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Hello everyone, today I will write to you about the Bityard exchange, which I have been researching for a long time. Bityard has been working hard since 2019 to create a safe and comfortable trading environment for people. I can say this not only because of what has been written about the stock market, but also as the result of my own research. I really appreciate that such excellent steps have been taken by the stock market. The security system, trading system and ease of use of the stock market are quite dazzling. I also checked the reviews of other authors, almost all the authors agree with me. The fact that the daily trading volume of the Bityard exchange is approximately 203 million dollars is actually a proof of how popular this exchange is among the people. But as a result of my research, I can say that this popularity is rising quite quickly. I believe Bityard will make more updates in the near future and I look forward to it. Thank you for reading my research on Bityard.전체 리뷰보기

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Hello, today I want to write about Kucoin exchange. So far, I have done research on many exchanges. I quite liked some of these exchanges, but I did not like the other part at all because of some of their features. I can say that the Kucoin exchange holds the first place among the exchanges I like. This exchange, which started its operations for the first time in 2017, has been constantly improving itself for exactly 4 years in order to provide perfect service to its users. Kucoin, which has a very large number of users, is one of the most advanced exchanges of today. It is possible to come across Kucoin's name frequently on Coinmarketcap and some other statistical platforms. One of the most important reasons why this exchange is more common among people is the transaction fees that are here. With a very low commission fee, Kucoin is the perfect platform for people who own small assets and are always looking for exchanges with lower commissions. The exchange uses some of the transaction fees it receives to develop its own coin, KCS, and even gives great privileges to KCS investors in the exchange to increase the interest in this coin. If we take a look at the statistics of this coin, we can once again understand how successful this strategy has been. KCS is a rapidly growing and developing cryptocurrency, and ranks 75th in CoinMarketCap's world rankings. I see this as a huge success and I also believe that KCS is a cryptocurrency that has the potential to become much better in the future with this pace of development. Kucoin, which is a very ambitious exchange in terms of security, continues to make great developments in this regard. One of my favorite features of an exchange is that it has security measures like 2FA. Considering its millions of users like me, Kucoin has added 2FA and some other forms of verification to the exchange. I also saw the trade password, which is one of the features I have not seen in any exchange, on this exchange. In other words, users can be comfortable even if their phones are seized, because a trading password is required by Kucoin from users, and without this password, users' assets can neither be withdrawn from the exchange, nor can they be traded. That's why I recommend every user who attaches great importance to security to use Kucoin. The only minus feature I saw in Kucoin was the attention to the support team. I've asked some questions to the support team several times, but my questions were answered quite late. I hope that Kucoin, one of the world crypto exchange giants, will be able to deal with such small problems as soon as possible. Because some users are also uncomfortable with this situation like me. To give a general opinion, I like Kucoin very much and I am sure that I will make many transactions on this exchange. That's all for my review, thanks for reading.전체 리뷰보기

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Octus Bridge

Although there have been numerous advancements and improvements in this environment, there are still certain restrictions that prevent the user experience from being more efficient when conducting specific network activities, one of which is interoperability. Some blockchains stay isolated from the rest of the network, making trade impossible or exceedingly tedious and sluggish; this is when blockchain bridges come in handy. That is why, today, I'd want to tell you about Ton Bridge, a bridge built by Free Ton with Ethereum network. The ability to communicate with multiple blockchains has been made feasible by the bridging of tokens, and with the development of TON Bridge, it has become even more simple. The TON Bridge allows the Ethereum and TON blockchains to be linked together. I've run across a few issues when attempting to work with Ethereum's blockchain, the most significant of which being the issue of the gas charge. The gas fee paid on Ethereum's blockchain is not a joke. Since the launch of TON Bridge, it has been more easier to transfer Ethereum tokens to the TON blockchain and conduct any transaction for a near-zero cost. The TON Bridge project is a great and excellent initiative that has helped me reduce the exorbitant gas fees I was paying to the Ethereum network, and I've even noticed that I can do my duties more simply and quickly on the TON blockchain. The bridge's existing use is as easy as joining the two blockchains on its website and selecting the compatible coin to be converted. The Users pay the gas prices, which are somewhat offset by the Bridge operation incentives, so it's still reasonably priced. Tokens that have been bridged may simply be traded on the DEX because there is a lot of liquidity to choose from. The Free TON Bridge has played a critical role in the Free TON Blockchain's increased popularity and user attractiveness. 전체 리뷰보기

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I've always looked for an exchange that is safer and easier to use. Because while most of the current exchanges are easy to use, I can't always rely on security. Since I trade crypto frequently, one of the biggest features that I care about is security. I'm new to TON Swap and therefore I needed to do extensive research on this exchange. First of all, I must say that this exchange manages to outperform many similar exchanges according to some features. But I don't see this exchange as perfect either. You will understand why I want to talk about it in the continuation of my review. Now let's move on to the review about the outcome of my research. One of the aims of this exchange, which has just been created and is supported by Free TON, a project that is also trying to create an innovation in the crypto world, is to offer a better and easier use to its users. Based on my research, I can say with certainty that TON Swap really does its best and continues to do so. According to statistics, the number of users of this exchange, which is frequently updated and tries to keep satisfaction high, is not very high, but if we look at the feedback from the users, it is not difficult to understand how high the satisfaction is. TON Swap is a very prominent exchange in terms of security. The reason why I am so sure of its security is that it is not possible to deposit any cryptocurrency on this exchange. It is possible to trade on this exchange only thanks to the wallet known as the TON Crystal Wallet. So we log into the exchange's website, then connect to the wallet I just mentioned, and then we can trade. I needed a exchange like this. Now I want to talk about the functions of TON Swap. In addition to swap transactions, there are passive income sources such as farming and pooling in this exchange. You can also create a coin on TON Swap, unlike many other exchanges. This is quite an excellent feature and I think the exchange will be able to attract more people's attention this way. Being a decentralized exchange, TON Swap may seem difficult to use for some people. The developers of the exchange thought about this too and created a site where you can find almost all the information about the exchange. I think this is a very smart idea, because I have never come across this kind of strategy in almost any exchange before. There are also negative features of the exchange, the most important of which is that it has very few trading options. I hope this will be fixed by the developers as soon as possible. I hope the future of an exchange with many excellent features will be bright enough, because TON Swap deserves it. 전체 리뷰보기

