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The integration between our two platforms was seamless! They have built out their capabilities such as scheduling, performance management etc so well it's made life easier in all aspects - from onboarding new employees through promotions & appraisals right up until retirement planning!! There are no downsides I can think about except maybe there aren't any features we need now but if they were added later then perhaps those would be good too :) Give them some time though because things take longer than you expect sometimes due to how busy everyone keeps getting haha! Great team who listen very carefully when asked questions which makes communication easy especially via phone or email (we're located overseas). We've been able solve problems quickly using tools like Zapier where needed instead having go back into emails/docs ourselves. This has saved us loads of admin hours over previous manual processes used. 전체 리뷰보기

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ASUS ZenWiFi AX Whole Home Tri Band Networking Products

Unreliable, buggy

Summary: I read some Meshed Wi-Fi system reviews before deciding on this ASUS XT8 two-box system. Many "expert" ratings are of little help in hindsight. They tend to focus on data rate and signal strength, which, while important, are by no means the only criteria that determine utility. I would argue that uptime and reliable uninterrupted connections with multiple devices that move frequently are probably more important to most people. I am returning this item as it failed miserably according to my criteria. Details: I have a fairly large two story house. For several years, the Apple AirPort Extreme/Time Capsule has served my Wi-Fi needs well, although signal strength is weak at the furthest distances from the AirPort. My network should have 3-4 laptops, a desktop computer and some cell phones. My ISP is Suddenlink and my internet connection is 200Mbps (I live in Flagstaff, Arizona). Here are the issues I've encountered, in no particular order. 1. ASUS is not working well with my ISP. For example, advertised download speeds with two different apps are much slower than with an AirPort connection. In some cases, Speedtest incorrectly states that I am not connected to the internet. Perhaps I should have been concerned when the quick start guide told me to plug one end of an ethernet cable into the hub's WAN port and the other end into my "optical" modem's port. The? Optical modem? Not in my part of the world.2. My newest laptop frequently loses its Wi-Fi connection and takes a long time to reconnect. This can happen even if the laptop is close to a hub or node.3. No matter where I placed the node - even near a hub - the mobile app used for network administration (ASUS router) always reported that the node had a WEAK connection (and yes, it was written in all caps written). This was the case even when the reported numerical signal level was -11dBm (an extremely strong signal from what I've read). I allow remote login between some computers on my network. This means I can use Carbon Copy Cloner to do nightly backups of my wife's laptop (used for her work) to an external drive connected to my desktop computer. ASUS broke this backup over the network.5. Speaking of the mobile application used to configure and monitor the network, it also contains bugs. For example, my desktop didn't appear as a connected device even though it was clearly connected. (And yes, I know how to force the application to refresh the list of connected devices.) 6. In order to use some of the "features" advertised by ASUS like AiProtection, Adaptive QoS, etc., you have to agree to the transfer of data to a third party, Trent Micro. (However, it seems possible to stop the sharing afterwards by using the web browser GUI for the router). So it was a very frustrating and disappointing experience.전체 리뷰보기

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San Francisco Bay Brand 3 6 Ounce

I really loved this product with all its good ingredients for my bearded dragons but it doesn't touch anything but the green. He's not a picky eater (except for carrots) and LOVES his veggies so I was nuts! It goes through like crazy with other brands of freeze dried veg/fruit/insects and with that you get a pretty decent amount of food for the price in a nice airtight container. Well, maybe I'll donate it.전체 리뷰보기

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Llmiin Communication Recording Personalized Answering

Firstly it is a set of 5 different colors. Each one requires 2 AAA batteries (yes!) Recording audio is very easy. You hold until he beeps, (HOLD HOLD) say your word and let go. It beeps twice to confirm. Did! Click more to try it. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was that it would be nice to have a switch that blocks recording. We've only had this a few days and our dog is already PRESSING LONG and not writing beyond our intended word. It would be nice if you could make it so the dog can't override you. Otherwise the sound quality is good and easy to use!전체 리뷰보기

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Reptile Light Turtle Bearded Dragon

Okay, I've tried a few of these new UV LED lights to make sure they're real. It has UV output; Tested with Solarmeter 6.2, results below and in pictures. It doesn't heat up; the temperature of the actual lamp after 10 minutes (allowing the lamp to fully warm up and give an accurate UV reading) was only 88°F. UV values: @ 2": 34 µW/cm² @ 3": 22 µW/cm² @ 4": 18 µW/cm² @ 5": 13 µW/cm² Since most tropical reptiles need 13-30 µW/cm² cm² are recommended for a bathing area, I would say that this lamp can do that. This may not be suitable for some arboreal reptiles that require a tall cage. UV does not penetrate very far. I also wouldn't recommend it for desert animals or those that need high levels of UV exposure, like bearded dragons or turtles; Unless you buy a lot of these to cover most of their aviary and keep the bulbs within 2 to 3 inches of the animal, they probably won't be getting enough UV exposure for vitamin D synthesis.전체 리뷰보기

