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Identity and Access Management

The best thing is that it's very user friendly, I like how easy to use this software is for everyone, even if you have no technical skills at all. It has many features but nothing i dislike too much about it, its perfect just as it is. Nothing so far. This product does not fail me yet. I would recommend using because of its perfect features and ease of use. We can now manage our users more efficiently than before with this software,it allows us to access information from anywhere we are at anytime without having any problems. 전체 리뷰보기

nurtureit 로고


I love that this software is so simple to use! It's also very clear about what you should be doing in order improve efficiency - which makes it easy when training other departments as well (HR etc). The only thing i dislike slightly at times with nurtureIt IT have been working really hard trying new things out but sometimes there are glitches or changes can't implement easily within our system because they keep changing them all of sudden without notice beforehand.. But overall great product would highly recommend anyone looking into something like nurturing products who want some good features from any recruiting platform will find these right up their alley :D.전체 리뷰보기

leashboss long trainer training storage 로고

Leashboss Long Trainer Training Storage

An absolute must!

The leash arrived on time, checked for defects that weren't there. The second I put it on my 4 year old husky and he realized how long it was taking he suddenly seemed to hear "The Sound of Music" he was jumping around like a springbok because he was feeling so much freedom gave him. If like me you can't get to a dog park, this is by far the best option. Leashboss turns a simple run into a fun pastime that unleashes tons of energy for your dog but next to nothing for you, that's a win, a win in my book. Not saying I can't do this exercise, just saying I don't want to lol. Always stay more than 30 feet from the road or any obstacle you are trying to avoid. You can actually have good traction, but why do you know the risk? Then slowly let the dog master the entire length of the leash, it will quickly reach its maximum limit. It's also a very good idea to buy a good pair of leather gloves (or equivalent) if you need to brake quickly when another dog suddenly appears. The speed at which even a small dog can walk 20 to 30 feet can knock you down or dislocate your shoulder if you're not careful. So get in the habit of picking up the slack when your dog is around and letting go when he needs it. To loop and clip the leash instead of just holding it by our fingers, those of us with larger dogs know how important this is. I have seen too many dogs, all small by the way, running down the street with a flapping leash because the owner was giving the dog too much play and was unprepared for the strength required to stop a running dog and lose his handle on the device. It's also the perfect way to test if your dog is doing as they're told when given the freedom to disobey without having to chase and catch them. Can't say enough about this leash, good construction and the best training tool I've ever used.전체 리뷰보기

hijiao controllers accessories waterproof shockproof 로고

HIJIAO Controllers Accessories Waterproof Shockproof

I chose this case because based on various reviews I wasn't sure if the official Oculus case would fit me. I liked the color options and after a little over a week I'm happy with my choice. Inside the case are cutouts for the headset and controllers, as well as a hole for a strap (which I don't have, so I use that space for cables). I have literally no complaints about the product itself, the only thing I don't like about it and why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is the very strong plastic smell it gives off. I tried leaving it open and using the dryer but the smell is really overpowering. When I first got it, it even switched to the headset itself, but settles down after a while. I would like this to be fixed in future versions.전체 리뷰보기

flashlight portable ultraviolet detector batteries 로고

Flashlight Portable Ultraviolet Detector Batteries

I bought two of these for scorpion hunting, they work great (scorpions) glow neon even when the batteries are low. However, I had problems with the flash flickering after a few uses. I shook it, slapped it and tapped it on a hard surface to get it to work but to no avail, it just stopped. So I removed the end of the LED and noticed that the LED board was loose. So I took a punch and a hammer and tapped the two holes in the aluminum ring and tightened them. Viola works great now! I would have given 5 stars but I had to fix both. Oh and mine looks like pet pee and it looks more like after we removed the port wine stain from the carpet the stain can still be seen in the light. OR if, for example, the neighbor's cat comes and sprays our car or motorbike, I can see the stains perfectly at night. It gets quite warm with new batteries, but not warm enough to hold in my hands. Edit: The company contacted me to return it or fix the situation without any action on my part, thanks to them. It looks like the ring is threaded. Mine is bent now but I would try just twisting the aluminum ring and see if it can be tightened. Gave them another star for that. They even accepted my suggestion to tighten the lock or something to keep the ring from loosening and contacted the engineering department.전체 리뷰보기

zunea pavement breathable adjustable protector 로고

Zunea Pavement Breathable Adjustable Protector

Cinderella Ella is very happy. She had never owned shoes before, but fell in love with them immediately. She is the oldest girl of 8 years. We received these shoes today. It took Cinderella about 3 minutes to stop the high steps and start running. She took them outside. (Today was the first day of the year with a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.) She loved it. Ash ran and ran and ran. She is so playful when wearing them. My only concern is that she will wear them out too quickly. You see, Zola's favorite pastime is shoveling sand. With shoes she can really make sand fly. So yes, they do show signs of wear on the white vinyl after just an hour of use. Rschunimagu. I never thought I could make her wear them! Oh, the shoes are airy and light. Perfect for our hot climate! The soles made of thin, flexible rubber perfectly protect their delicate paws from burns. They were pretty easy to put on Zola. However, all dogs are different.전체 리뷰보기

abaxaca dog personalizedl stainless training 로고

Abaxaca Dog Personalizedl Stainless Training

Nice steel chain collar true to size and my other dog can't chew it off. But the "loop" hole on the tag/leash is so small that "a large dog leash clip will not fit. And after I added a thin ring for the token, it got pretty small! Can be suitable for the smallest leash for very small dogs. But for a Golden or Lab sized dog, the collar needs to have a suitable steel ring big enough to secure the tag and leash! Visiting Home Depot looking for a 1 inch steel ring?전체 리뷰보기

pedgot sweaters footprints patterns breathable 로고

Pedgot Sweaters Footprints Patterns Breathable

Looks great!

This is great, we have ordered a medium for our future bulldog puppy #2 assuming she will be around 15lbs by 8 weeks. First we took our big pup (mastiff aged 8 weeks weighing 23lbs) tried on this sweatshirt for fun and put it on but she was too small for this big girl, she needed a big one. I think it will be perfect for our bulldog puppy that the purchase is for.전체 리뷰보기

country living cricket insects crystals 로고

Country Living Cricket Insects Crystals

I use them in my colonies in Dubai! Teens tend to like to crawl under and live under the space between the bowl/lid and the small ledge in my Rubbermaid trash cans.전체 리뷰보기

training including protection agitation controlling 로고

Training Including Protection Agitation Controlling

Poor quality

Very cheap material, dog makes holes in minutes, don't waste your money, used with a dog that never bit. Bite work with this product전체 리뷰보기

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