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The system has made my life much easier when it comes to creating new candidates profiles, managing them through interviews & onboarding process as well as providing opportunities with our client companies. It was easy to learn how things work in this platform but there are certain features that could be improved such as being able to create more advanced searches or filters using different criteria (like location). I love everything about this product! There's nothing negative about our experience so far except maybe some minor bugs here or there which were solved immediately by their support team. Our recruitment agency benefits greatly from having access of all candidate information at one place since we don't need to waste time looking up each individual profile manually anymore. This saves us valuable resources while increasing productivity levels. All data related to recruiters/companies can easily be accessed via mobile devices allowing you full control over your business activities during off-hours even if away from office premises. We. 전체 리뷰보기

hygger programmable controller automatic dispenser 로고

Hygger Programmable Controller Automatic Dispenser

Great feeder!

I bought this product but unfortunately had to return it. At the lowest level the feed is dispensed in 35 seconds which is way too long for my carp pond. My pond is 2100 gallons and I have 17 koi and 8 goldfish. I contacted the company and told them they need to reduce the issuance time to around 10-15 seconds. Guess what? They not only responded to my email immediately, but also took my suggestion into account and adapted their product to my suggestion. Today I was notified that a new version is available on Revain. I plan to buy. The only problem I had with this feeder was the dosing time, otherwise everything is great! Great flexibility and ease of use. You can program up to 9 feeds at a time, so if 10-15 seconds isn't enough you can easily add a second feed, a third feed or anything up to 9.전체 리뷰보기

unisex kangaroo hoodie carrier sweatshirt dogs and apparel & accessories 로고

Unisex Kangaroo Hoodie Carrier Sweatshirt Dogs and Apparel & Accessories

My cat doesn't like the bag and I had to cut the strings of the ball due to some "claw accidents". My roommates think I look crazy. But the bag handbag is amazing and huge! There is a normal sweatshirt pocket on the front and this pocket acts as a pocket. I've removed the lining, trimmed the laces and ears and I have to say this piece is great for lounging around at home after work. I can put my Kindle, phone, snacks and water bottle in my bag. I'm a walking wallet! The boys don't call anymore but whatever it is I'll just get another cat!전체 리뷰보기

kuoser collar breakaway puppies adjustable 로고

Kuoser Collar Breakaway Puppies Adjustable

My cat loves to scratch the area around the collar which wears down the old collar. As long as this collar can withstand my cat's adventures. The call has a satisfying audibility that lets me know when she's around. The bow is attractive and definitely makes a naughty cat cuter. Adjustment is easy and once adjusted the collar stays in place, never loosening or opening. I would like brighter or softer colors but no complaints about the quality and design.전체 리뷰보기

classic universe incredible harness x large 로고

Classic Universe Incredible Harness X Large

I am very pleased to receive this harness for my large dog (75 lbs). The strap broke on the first use. WASTE QUALITY. NOT SAFE TO USE. waste of money!전체 리뷰보기

casturu folding adjustable portable cooling laptop accessories 로고

Casturu Folding Adjustable Portable Cooling Laptop Accessories

Best buy I've made

Best buy I've made all year. Since I work from home, I've never been able to adjust my laptop to the correct height. Answering emails from my bed was also an awkward balancing act. This table solves every problem. No more crazy camera angles in Zoom meetings. I will get one for my son who also goes to school remotely.전체 리뷰보기

mighty paw dog training clicker 로고

Mighty Paw Dog Training Clicker

In general I like the clicker. He's still doing his job. The clip it came with and the little piece of plastic that tightens it to fit around your wrist will get dusty with regular use. We didn't abuse this thing, the clip broke in two places (the metal part), oddly the black "mighty paw" in the center of the clip survived, and the black rectangular spring-loaded things kept falling off during our walks. One day I never found him after he fell. I think the tape that makes up the grip is too smooth, if it were more woven it would have a grippier texture, or maybe it would grip better if the tape was silicone instead of hard plastic. Despite this, I still use the clicker. The clicker works without the rest.전체 리뷰보기

mrli pet cockatoo cockatiel lovebirds 로고

Mrli Pet Cockatoo Cockatiel Lovebirds

Toy with a tiny chain and small thin pieces of wood is ideal for parrots and cockatiels. But it's pictured with two macaws and advertised as a "chew toy for macaws, gray cockatoos, budgerigars, budgerigars, lovebirds." The design is so thin that it can never withstand the large beaks of macaws, cockatoos or gray parrots and can even be dangerous to them. Advertised as suitable for large parrots is misleading to say the least which is why it only gets 2 stars.전체 리뷰보기

vilros arduino ultimate starter module 로고

Vilros Arduino Ultimate Starter Module

For each of the 12 schematics showing you how to builds, the brochure contains:* A formal schematic * List of parts used * 3D and 2D schematics showing the completed breadboard/Arduino * Table of components used (e.g. 330 ohm resistor) and layout of the to using breadboard * Brief discussion of the C code used in the IDE * Expected results * Brief section of debugging guidance * A very brief example of a real application We rarely see in a brochure: * Thorough training on electronics, debugging, etc. * Instructions on meaning of the circuit diagram. * Instructions on WHY to use these components. Why is a resistor needed? Why exactly 10 kOhm and not 330 Ohm? If you need a transistor or a capacitor (there are no capacitors in the kit). Note: There is some discussion about pull-up resistors. * Diagram showing how current flows through the breadboard (be sure to read the "How it all connects" section on the Breadboard page - and WHY there isn't one). page numbers?) So if you make a mistake in the diagram, you may have trouble correcting it. If you want to create a new circuit yourself, you probably don't have the knowledge to do it. To be honest there are some lessons learned in the *.ino code provided for each scheme. Not everything is in the prospectus. So you really want to read the C code and comments. There are no quiz questions, no code to fill out or anything like that. It's basically all taken care of for you. There could be a much better explanation of what resistors, transistors, capacitors, diodes, etc. do. If you somehow learn how to make your own circuits, you have them or on YouTube or somewhere else. It includes a "Made in the USA" Arduino (genuine, not cloned, derived or fake I believe) that supports the Arduino communities. It includes a parts list for the entire kit at the beginning of the brochure, so ignore the reviewer who said it's missing. A few sensors that would have been great weren't: * Motion * Humidity * Air Quality You can of course buy them cheap elsewhere and use them with this kit. English is consistently good. 12 schemes: 1. Blinky-like LED blinking.2. Potentiometer (use the dial to change the brightness of the LED) 3. RGB LED4. Multiple LEDs 5. Buttons6. Photoresistor (e.g. to control a night light that gets brighter when it gets dark)7. Temperature sensor (this is not a very accurate sensor) 8. Single servo (which you would use for example to grab objects with robotic arms)9. Summer10. Motor rotation ** Note: Apparently I have a bad motor. My scheme is fully consistent with the book. Tried other parts (diode, 330 ohm resistor, transistor, even wires). The code is loading. I entered various engine RPMs into the serial monitor, which the booklet never mentions as necessary. The engine only hums penetratingly. **eleven. Relay (to switch on and off) 12. Shift register전체 리뷰보기

mklhgty swimming superior adjustable preserver 로고

Mklhgty Swimming Superior Adjustable Preserver

I literally pulled it out of the bag to show my girlfriend that we are finally taking our dog in the kayaks. And the straps snapped. Now I take it with me to sew.전체 리뷰보기

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