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Capetsma Salinity Hydrometer Saltwater Freshwater

I bought this cheap and easy to use device for my carp pond. I wanted to keep it under 6 ppt. I followed the salt recommendations but decided that after adding 2 cups to my 2500 gallon pond (so very little) I would measure it along the way to be sure. I didn't expect it to be 6 ppt already. I'm freaking out! I went to the aquarium shop to have them check the salinity with their fancy devices. I her test came up with zero. Relieved but irritated. This thing is completely useless to me.전체 리뷰보기

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BNYEE Reptile Heating Terrarium Heater

The perfect amount of heat to partially bury in my turtle tank. He often sleeps next to him. It also suits his decor - he always tried to eat all the artificial plants, so we replaced it with various decorative rocks, a small cave and a temple, and the heated rock goes perfectly with it!전체 리뷰보기

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AUSTOR Protective Carrying Case Nintendo

I bought this product for my 2ds console - New Nintendo 2DS. I have nothing against this case except that the game bags are too small for my old Ds games and definitely won't fit in multiple 3DS game slots as they are too tightly squeezed. I only use it for my old games and one game on the right side of the pockets as that's the only place my 3D games don't bump into each other as they have a little edge that sticks to the cartridge. Another issue is that the game pouch flaps are sewn to the top of the case for easier access, rather than the center lining, so the flaps don't flex or fold back when I'm trying to grab a game. I give this case 2 stars. While durable and suitable for travel, I wouldn't recommend this case for long unless you like it.전체 리뷰보기

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Knox Vinyl Record Cleaner Spin

Seems to work well for cleaning vinyl records. I found that when the record was removed, the cleaning pads sometimes slipped out with the record. Also, I had to rinse the records with distilled water before putting them in the dryer to dry to get the best possible sound. The design is pleasant, the dryer can be stored in the body of the washing machine itself. Lid included, box is stable. I kept everything in the box when not in use. EDIT: Wanted to clarify my process that gave me the best sound. 1. Clean the records according to the instructions provided with the box by placing them on a rack to dry temporarily.2. Empty the drip tray, rinsing tray and cleaning pads, replace everything and fill ONLY with distilled water.3. Pass each record through the cleaner again, but this time you only need to rotate each record twice in each direction.4. Put the record back on the dryer without wiping it. The distilled water evaporates leaving no residue/minerals.5. Drying time will vary depending on humidity/temperature but I find two hours is enough for me. As always, use an anti-static brush to dust the record before lowering the stylus. Enjoy your pure sound! Other Thoughts: *I found a distilled rinse method online after using this product without it and experiencing crackling/static that wasn't there before. To the best of my knowledge, it does two things: it washes away any remaining cleaning agents from the record, and it removes any build-up of static electricity that may have occurred when the record was first wiped with a microfiber cloth.* The manual states that 40 recordings can be purged per session. . This is optimistic depending on how messy your records are. With used records in good to very good condition, I was able to clean about 10-15 records before the basin was visibly dirty. Stop when the container is visibly dirty.* Depending on the thickness of the record, the record will be easier or harder to spin in the cleaner. It doesn't seem to affect the finished product in any way.* It's good to have an extra microfiber or two. Replace when saturated.전체 리뷰보기

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MYJK Professional Headphone Headset 1 Installing

Not bad, although at the moment it's the only option for closed-back headphones. I'm an audio engineer so this review is from a practical point of view but with an understanding of what really good sound can be. Currently this is the only option I could find for closed-back headphones for the Rift. SI wanted them so I could stream with my external mic for better mic sound without the external mic picking up bleed from open-backed headphones. This is why mods that mount the Koss Porta-Pro driver kit are more common, they won't work for me as they are open at the back. These headphones sound good, but not as good as the Porta-Pro. If sound quality is your primary concern, I would go with one of the Porta-Pro mounts. If you need soundproofing but still want to put the headset on and off, this is a good choice. They are comfortable and insulate well. . The mount has gentle spring pressure to keep it close to your ears without pressing too hard. The position adjustment is forward/backward and up/down, but has no rotary adjustment of the angle of the driver cups. That would be one of the improvements I would like to see. But they fit and work well, isolating sound even from a mic less than 8 inches from my face.전체 리뷰보기

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