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swiftcam 16 megapixel camera for microscopes 로고

Swiftcam 16 Megapixel Camera For Microscopes

So far I have been using my product for a short time and it seems to be working very well. I have no comparison with it, am happy with it so far and recommend it for my own use.전체 리뷰보기

hitch 로고


The platform is very easy to use and the support is excellent. It’s a great tool to help you manage your internal mobility. The tool is very intuitive and the platform is easy to use and navigate. I have not found anything I dislike about the platform. I would highly recommend this platform to other companies. We use the platform to help with internal mobility. We are able to easily connect with other departments and find the best talent for a project. It’s also a great tool for people to find a new job. 전체 리뷰보기

manitou ats 로고

Manitou ATS

Everything about this software is great! I like how easy it was set up, as well making changes/updates has been very simple too with just 1 click of my mouse or by using our mobile app (where available). The customer service could be better at times; there are days that we call in multiple questions only get one response back from anyone but have yet another phone number waiting so not sure whether they're overwhelmed themselves now? Have used many different CRM systems over time including Salesforce etc., nothing compares though when compared against their competitors out around us who use other platforms such As Sage 50 &amp Powerbi which makes sense given all those tools come along together within Microsoft 365 stack products - however do look closely if you want something similar then go straight down these routes otherwise spend more money upfront buying individual apps where possible rather than going full M365 route first-hand experience here!! We were looking. 전체 리뷰보기

ocs inventory ng 로고

OCS Inventory NG

I like that it's easy for my department of over 100 employees in multiple locations around Canada (and other countries) to use one central database across all departments. The product has been very stable since we started using it about 4 years ago - no issues at this time. We have not had any problems or complaints from our customers either! Nothing so far, but then again there are only 3 people who know how to work the program! If you're looking for an open source tool without too much customization needed, look into OCS. Easy access by users throughout our organization regardless if they were hired before or after implementation. Centralizing information makes life easier for everyone involved as well as keeping track of data integrity and accuracy. 전체 리뷰보기

shippable 로고


The best thing about shippabale is that it helps me manage my entire pipeline from start till end very easily. I can see all changes in real time which makes things easy for us as developers. It also help track issues at different stages so we are able to fix them quickly. Sometimes when there's an issue i have to manually check logs but sometimes it takes long before they come up into view. But overall its good product because everything gets tracked automatically using their dashboard. We use this tool mainly for our CI/CD process. Its helped out alot during development stage by tracking every change made and providing feedbacks instantly.전체 리뷰보기

clearpoint strategy 로고

ClearPoint Strategy

I like how easy it was to set up my goals in this program because there were other programs where we had to go through several steps just to create one goal or an objective. The reporting system could be improved though. It's not very user friendly when trying to customize reports as well. There should have been some sort of tutorial available so people who haven't used this before would know what they're doing while using it. This tool helped us track all of our objectives across multiple departments within our organization. 전체 리뷰보기

covidtracer 로고


I like that it's simple enough so anyone in my team could use without any training needed! It has helped us keep track of who we've been working with each day since starting back up at work after being out due to pandemic quarantine measures - great way to see what people have done over their time off too!! Nothing really as such but i would say there isn't much room left to add anything else right now either which makes me sad :/ if your looking into something similar then definitely give this one a look! We're able to get daily updates from everyone about how they feel physically & mentally throughout their shift (which helps them know when they need rest days). 전체 리뷰보기

makesbridge 로고


The simplicity in setting up campaigns with multiple lists made it easy to get started right away without having any technical knowledge about this service at all! It's also very intuitive when you're creating your first campaign -- just follow their step-by-step guide and everything will be set out perfectly before even launching into sending emails!! You can't go wrong using makes bridge as there are so many features that make managing our list building process easier than ever. I wish they had more templates available though since we have quite some different types of audiences/lists (not only US & Canada but UK too). Also I would like them to add mobile friendly landing pages - maybe something similar could help? We use MAkesBridge primarily because its ease of access via Zapier integrations which allows us to automate most tasks related to data collection from social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram etc., plus. 전체 리뷰보기

child care daily app 로고

Child Care Daily App

I like that it's easy to use, especially if you are new at this field! It is very user friendly for both staff members as well clients/parents of your center!! The ease with which they can send out messages back & forth makes them an essential tool in our daily routines. There really isn't anything bad about CCDA or their products from my experiences so far (and we've been using theirs since last year). We have used other apps but none has worked quite right until now when i came across chldcaredaily app. ! They do what others haven’t done yet - simple messaging system where everyone knows how things work without confusion. !!전체 리뷰보기

atmail 로고


We have been using atMail as an internal tool since 2007 so it has grown up over time and does everything that it should be doing well. The design interface could use some improvement but considering it's not designed by us I think they are working hard enough to make improvements. It isn't easy finding something new that makes me wish I would go back to another provider! They were quick to implement my changes into their system when needed and also very helpful throughout this process. This was primarily so I could send important information internally without having to open a third party application. I have been using atmail since 2012 as an internal provider for my organization. They are very helpful and responsive! The interface could be improved a bit but overall it's great. Their platform has allowed us to continue growing while working remotely from home during this time. Nothing really. I would say that their pricing model might turn off some customers who prefer more traditional rates. We've used them for years now and they're always up there when needed. 전체 리뷰보기

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