can't even know them offhand but they're very helpful when I need it most (ease of communication between employees). The benefits package isn’t exactly what we had in mind initially due some technical difficulties from their end regarding our payroll department - however things have been working out well since then though still not perfect as far user interface goes which makes me feel like there should be more options/features within this app than just general messaging etc.- nothing specific other wise really dislike about software its great overall especially if your looking into employee communications such has email or texting via chat apps.See full review

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