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Basic Attention Token

I'm a big fan of Brave Browser and I love that they made the earning of BAT possible while still preserving privacy. I'm only a bit annoyed that there are such high withdrawal limits, as it'll take me quite a long time just to be able to transfer it over to a wallet. Not to mention, Brave is inconsistent much of the time with giving out rewards. I think BAT is the first iteration of something we'll be seeing more of on the internet, rewarding users for having ads shown to them. I hope they start to make it easier to withdraw and house your earnings with utmost privacy, instead of having to connect to exchanges like Uphold.전체 리뷰보기

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The Motley Fool

I was introduced to the Motley Fool via the premium investment research. I was always pleased with the quality of research and they have a surprising track record net/net. As for the rest of the Fool, I can't say I'm in love. The free articles are mostly clickbait and seem to be churned out so quickly just to get a result on Google, which leaves many of them bereft of much useful new information. There are some great contributors to the Motley Fool, some who I follow on Twitter too, that I definitely enjoy, but the best parts of Motley Fool are lost on people who only see the clickbait. The only reason I give this 3 stars is because, although I'm no longer subscribed, I liked the Premium research. I think of Fool wants to survive they're going to have to overhaul how they do things quite a bit.전체 리뷰보기

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I work in finance and am a big fan of Bloomberg as one of my main sources for news. They've got a bit an information advantage over others, since of course that's the bread and butter of the business with the Bloomberg Terminal. At work we always had some kind of financial news network on 24/7, and CNBC is absolutely insufferable to be listening to all day. Tuning into Bloomberg sometimes is nice because they'll bring on experts and conduct fairly informative interviews. I'm always pleasantly surprised when someone I know from Twitter ends up being interviewed! I also love some of the podcasts on their network, particularly Odd Lots! It's very refreshing hearing the hosts deep dive into the inside baseball of different areas in Finance. Big fan of Bloomberg, but that said, one must keep their guards up with all consumption of mass media. In the early 2010's it leaked that they allegedly gave bonuses to staff writers whose stories moved markets. It may not be as explicit now, but always be aware/skeptical of this with Financial Media particularly. 전체 리뷰보기

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I'm a big fan of Algorand so far. I'd initially heard about it via Coinbase Earn, and was delighted to find a growing community of enthusiasts. Transactions take less than 5 seconds and the fees are ridiculously low (<1-2 cents). The AlgorandNFT community is blossoming as well, it's incredibly easy and cheap for anyone to mint their own NFT on Algorand, so I've been having fun in the subreddit! They've got a rockstar founding team with a very bright future. Everyone is searching for the next Proof of Stake crypto and this has got to be my favorite project. It started only in 2019 so it's exciting to be here for the early stages of it. Looking forward to seeing where it goes!전체 리뷰보기

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