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Mumba Cloud

The best thing about Mumba Cloud is the ability to access the applications from anywhere. Mumba Cloud is very good at keeping all the applications up to date and secure. It is also very easy to use. The only thing I don't like about Mumba Cloud is the cost of the subscription. I would recommend Mumba Cloud to anyone who is looking for a very good and secure application that allows the users to access the application from anywhere. Accessing the applications from anywhere and keeping them updated and secure. 전체 리뷰보기

mogoko christmas fleece sweater weather 로고

Mogoko Christmas Fleece Sweater Weather

I like it on my cat! She's not a fan though. Lol The belly part doesn't quite fit, but it's ok. She still looks sooooo adorable in it.전체 리뷰보기

petfavorites crystal necklace rhinestones chihuahua 로고

PetFavorites Crystal Necklace Rhinestones Chihuahua

Great purchase!

I really like this collar, the beaded part stretches but not enough to break. Live even better. My dog is very active and keeps up with her. She was bathed when we forgot to take her off and she didn't fade. All in all, this is a stunning choker/necklace that is worth every penny!전체 리뷰보기

pack seachem reef phytoplankton 16 9 로고

Pack Seachem Reef Phytoplankton 16 9

The photo clearly shows (2) 500ml bottles but received (2) 250- ml bottles. Called Revain and they took the Xarenof question. Not a good deal for two small bottles when they are two large bottles.전체 리뷰보기

silver collar stainless kitten choker 로고

Silver Collar Stainless Kitten Choker

I thought it would fit my little chihuahua girl. Well, I was wrong! This is too little. So, with the exception of the bell of course, I wear it as a bracelet. And it's not as thick as it looks in the promotional pictures. But it looks good and looks like silver.전체 리뷰보기

coralife led biocube replacement canopy 로고

Coralife LED BioCube Replacement Canopy

After reading the reviews I realized that this really is a 50/50 match. It's not a perfect fit. Nevertheless, she fits. It sits on top but there are a few small gaps. This shows it's tied to what I believe is the regular hood it replaces. The Oceanic hood has two hinges but only for the back cover, the hood itself is one piece. Thus, the hinges on the new hood remained unusable. I routed the cords through the hole in the back of the hood and it worked decently enough. I needed a lens hood replacement. This one came pretty close. It's lighter, has a timer (which was easy to install) and new LED lighting. I'll live with a few small gaps. Looks damn good.전체 리뷰보기

tilley outdoor hat navy 7 625 dogs 로고

Tilley Outdoor Hat Navy 7 625 Dogs

As I own eight other Tilley caps, all cotton, this duck is a little different for me. I like this one a lot, as do all the other Tilley hats. It fits just like the others and the chin strap works really well. Yes, the color is real red and not some weird shade of it. This hat is very light. I find this material to be good at keeping out rain and snow, although I haven't tried it in these conditions. Just two things, neither good nor bad, just my personal preference. I would have liked this hat to be as heavy as my cotton duck hats and would have liked it better if the price was twenty dollars less.전체 리뷰보기

farrier shoeing kit southwestern equine 로고

Farrier Shoeing Kit Southwestern Equine

The pliers do not jam. My farrier said they are better for removing shoes than trimming hooves. The handle does not rest on the rasp. I contacted the company and they were nice enough but they wanted me to email them pictures but they kept deleting the email address. Remember you get what you pay for, especially in this case. They were cheap in every sense of the word.전체 리뷰보기

lordddon adjustable prevention advanced natural 로고

LORDDDON Adjustable Prevention Advanced Natural

This flea collar is great, the collar has no chemical smell. I love the adjustable collar design, I think it's safer for my cats and they don't even mind wearing it. The tin the collar comes in is so difficult to open that I had to pry off the side of the tin with a flathead screwdriver, almost ripping off a piece of skin in the process. TO UPDATE! I changed my 4 star rating to 3 because something happened to the flea collars last night. I bought 2 flea collars for my cats in early October 2019. One of the features in the description was that these collars offer 8 months of protection. NOT CORRECT. I'm updating my review because I think all of this is something you should know before you spend $36 on a flea collar for your furry little one. Last night I noticed that my cats had their collars removed. They broke off! Well I can't put them back on because they broke in half! I'm so mad it's only been 4 months! I hope this helps any solution. I wouldn't buy them if I were you.전체 리뷰보기

vaude rucksack backpacks boulder size dogs 로고

VAUDE Rucksack Backpacks Boulder Size Dogs

This is well built and does what it says on the tin. It supports the frame backpack but has no weight. It's a small backpack but just what I need for day trips. Very comfortable, easily adjustable in the right way and has many features (like running straps) not found in other more expensive backpacks. The back and belt ventilation are top notch. You may not need a waist belt. Time, but he fills up and cleans up! The built in outer jacket filler is more useful than I expected. The molded backplate just works. Simple, simple solution.전체 리뷰보기

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