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etz timesheets 로고

ETZ Timesheets

Easy-to use interface with multiple templates available; ability create custom fields or add new ones as needed without having code knowledge is great feature that helps me save time from coding it myself everytime I want something changed about my template (ease); easy way manage different team members' hours using Gantt chart view which makes things easier when managing their work load during busy periods like holidays etc.; no issues so far but if there's anything then please let us know because we're always looking forward improving our product further ; Great solution especially considering how much simpler this tool can make life compared other solutions out here such solving payroll problems would have been very difficult otherwise. 전체 리뷰보기

chilly dog diamonds sweater x small 로고

Chilly Dog Diamonds Sweater X Small

Size Carefully

Looks so cute but this sweater is too small x-small or the other gray cable knit dog sweater is too big. I can't tell which ones, so I'll leave those ones alone. Have the same size on a Chilly Dog gray cable and if it fits well. This is not in x-small. Beautiful, but the rope is too tight. You need a looser weave. I suspect the knitter held the yarn too tightly or the machine jumps from one part to another.전체 리뷰보기

wii remote plus pink nintendo 로고

Wii Remote Plus Pink Nintendo

I decided it was time to donate my old Wiimotes and Wiimote Plus attachments and switch to remotes that have a Plus Remote built in . I decided to do it in style too. Although they come in three colors: black, blue and pink, I chose the colorful blue and pink Wiimotes. (one set blue, one pink) If you have a family of 4 and also get a white pair, each one will be a different color and there will be no arguing about who didn't charge the remote the last time you used it or who left one in the House friend, I don't know. And here, convenience is about more than just style. Because so many people use Wii games and party games at meetings, like a wine glass that looks the same and needs a "wine tag" on the stem to distinguish between getting up and (in the case of the Wii) coming home with someone else. Mainly because they cost more because they have a built-in remote control plus that captures all movements from the Wii better. Well, yours finally stands out from the crowd of white Wiimotes and old-school non-WiiPlus Wiimotes. They come with a plastic lid and of course have a nunchaku hole at the bottom. pink hot pink. more than it looks in the photo. They work great and pick up every movement much better than the old remotes. Especially useful in action games and training games. In addition, the colored variants only cost a few euros more and look stylish.전체 리뷰보기

terramax pro premium all natural supplement 로고

TerraMax Pro Premium All Natural Supplement

Bought because our 9 year old dog was on pain meds and joint supplements for hip pain and is still in pain. He felt better than before but was still in pain which prevented him from being very mobile. I read reviews about this product and I liked that everything is natural. He's eating it in his food and we can't believe how much better he's doing. He doesn't limp at all, doesn't hurt, plays and runs like a puppy. As a bonus, he stopped shedding as much. which was a lot. I hope these and other reviews don't inflate the price but I had to express my appreciation for this amazing product. We gave up one drug and hope that over time we'll be able to give up the other two. We will buy it for the rest of our lives and highly recommend it! Update: May 16, 2020 Snoopy is still at it. After a few months of use in 2018, he stopped all pain medication. We thought we were going to lose him in 2018. He will be 11 in July and is still running, playing ball and chasing squirrels (we love our garden squirrels). , he never catches them). Highly recommended!전체 리뷰보기

clenz a dent chlorhexidine rinse 8 oz 로고

Clenz A Dent Chlorhexidine Rinse 8 Oz

Even a small amount makes my dog cough violently as soon as he catches his breath. strange. I have never had such an experience with this product. I don't know if there was a tiny change that caused such a strong reaction. possibly a product control issue with this batch of product. I carefully inject the product into the front of her mouth, but a cough comes out.전체 리뷰보기

pranovo catcher parrot stretchy basket birds 로고

Pranovo Catcher Parrot Stretchy Basket Birds

Birds eat dirty. They manage to scatter their seeds and food all over the place, especially on the floor outside the cage. But the Pranovo Birdcage Seed Catcher Skirt keeps most of the mess out of the cage. The product is a strong, high-quality nylon net that attaches to the bottom of the cage like a skirt. Installation is no more difficult than putting on a t-shirt. And to clean a skirt, simply soak it in soapy water and then in clean water - it dries quickly. KEY – Place the feeding bowls in the cage UNDER the top of the apron. Then the skirt prevents seeds and food from leaving the cage and falling to the ground. CONCLUSION: This skirt is an essential accessory for all bird cages. if you don't mind sweeping the floor around your bird cage on a daily basis.전체 리뷰보기

pet krewe sesame monster costume 로고

Pet Krewe Sesame Monster Costume

Great costume

Perfect fit for my Australian Shepherd, I have XL because all of her hair had to fit this costume too. Azira loves the chocolate chips from Three Dog Bakery 🍪 this costume seems too perfect 🐕 🤣전체 리뷰보기

django all weather water repellent raincoat reflective 로고

DJANGO All Weather Water Repellent Raincoat Reflective

Excellent dog Slicker who unfortunately was too small to fully velcro up my mini dachshund Henry. Henry is an older dachshund weighing 12 pounds and 12 inches long with an 18 inch chest and 10 inch neck. He is slightly overweight in girth. Perhaps this information will help you tailor your mini tasu to this type. This is a very attractive jacket. Beautiful blue color. The best jacket I've ever seen. It was a bit difficult to put on my short-legged Henry. I had to pull him into my full uniform to get him dressed but we were lying on my bed so it would be easier if Henry was standing on the floor. But Henry didn't feel like trying on new clothes today. Typical tax! The back of the jacket has elasticated leg ties to keep the coat in place on the dog. I believe that it would be necessary to use this elastic, otherwise the rain cover could slip to the side. There was Velcro around Henry's waist and that was the problem. The strap was about two inches shorter for a strong clasp. It closed at the very end of the velcro. So it could easily fall apart. If your mini dachshund isn't as plump as my little Henry, this slicker is perfect for you and worth a try. Expensive, but I'm not saving money for my little best friend. I enjoy writing honest reviews for my fellow Retainier colleagues and I hope you find this review helpful. FOR YOUR HEALTH!전체 리뷰보기

cranberry urinary supplement promote bladder 로고

Cranberry Urinary Supplement Promote Bladder

My vet recommended this supplement to my small dog who has frequent UTIs. My dog has been using this for about a year and the infections have become less frequent. She loves cranberry pills and considers them a treat. Thinking the vet price was a little high I searched the internet and was very happy to find this at Revain at this price. I have ordered several times and will continue to order from here as long as the price stays the same.전체 리뷰보기

tongass natural coconut reptile hideout 로고

TonGass Natural Coconut Reptile Hideout

I bought them for my leopard gecko But when they arrived they were really big, about an inch bigger than my hand, they didn't suit my situation very well, but if you have a super giant leopard gecko, it would fit perfectly! Or maybe an adult king/milk snake, they came in perfect condition and definitely worth your money if you have a medium sized reptile!전체 리뷰보기

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