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whippy floral collar adjustable comfortable 로고

WHIPPY Floral Collar Adjustable Comfortable

I bought this for my 58 lb pit bull that I adopted. Other than the buckle being a little heavy and sagging if there is too much slack, I have nothing to complain about. It's a unique design, a great purchase, not to mention it looks adorable on her - pink is definitely her colour.전체 리뷰보기

grav 로고


I like how easy it is to create pages, sections etc with its drag & drop feature which makes everything very simple for my clients who are not technical at all. It's also free so there really isn't anything that i dislike about this program as far as features go! The only thing that can be improved would have been if you could use plugins in order to expand what functionality they offer but other than that we've had no issues using grav thus far! We're creating websites and ecommerce stores mainly geared towards small businesses (think handmade goods) where our clientele want something super user friendly. This has made things much easier because of their ease of navigation through the site as well as having quick access/editing options when working remotely or over video chat via zoom.전체 리뷰보기

pinvnby educational tabletop parakeet intelligence cockatiel 로고

PINVNBY Educational Tabletop Parakeet Intelligence Cockatiel

In general I like the product. It was a good price with nine toy rings. However, the toys/rings are too thick for my cockatiel's beak to pick up. Also, the characteristics indicate 3 types of rings and there were at least 5 different rings that did not match the product description. I returned the item because my ties didn't fit the rings.전체 리뷰보기

fish pros fine mesh handle 로고

FISH PROS Fine Mesh Handle

Exactly what I thought. Durable, fade and rust resistant, excellent stretch, small mesh is ideal for little ones. I love it. Ideal for a small quick catch in deeper aquariums. I'm glad I bought it. I searched Amazon for the perfect one for me before purchasing. So I hope this helps someone. I really like the size because it doesn't knock out everything in my pelvis. When I need to catch a smaller shrimp or snail or a fish like White Cloud, you are very fast. My other network is really good, even with an extension cord. But the net is made of another beautiful material. It's not that small, not borderline and smooth. Love it and glad I took the advice to spend the money and have a second network. Especially if you have a sick aquarium, shrimp, snails, small fish that are difficult to catch. or just have a good quality net handy if you don't have one. Hope this will be helpful. I'm just going back and writing because I'm spending my money on the best deal I can find based on the reviews, the time I spend reading, LOTS of time. so i hope it helped you.전체 리뷰보기

universal stereo under overhead mounting 로고

Universal Stereo Under Overhead Mounting

I would buy again.

I used this to install a car stereo in one of my RV basements. Combined with a pair of weatherproof Yamaha speakers, this creates a decent outdoor entertainment center that works brilliantly. Now all I have to do is open the door to the camper van's basement storage room and there's a good stereo set, well protected in that box. Made from heavy-duty plastic, this stereo bracket box is solid and well-built. It has some detachable tabs for old car stereos that have a volume knob on the left and a tuning knob on the right (who still has those?), but these tabs are easy to remove (I used a free hacksaw blade to remove them). ) Nice product at a reasonable price.전체 리뷰보기

anker extension powerport portable protection 로고

Anker Extension PowerPort Portable Protection

It was a great idea but not rated for 240V marine :(I have several Anker PowerPort strips. I love them and even carry them in my luggage bag when I travel at sea and use them with the appropriate one Adapters To charge your iPhone and USB devices I then have other AC plugs available to use things like a steamer, camera charger, laptop etc as long as they are also rated for 240v This new The PowerPort Cube is NOT designed for 120/240 crap I'm not sure why they overlooked this important feature as this PowerPort Cube is smaller and more travel friendly than the PowerPort Strip allowing the PowerPort Cube to handle input voltages from 90-264V.The PowerPort Cube is compatible with all standard sockets worldwide (see photo).Specification, this is the standard design for USA.In addition, in accordance with new changes i n the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification requirements do not allow us to print "90-264V” on the actual product. This is why it differs from previous expansions. However, the function works the same way. Yes, it can be used abroad as long as you have the appropriate PowerPort cube plug adapter. Remember, if you use it this way, don't forget that the device you use to connect something to the Cube must also be rated for 240V. It's not a converter. The USB outputs work normally. Anker and his customer service are amazing!전체 리뷰보기

game case nintendo 3ds cartridges holds 로고

Game Case Nintendo 3DS Cartridges Holds

(plenty of storage, offers good protection, no games damage when you take them out, as is often the case with plastic suitcases). The design of the lid seems dated, but it's a minor inconvenience and doesn't change things. Overall I like it, I already bought one for 3ds and one for switch which saves me so much space.전체 리뷰보기

martha stewart pets grooming stainless 로고

Martha Stewart Pets Grooming Stainless

Goodbye Tangley!

I love this brush! I have four double coated dogs that need combing without pulling, grabbing or tugging. This brush effectively detangles without damaging skin/fur. Easy to hold, glides through the coat and is now an essential part of our grooming tools!전체 리뷰보기

ethernet usb network charging compatible 로고

Ethernet USB Network Charging Compatible

The speed is only 100 Mbps, but I can't think of any phone application that needs more. Max speed is around 96Mbps when connected to my gigabit port on iPhone and iPad. I liked it on my iPad as I sometimes use it to monitor my stream as a content creator and I have a philosophy of limiting wifi traffic and connecting anything I can port. For the iPhone, I just plugged it into the charging cable so it could be unplugged while connected to background activities. Great that I can also remove this EMF in the bedroom since my phone is supposed to be there. I'm not one to think that EMFs are the root of all evil, but sleep is a very subtle process and I've seen enough evidence to make me want to limit it during sleep. Just make sure you turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data as these iPhones and iPads use the connection you want. This should fix it if this adapter isn't working for you. I didn't test the media functionality as I was looking for a decent ethernet adapter but considered the feature a bonus. Anyway, I tried one with my iPad and liked it so much I bought another one.전체 리뷰보기

jaga 로고


Matches my pink silicone case, hooray! So cute and works well. Now I can look at my screen at a higher level instead of having to lean on something to stand on it! Reading my recipe while cooking with this gadget is better now too :)전체 리뷰보기

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