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cerythrina cartoon slippers outdoor children boys' shoes and clogs & mules 로고

CERYTHRINA Cartoon Slippers Outdoor Children Boys' Shoes and Clogs & Mules

Great product! Good material is very durable. The graphics are very detailed. Very good packaging! Great customer service, my daughter was having a growth spurt so I asked to return her for a larger size. They send me a new pair for free and let me keep the smaller one as a gift. They also replied very quickly, I definitely recommend working with this company and buying their products전체 리뷰보기

mud kingdom fashion toddler elastic boys' clothing 로고

Mud Kingdom Fashion Toddler Elastic Boys' Clothing

Poor build quality

Cute and very comfortable fleece lined pants but lacks durability. After a day the waist cord was so worn it became unusable, I just removed it. After a wash, the lining and outer fabric have completely slipped, they bunch up very quickly and become uncomfortable. Some seams are already coming undone. I was really hoping they were cute, but since all baby pants cost the same, you might want to try something different.전체 리뷰보기

unacoo cotton crew neck short sleeve jersey boys' clothing for tops, tees & shirts 로고

UNACOO Cotton Crew Neck Short Sleeve Jersey Boys' Clothing for Tops, Tees & Shirts

Oversized shirts

These shirts are too oversized for my 9 year old niece who is almost 10 years old. She is a medium sized girl. The white shirt shows through. The shirts do not have a label on the back to indicate which side is front/back, so it is very difficult to put them on correctly. The sleeves are too short for a boy to wear as they look like a longer version of the cap sleeves. The shirt has a very feminine cut, but the width of the shirt is very masculine. This shirt might be the best for a husky girl. But I wouldn't buy it for your sons. The blue color of the set "black/blue/white" is lighter than the product photos, it looks smaller,전체 리뷰보기

xcfs diamond antique vintage patterns 로고

XCFS Diamond Antique Vintage Patterns

The item was delivered within a few days in perfect condition and on time. It looks the same as in the photos. It has a good weight and is very beautiful up close. The size also seems to fit. All round good value for money.전체 리뷰보기

deluxe catholic saint benedict bracelet 로고

Deluxe Catholic Saint Benedict Bracelet

I love this bracelet! want to get more I ordered Edthe White and it came out a little dirty, just like I expected. The ends dangle too much for patient care (infection control issue) so I'll have to find something else for that, but I still love it!전체 리뷰보기

yilaku piece suspender outfit sleeve boys' clothing 로고

Yilaku Piece Suspender Outfit Sleeve Boys' Clothing

Definitely UP size!

Great value but I definitely recommend ordering a size up. My son is 5 1/2 so I bought a size 5/6. While the shirt fitted perfectly, the pants were very short. I also didn't like that the adorable butterfly was black instead of navy to match the set. Ultimately I didn't care as I thought it didn't show that much in the photos and if it did then at least it matched my son's boots! Pants so there is no chance of shrinkage. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase.전체 리뷰보기

godson godmother personalized engraved birthday 로고

Godson Godmother Personalized Engraved Birthday

One thing I've learned during the pandemic is that it's always good to let someone know how you're feeling. I also believe that children of all ages should receive positive messages. Bought several pieces for different family members. I hope they appreciate them and always know that I love them unconditionally.전체 리뷰보기

slippers cartoon rocket household toddler boys' shoes and slippers 로고

Slippers Cartoon Rocket Household Toddler Boys' Shoes and Slippers

Update: The seller contacted me and offered me a new pair of slippers for free. Fantastic customer service, highly recommend! Original Review: I love the softness, warmth and pattern of these slippers! They fit great and don't slip. The reason I gave 2 stars is because my son has only worn it once (and only inside) and the stitching or words have already unraveled. I would have contacted the seller before leaving feedback but couldn't find a way. It's a shame because otherwise they're great!전체 리뷰보기

disney mk1240 silver tone watch rubber 로고

Disney MK1240 Silver Tone Watch Rubber

beautiful metal gift box which looks sturdy; However, the glass face shattered the second time they carried the baby (and nothing they did was with much force on the face). The worst is that it is very sharp glass, very dangerous. I took a picture (with clear plastic tape over it so it doesn't spread around the house, but even then the kid can't wear it anymore as it's still visible through the tape).전체 리뷰보기

childrens place sleeve striped 3 pack 로고

Childrens Place Sleeve Striped 3 Pack

One size smaller! Bought 7/8 and 10/12 for my 3 boys. My skinny 10 year old needs 7/8 which I bought for my 7 year old lol. And my chunky tall 8 year old who normally wears 10/12 had to roll up his sleeves and he was baggy. BUT it held up well in the wash and didn't shrink too much. And they look great so they take some time to get used to as they have space.전체 리뷰보기

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