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Nuvola Analytics

Nuvola has been a great company to work with. They are very quick to respond, always willing to go above and beyond, and do everything possible to help their clients. Their customer service is on point. Their implementation team is very knowledgeable, skilled, and capable. I have been really impressed with their company and their staff. Nuvola has been a great partner to work with. I've been impressed with the responsiveness of the team. The implementation was smooth. The support and guidance is exceptional. I have absolutely no issues with Nuvola. In fact, if there is something that I could change, I would like to see more transparency in where the money is going. I would also like to see more transparency on the customer side. I would also like to see more integrations with third-party platforms. For a SaaS based company like ours, we are unable to test everything ourselves. We have to rely on their team for support and implementation. Nuvola has done that and helped us immensely. I like that we can see where our spend is at any given time, it also helps us track when things are performing well or not so well. The UI could be improved by adding more colors/colors better for contrast etc. It would help if there was some way to filter out certain cost centers from being shown in the monthly report. We use this tool as part of our budgeting process with our finance team. This allows them to easily view what they need to bill each month.전체 리뷰보기

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Goverlan Reach

The ease of use is amazing - it literally takes about 30 minutes to fully understand how everything works for you as an administrator! There are so many features I've yet even discovered that go over my head because there isn't enough documentation (yet). If anyone asks me any question in regards to their server/network configuration or if they just want general advice from someone who knows what shes doing then please don;t hesitate contacting us at our customer care team - we love answering questions all day long!! We have solved almost every problem imaginable while working remotely since 2015 without ever having lost work time due too lack of equipment etc.;.전체 리뷰보기

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CaptureIT Time and Attendance

The best thing about capture it is you can create your own categories of employees who will be able to clock in or out with ease. It also allows me to see when an employee was last seen at work which helps keep track of absences as well. I dislike how sometimes if there's no activity within a certain time frame, then it won't update until after the next day so i have to go back into my schedule to find out what happened. Also, sometimes it doesn't show up correctly but once again this usually happens during off hours. This program has helped us manage our attendance and make sure we're not missing any shifts without knowing it. 전체 리뷰보기

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Resource Scheduling

It was simple, easy-to use scheduling tool for our school district! The interface made it so I could put in all of my data without having an issue with formatting or anything like this - great customer service as well!! Nothing at first but when we had issues they were able fix them right away which saved me time not needing someone else's help getting things fixed/solved quickly.-The only thing you have control over (in terms what your students can view) are their own schedules; however if there isn't much room left then other teachers may be upset because now yours will look full even though theirs aren’t filled up yet either.*This program helps us keep track easily &amp*.전체 리뷰보기

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Nowsta is a great tool to keep track of all of your employees, including their time and attendance. I love that you can see all of the details of each employee, including their pay rate, hours worked, and more. I also like that Nowsta allows me to keep track of my own hours. I don't have to worry about keeping track of my hours or having to pay myself for my own time. I also like that Nowsta is able to sync with my payroll provider, allowing me to easily see my paychecks. I wish that Nowsta would allow me to see my paychecks in more than one format. I also wish that Nowsta would allow me to see my paychecks in more than one format. I use Nowsta to keep track of my employees' hours and paychecks. I also use Nowsta to. 전체 리뷰보기

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Floown Planner

I love that it has an easy interface with Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook so you can easily import your schedule (and other calendars). You cannot create recurring tasks or set up multiple reminders at once. There should be more options when creating meetings/events as well - like choosing who will attend from my calendar vs their own list of attendees. This helps keep our daily schedules synced between two different places! We use this app every day while working together remotely via Zoom calls during COVID-19 quarantine time.전체 리뷰보기

clickschedule 로고


I like that you can create sub-departments for your employees, which helps to keep things organized! We also love being able of creating shifts as well!! Creating shift changes has never been so easy before when this program came out. The best thing about click schedule would have to be how all information becomes available at one time with just 1 touch in order from start till finish. ! You cant go wrong if looking into using an employee scheduler/dispatcher product such us clicking schedules. !! It really makes it easier than ever because we are now always up to date without having to check everywhere individually (which used ot take hours). Also our staff loves knowing they dont need any manual input or assistance anymore after getting their first assignment through clickscheuleshr system. . !! Just make sure u look around other options too cause there could b something The thing I like best about this program are all of its features, it has so many that you can't go wrong with any one! There really isn’t anything to dislike at least from my experience using click schedule for over 3 years now as our dispatch center/call-in service provider in Florida (it's also used by other states). It allows us quick access through multiple platforms such computer tablets or phones which makes things easier when we're out working during inclement weather conditions etc.,. 전체 리뷰보기

workmate 로고


The ability for employees access information about upcoming shifts is great! I like that it's easy enough so even non tech savvy people can use this app well; however there are some things we wish could be improved upon such as more options available when creating an account (we would prefer if you were able to create your own profile rather than having everything linked together). It has helped us keep up better communication between our staff members by making sure everyone knows what they need to do each day without any confusion or miscommunication which helps reduce stress levels within my team overall!! 전체 리뷰보기

emprevo 로고


The ease of use to set up new employees and manage existing ones. It's also great that it integrates well into our payroll system so we can easily see who has worked which hours during any given week or month. I wish there was an option where scheduling could be done via email instead of having to go through their app every single day. We are able to schedule people quickly without them being present at work each morning (which helps us keep attendance low). This allows more productive staff members to get back out onto the field as soon as possible after arriving home from training/games. Also saves money by not paying overtime rates if they don't show up for scheduled times. 전체 리뷰보기

droster 로고


I like that we can customize our software to fit each of our organization's unique processes, including training as well as reporting options. There is also very nice integration with Microsoft Office 365 which makes it easy for workers in different locations around the world to access their data from anywhere they have an internet connection! It would be great if there was more customization available (ease-of use) when using this product compared to other products out there; however, overall, things are not bad at all. We needed better communication between staff members about how often tasks need completed within certain times frames so everyone knows what has been assigned next or even who should work those shifts. I like that it allows you to see who is available and what their availability is. It also helps with creating schedules. Sometimes it's hard to find things if they've moved around. Sometimes there are times when you can't find something. We use it to schedule employees. It helps us keep track of our employees' availability. It makes it so easy. I wish we had it earlier in the year. 전체 리뷰보기

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