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I have MetaMask around 60 days and have some problems to put my wallet on Mozzila app. Problem is because firefox block this app because of security reasons (too many hackers attack in this wallet). My second problem is, when i try input my wallet on metamask, i have to put words in row (security words from my wallet). I doo that several times, but i get ERROR message. I delete addon from mozzila restart mozzila, and install wallet on my OWN risk. And wallet this time work. Strange thing, i know i have some tokens wish i buy or send from others wallets, but some tokens im pretty shure i dont buy and i dont own, but i have it in wallet. That is strange. I have 5000 alice tokens, and 9 millions air stack tokens. When i try exchange tokens, they offer me around 80 000 €, but something is wrong with coin and cant click trade... I wonder, why someone give me 9 milion tokens for free if i dont register on any giveaway or other sites... 전체 리뷰보기

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SPLINTERLANDS SPLINTERLANDS is collectible card game, you make your collection of cards, upgrade cards, make battles with other gamers, and win crypto Dark Energy Crystals. Dark Energy Crystals can sell, trade, buy cards, stack. Game also have SPS token, with AIRDROP. So more SPS tokens you have more tokens you get from stacking in game. Airdrop have more than 250% APR, so that is good for stacking tokens. Me as a player pay 10€ to start play game, and that money get back in like 10 days. Every day in game we have daily quest, and when you finish quest you get reward chest. From chest, you can get dark energy crystals, cards, and potions. Number is random so you can get 5 to 2000 dark energy crystals in 1 box. Because price for dark energy crystal is very high right now, if you get 2000 DEC in box, you get what you invest in 1 second, just need a little luck. For 54 days playing game, invest of 10€ give me back around 250€ So game worth for play. Only problem in game is high price of cards, so if you want win you need invest more to buy better cards to dominate enemy, because only wins give you cryptocurrency dark energy crystals. That nobody say. Game is not play2earn, game is win2earn. What more to say. You can sell cards if you leave game, or you can trade buy and sell cards in game shop. Someone who is expert with market can buy cards with cheap price and get high price. Some cards in game cost like 250k €, but only 3 4 cards someone own in game.전체 리뷰보기

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Hi, This is my first review. I use this exchange for trading crypto, buy sell, fast. In portal you have your wallet, so you can sell buy or trade tokens or money. Site is good looking, easy for use. Transactions going in seconds, faster than banks where you sometimes need wait for transaction like few days, that is reason why we love BINANCE. BINANCE are strong, so they also have self token BNB, so you can trade for it with many other wallets, using BNB USD. Value is 1:1. With BNB you save 25 percent of your money, so good for invest. can say BINANCE have HIGH speed trade so I like it. forget to say BINANCE is peer to peer trading. Minimum trade is 10€ and you can use credit cards like visa or master card to transfer money in site or platform what is name. In site you have more than 50 currency. first time use this site before 54 days, transfer money from my card to site, bought HIVE tokens or crypto if someone use that name, and transfer tokens to hive engine in 1 second without problems. mean that transaction have long time, and not expected that speed. Later for use we have BINANCE smart chain, with wallet also, and can transfer or swap (change tokens with other tokens wish you like), also that wallet connect with METAMASK, so all work perfect without problems and not lose coins like someone say on other exchanges. 전체 리뷰보기

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