the rock trading 로고

The Rock Trading

The Rock Trading is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Malta that was founded in 2011. This exchange claims to be the world's oldest cryptocurrency exchange, however I haven't discovered any proof of this. The exchange, which has been in operation for ten years, has a big client base with a high level of satisfaction. In the last ten years, this exchange has transferred its headquarters to Italy, where it has been updated often for its clients. Its goal is to improve further and give better service to its consumers as a result of this. According to consumer feedback, this exchange is truly committed to providing the finest service possible to its customers. Because I didn't come across any real consumer complaints in the comments. This exchange, which provides services to individuals through its website, has a variety of language options and has been fully translated into various languages. Although the site's design is basic, it has a pleasant appearance. It's also incredibly easy to operate.전체 리뷰보기

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Gatecoin is a cryptocurrency exchange initiative located in Hong Kong that uses blockchain technology. To be honest, I was happy with Gatecoin since I was able to trade my tiny quantity of cryptocurrency through it, and my transfers and trading operations were lightning quick. In comparison to many other exchanges, commission costs were also reduced. It was an excellent exchange, especially for exchanging altcoins. Gatecoin made a bold foray into the cryptocurrency realm, but it ran into a slew of issues. Gatecoin, which had a slew of issues including hacking, fraud, the loss of user cash, and the termination of certain users' accounts, was shut down by its developers. This affected a large number of users, including myself. Gatecoin froze my bitcoin, which was worth around $20. Although it is stated on the websites that any money left in the victims' systems would be reimbursed, I have not gotten any reply e-mails despite sending many e-mails.전체 리뷰보기

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One of the exchanges founded in India is Colodax. Because the number of users is so tiny, and the bulk of them are from India, I don't view this transaction as being worldwide. On the exchange, we may do transactions both on the website and through the Google Play Store application. The number of users of the app is similarly minimal, according to data. The site's design has never appealed to me, but it is a helpful resource. It is simple to register on the exchange; we may do so simply by sending an email, but we cannot trade without KYC verification. This may be a wise security move, but I believe it will significantly diminish public interest. I hope KYC verification gets phased out in the future because it is a time-consuming procedure. On the exchange's website, there is a wealth of information regarding the exchange. Also, based on security facts, I believe it is a trustworthy exchange.전체 리뷰보기

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Bitinka is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Peru. It was established in the year 2013. The exchange offers numerous flat currencies that are popular in South American countries, as well as a few crypto currencies. Although there is no downloaded app for the exchange, the web-based platform works well on both mobile and desktop computers. The exchange claims to have 100 percent security, a large commission on all activities, and minimal transaction costs, but the numbers reveal otherwise. What I mean is that an exchange with a transaction charge of 0.50 percent on makers and takers cannot claim to have a low fee. Furthermore, their 0.20 percent withdrawal charge, which is depending on the withdrawal amount, is far too expensive, especially when withdrawing a significant sum. Furthermore, despite the fact that this exchange is still functioning at the time of this review, there are several unfavorable remarks from their investors that should not be ignored.전체 리뷰보기

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Although some sites claim that Ostable is an exchange, I am not certain that this is the case. Because Ostable is unlike any other exchange I've ever seen. Client feedback for Ostable, which has a relatively tiny customer base, is likewise highly negative, indicating a poor level of customer satisfaction. Users are particularly concerned about the security of this exchange in these remarks, and many users do not trust it. Because there is no information regarding Ostable's security, I believe this is a pretty regular circumstance. As a result, a cyber attack on this stock exchange might occur at any time. The exchange does not need registration. Although this circumstance appears to be simple to utilize, it might be viewed as a significant security flaw. Furthermore, this exchange does not provide cryptocurrency, which significantly decreases people's interest in it. To summarize, if someone wishes to utilize this exchange, I would urge them to exercise caution because they might be defrauded at any time.전체 리뷰보기

exolix 로고


Exolix is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in Estonia in 2018. Despite its small trade volume, it is one of the most rapidly expanding exchanges. The fact that the exchange was founded by crypto aficionados just added to my trust in it. Because I believe the founders will use their knowledge from larger exchanges to this one, allowing the consumer community to flourish. For the time being, transactions in the exchange may only be done through the website; but, according to official information, mobile applications will be accessible soon. To be honest, I've never heard of such an exchange before because we can't keep our assets on it; we can only convert them to another cryptocurrency. Consumers appreciate this trade, which places a high value on secrecy, and the majority of customers see it as trustworthy. However, regardless of how trustworthy it is, I do not advocate sending significant amounts of bitcoin to this exchange.전체 리뷰보기

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