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The user interface is very intuitive for non technical users to use it without any issues or problems at all! It has helped my team in many ways by giving us more control over our data than we had before this software was implemented. I have not encountered anything yet that really bugs me about its features as of now but if you ask yourself what would be best suited your business needs then there are several options available from which one can choose depending upon their requirements like price range etc., so do make sure everything matches with each other perfectly because once they match together nothing else matters anymore!! Data management using ETL process alongwith creating reports within minutes after getting access into them through an API connection between two systems (Salesforce/Odoo).전체 리뷰보기

galashield polished pebbles decorative aquarium 로고

Galashield Polished Pebbles Decorative Aquarium

I have a 2lb bag of .08-1.2 mm stones ordered for $11! Almost EVERY stone in the bag is 2.0mm thick. Nothing I want or need. The stones included were granite of various shades (white, brown, yellowish, grayish). Less fluvial rocks are black to greenish. and something like gray lava. Nothing particularly pretty. A real disappointment and a huge waste of money. How do I return money?전체 리뷰보기

ecobark luxurious comfort dog leash 로고

EcoBark Luxurious Comfort Dog Leash

Update from 26.06. I just spoke to customer service and told them what happened and they are sending a replacement. Customer service like this is unbeatable. It's so comfortable to walk your dog on a leash and it's more pleasing to look at than traditional solid color leashes. My only issue is that within the first week my dog chewed the leash halfway through. We took the dog for a walk and went to a shop where she was not allowed. We were back in less than 15 minutes and she was halfway through the leash.전체 리뷰보기

imuquin immune health supplement puppies 로고

Imuquin Immune Health Supplement Puppies

I had this sprinkled on my dog's food to get him to eat all his food at once. I rescued four and only one of them usually eats his breakfast and dinner once I feed him. The other three are herbivores and only eat when they feel like it. As a result, someone who always eats all of their food will often follow others and eat their food with them. I was hoping this would solve my problem. Unfortunately, my dogs don't like the taste of this filling. I think this stuff is really good for my dogs so I'll try to mix it better with their food (instead of using it as a stuffing). Luckily I found another topping they like that works well for getting them to eat the whole meal at once, but unfortunately it didn't work for us for the main purpose I was hoping for use.전체 리뷰보기

merrick plates grain medley variety 로고

Merrick Plates Grain Medley Variety

Simple packaging

My dog loves it. Easy to feed in one portion or 1/2 portion mixed with dry food. I love small packaging and don't have to open a big jar.전체 리뷰보기

field shelby hemp mouse catnip 로고

Field Shelby Hemp Mouse Catnip

This baby is the best! My cat had one for years and didn't know where to find another one, then found it here. He has a dozen toys, but this mouse is the only one he likes. Well done. Well packed. Good product.전체 리뷰보기

chenib dog whistle stop barking 로고

CHENIB Dog Whistle Stop Barking

. I bought this because they don't have crazy barking neighbors. I haven't practiced so I figured I could with this whistle, but she's probably 50 feet from her yard and it didn't work. I think if I was closer it would be like this. So if you're buying this for any distance I wouldn't worry.전체 리뷰보기

sony cleaning cassette discontinued manufacturer 로고

Sony Cleaning Cassette Discontinued Manufacturer

This product just didn't work for me. Video head cleaning is nothing new to me and I have used many products over the years that have worked much better than this one. In my experience with this product, I noticed a slight improvement after cleaning it and stopped using it. I'm sure that different devices with different amount of cleaning will give different results. I recommend giving it up and getting wet brushed.전체 리뷰보기

slik tripod 700dx 3 way tilt 로고

SLIK Tripod 700DX 3 Way Tilt

I have been a photographer for a long time and have settled for cheaper, lighter tripods over the years. I've just stumbled upon a nice Sony RX10 Mark 4 camera that's a bit heavier than all my previous cameras and I need a really good tripod. This device definitely fits. This isn't a lightweight type of backpack, although you can wear it with an impromptu shoulder and head strap if you want. This is a very well designed and manufactured product with excellent fit and finish. The boy feels strong. It doesn't flex or shake your camera nearly as much as cheap tripods when you rest your hand on it to make adjustments or press the shutter button. Separate pan and tilt knobs are great for adjusting the camera in both landscape and portrait modes. Despite what other reviewers say, let me assure you, yes, there are two separate bubble levels under the tripod head to help you level your camera accurately. The quick release adapter is a round washer with a standard 1/4" threaded stud that screws into the bottom of the camera. What I particularly like about the adapter is the large wing on the screw head, which allows for easy grabbing and turning on and off without a coin or tools. The puck sits in the tripod head and is held in place by a very secure lever cam with locking knob. This arrangement appears to be very secure, but is also easy to remove. The legs extend very easily and have very wide blades with a secure cam mechanism that locks the legs at the desired length. They're easy to open and close, and although they're plastic, they feel mature and strong enough to last. The top of each leg has a snug urethane foam tube that makes them comfortable to grip and keeps your hands from getting cold in cold weather so you don't have to reach for bare metal. The legs have molded rubber feet on the bottom that leave no marks and stick securely to all the surfaces I've tried. There are no sharp ends like other tripods and I didn't miss them. So far I am very impressed with the Slik products. I also have their heavy duty monopod which is just as well made and excellent.전체 리뷰보기

leowow apparel snowsuit windbreakerjacket dogs red 로고

Leowow Apparel Snowsuit WindbreakerJacket Dogs Red

If you have a very small dog that you want to keep warm or just want to see how AWESOME he looks then this is the coat for you. I have 2 small Pomeranians (1.5lbs and 9-10lbs) and I wanted to keep the little one warm but all the clothes I've seen for dogs were too small for her. The smallest size of this coat was PERFECT for her when I roll up the sleeves and it is very well tailored + designed so you can pull the hood over your head or roll it up to crown your face. See photos for these different angles. I also like to tie the tails in a bow and the buttons are sewn on well so the coat can be buttoned up. Anyway I was so glad I bought the small size for my 9-10lb Pomeranian and it was a bit tight for her but fits. good enough. I will be ordering a medium for her soon if I want her to fit like she was pregnant so she has a small bump. I wish there was a larger size for bigger dogs because then I would also buy one for my friend's 70lb yellow lab. Then all our dogs go together when we go for a walk together. Finally, on my second order, the owner wrote me a personal handwritten note noting that I had repurchased this item, which was totally sweet!전체 리뷰보기

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