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landing perch mirror assorted colors 로고

Landing Perch Mirror Assorted Colors

Easy to carry Cons

My cockatiel loves it and needs a special color (purple and green). Because of this product, I can use it to persuade him. He learned to trust us and fell into our hands because of this product. It's easy to carry. To solve this problem, the perch had to be further away from the transom. The mirror is too short for a cockatiel. My poor guy has to crouch to see himself. The beads can come loose if your bird drags this thing along the ground. I usually remove the beads and some of the wire when he does this. My bird keeps falling with it to fix it. What I mean is that it rotates the mirror so it can be moved around. (He's so smart. :) ) But that's why, and maybe not only because of that, the perch part is separate from the mirror part. Sometimes I see him with everything in the cage. In fact, I cut myself and bled trying to put the mirror back in place. If there is a way to make the plastic handles grip the perch better I would love this product. The fact is that birds are smart and when they are bored they can use the product in different ways. Entrepreneurs should be aware of this.전체 리뷰보기

soaringfeel breathable reflective adjustable largemediumsmall 로고

SOARINGFEEL Breathable Reflective Adjustable LargeMediumSmall

Heat protection

Our Pitty needs to be moved a lot. And in the summer Hera, it can be difficult to get him outside. You give him the protection he needs. They are cold to us too.전체 리뷰보기

caldigit connect 10g thunderbolt ethernet 로고

CalDigit Connect 10G Thunderbolt Ethernet

Working non-PXE NIC

I have to flag this adapter because there is no statement on their website or Amazon page that this device does not support PXE boot (FYI their docking stations are too unsupported). ). For those unfamiliar with the term, PXE is short for Preboot Execution Environment. This allows you to boot into the NIC before the operating system loads and you can install the operating system from the NIC. I contacted CalDigit about PXE support and they replied that they don't support it and that they have no plans to support it in the future. I started a project to convert my 1GBE environment to a 10GBE environment for imaging computers. Luckily this is a small environment and I only bought 4 of these CalDigit NICS. The NIC on the MDT server works fine as it doesn't need a preboot environment, but the other 3 connecting to the clients need to be used for a different purpose.전체 리뷰보기

backbone crocodile leather carrier brown 로고

Backbone Crocodile Leather Carrier Brown

Good quality

I liked this tote bag but had to return it as I didn't measure the size needed. My dog is very small (4 pounds). If I had a bigger dog I would let him! Very nice and varied!전체 리뷰보기

pet shock mat training indicator 로고

Pet Shock Mat Training Indicator

This variant of the ray mat goes as far as this. I have a very annoying cat who likes to cuddle a lot to win your favor, then his insistence is unbearable. I've learned a lot from my cat because I'm still amazed by his curiosity and drive and willpower. He always had a problem scratching the door (thank god he got his claws removed when he was a kitten). I know, I know declawing a cat is a sin. I descratched it because I stayed in my parents' camper and it scratched the carpet and camper carpets are expensive so I descratched it so we wouldn't have a problem replacing it. He is a domestic cat. Fast forward to my wedding. My husband says he's not a cat person but every time he comes home he calls Robin and hugs him and says well done kitty mom liked you today. (Shh don't tell him I told you to make him think he's supporting his own (I DON'T LIKE CATS in public)) Anyway, we have a kitten because we're in a one bedroom apartment and he seemed very depressed. she's fine, but they play with each other. Needless to say the 'friction' on Robin's door has reached an unbearable level since he stopped scratching because we decided to keep the door closed for the night after my surgery to allow me to recover and we liked it . We let them in during the day because we love to cuddle with our cats. But at night we like our sound sleep. Sorry to be incoherent, but that's all part of the story. I never believed in shockers because they can short out and of course rarely, but it can cause health problems in pets. (I have thyroid and heart issues.) I get it if we do this to animals. Therefore, this mat is more humane for me. I'm going to do a YouTube series to help people decide. I can already say that this mat will work. I set it up next to our bedroom door, turned it down to the lowest setting and locked both cats in front of the door. I love the fact that they have to touch two wires at once to get hit. Now we have Robin, a kitten who is already in heat for the first time. she is already a year old. So not kitty, kitty, we're comfortable using the mat. Robin was at the door after I closed it and was electrocuted twice. It only allows you to charge for ten seconds. So, on the lowest settings, he felt it. he wasn't near the door after being electrocuted. we'll see what happens to the current when we enter the bedroom tonight. He's gotten better since we've been consistent. We lock the door at 7pm every night so we can go to the bedroom and not have to fight cats to get out of the bedroom when we decide to go to bed. Then the door opens at 6 a.m. when my husband gets up in the morning and goes to work. (PHew) Sorry it took so long but I wanted to let you know what our issue was for people who are having the same issue. comes boxed. and thus annoying creatures will not leave the carpet.전체 리뷰보기

alvins cables coaxial neutrik camera 로고

Alvins Cables Coaxial Neutrik Camera

These cables and connectors are not 12G SDI. You can find the connector and cable model number and it is 3G SDI rated only. Don't buy them for Red Komodo. You will fry your SDI port.전체 리뷰보기

bwogue costume halloween costumes pumpkin 로고

BWOGUE Costume Halloween Costumes Pumpkin

The cat suffered for the photo and made me laugh. It would have been nice if the hat wasn't flat so you could get it on properly, but other than that I liked my purchase.전체 리뷰보기

clicker training diyife wrist behavioral 로고

Clicker Training Diyife Wrist Behavioral

Great product

This is a great product and value for money! I like the elastic wrist strap. The training is going great. I highly recommend!전체 리뷰보기

neewer 7 inch 1280x800 screen monitor 로고

Neewer 7 Inch 1280X800 Screen Monitor

I sincerely regret that I did not photograph this product when it arrived. All components were randomly thrown into a very worn Neewer box with the previous seals clearly clipped. In particular, the monitor was in the box with no seals or packaging material and no screen protector. Not even a removable foil. Additionally, there were a few seemingly random cold-shoe mounts that simply rolled across the top of the screen, causing minor scratches. I hooked it up to my camera because at first I wanted to ignore these issues and the monitor was bright and had a pretty good picture (hence my 2 star rating instead of 1) but ultimately the condition it was received made up for it Pros in the shade and finally asked for a refund so I could go with another seller to get this monitor. I hope the one who comes to me unharmed. I also notice that in this configuration everything seemed second hand. It is possible that this was not the case and had slight damage during transport or production, but everything that came in real packaging (and not just a box) came in torn plastic already opened, and they gave me a bunch of small accessories . It makes no sense for the included bracket. I mean, normally I would consider it a bonus, but the fact that they scrolled across my screen? . No thank you. Overall I'm rather disappointed with the kit. I think the monitor would be perfect for my needs, my only regret is buying it with the extra junk that ruined the whole deal.전체 리뷰보기

parisian pet police dog t shirt 로고

Parisian Pet Police Dog T Shirt

This is a quality shirt with an embroidered message, not just a print. I bought them as a surprise for two of my relatives' dogs. I always find the size to be an estimate, but especially since there were no dogs before me and I had to guess from previous measurements. The grey/white dog is size XL and fits perfectly. It's stretchy enough to slip on easily, but not enough to hold its shape when worn. The gray and white dog is a Shih Tzu and Poodle mix, weighs about 20 pounds, has a 20 inch chest and a 13 inch chest. Collar A small black dog (Shih Tzu) got the size Large. He weighs about 11 pounds, has a 17-18 inch chest and wears a 13 inch collar. Both fit perfectly and look so cute.전체 리뷰보기

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