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skechers boys guzman steps slip boys' shoes 로고

Skechers Boys Guzman Steps Slip Boys' Shoes

Hard on the toes.

First they were big and wide. But even if they fit, they don't feel comfortable. The top of the boot, where the hole is located, is made of a very hard rubber material. It looks like it could rub against the top of the child's foot, which could cause irritation and possible injury to the child's foot. I do not recommend. Thank you Revane for bringing her back. I wish they were different, cute styles.전체 리뷰보기

florsheim potenza loafer cognac medium boys' shoes 로고

Florsheim Potenza Loafer Cognac Medium Boys' Shoes

Good leather shoes!

These shoes are very well made. Unfortunately they didn't fit my son. I ordered one size too small and one size too big. I had to send them back. I'll buy again another time.전체 리뷰보기

mallary matthew cotton briefs underwear boys' clothing in underwear 로고

Mallary Matthew Cotton Briefs Underwear Boys' Clothing in Underwear

I would say the quality matches the price but honestly when it comes to things kids will be wearing every day for several months. However, they were on sale and I tried them - my son liked them so much I ordered a second set! These are your traditional skinny pants, but they fit really well. Half of them have drawings, the rest are blank. I don't know why this particular design was chosen because your kid either loves police cars or he doesn't. lol at least my kid is consistent. But they are so good that I bought a second pack even though they aren't all printed with cool cars. I have washed them many times and they have kept their shape and size. I ordered a size 8 which is just right for my tall 4.5 year old. Just in time for the freer side. I'm sure we will order again when it's grown up :)전체 리뷰보기

hanilav graphic sweatshirts pullover hoodies boys' clothing for fashion hoodies & sweatshirts 로고

HaniLav Graphic Sweatshirts Pullover Hoodies Boys' Clothing for Fashion Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Slightly large as expected but great for layering. I like the material, it's thin and silky. My kids and their friends loved their matching sweaters so much that when we got home from the cabin trip we got even more!전체 리뷰보기

under armour hybrid t shirt x large boys' clothing in active 로고

Under Armour Hybrid T Shirt X Large Boys' Clothing in Active

I bought this shirt along with other types of UNDERARMOR dry fit clothing for my son who is 12.5 years old but is quite tall and thin. I bought it in size XL (14-16) in this color and another color. They are still tight and short in the waist and won't last through the summer as they are smaller than other styles I've bought which fit perfectly. What a disappointment. :-(XL is between medium and large for other UA T-shirts, so I recommend going up a size.전체 리뷰보기

dickies flexwaist front short silver boys' clothing in shorts 로고

Dickies Flexwaist Front Short Silver Boys' Clothing in Shorts

Great offer!

I ordered two pairs of these things so my sons can go shopping for school. These pants are a bit tight because my son is a husky. If you have a skinny kid, this item will suit you better. The quality is excellent, I expected it to last a long time. If this company sells this product for more huskies I would buy back from this company.전체 리뷰보기

blackrapid breathe harness tethers included camera & photo 로고

BlackRapid Breathe Harness Tethers Included Camera & Photo

love this product!

I am a full-time photographer. I often shoot with 2 cameras. I had an aftermarket neck strap for both cameras. After spinning for a little over an hour, my neck would often twist out and I had to see a chiropractor. My FIL told me about this double camera strap. I really love it! It can be used as a single band or as a double band. This helps distribute the weight of the camera and lenses from the back of the neck. I wish I had bought this years ago! If you are wondering if you should buy this product, the answer is yes! It was worth every penny!전체 리뷰보기

pilots pocket handbook calculations checklists 로고

Pilots Pocket Handbook Calculations Checklists


I thought about this book, the little brother of The Rules of Thumb, every day as I prepare for my PPL. Even if I'm reading from scratch, I'll refer to these two little paperbacks. I'm wearing a navy blue G-1, and as you know, it has a holster. This is where I keep these two books when I leave the house. I take them with me everywhere. They have been of great help by providing me with a quick reference when I am stuck in an in-depth research or by prompting me to do further research on a specific topic. What would become of the flight students without Art Parma?전체 리뷰보기

mbodm desktop macboook computer smartphone 로고

MBODM Desktop Macboook Computer Smartphone

Not worth the price

Too expensive for this quality product. It holds up well and is thin, which is actually a good thing. However, a small part of the slider is too wide. I had to be too careful with the placement of the product to make sure the retractable part didn't cover the chamber when I really want it open.전체 리뷰보기

pullover outfits little sleeve sweatshirt 로고

Pullover Outfits Little Sleeve Sweatshirt

So pretty!

They are adorable and very comfortable. They will suit her for a long time, which is so beautiful. My baby is hot, she is cool and comfortable in it. I recommend buying a special bag for washing as like most silk fabrics they will curl up instantly.전체 리뷰보기

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