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The best thing about Recruiterflow is that it provides me with all the necessary tools to manage my candidates' profile and keep track of their status. It helps me to make the process easier and more efficient. I also like how easy it is to create new screens, forms, etc. We are able to send out multiple emails in one go without having to open several different programs. Sometimes it can be difficult to get an answer from support team. If you need help right away then there is nothing better than the live chat feature. You can talk to someone directly and they will solve your problem as soon as possible. I am using Recruiterflow to handle my candidate's profiles and the communication between me and them. 전체 리뷰보기

doog drops treat pouch large 로고

DOOG Drops Treat Pouch Large

I was so excited about this cute treat pouch that I was disappointed. I am a PLUS SIZE woman, I have a very hyperactive dog that needs to be walked a lot. The belt was too small. I emailed DOGG and they don't sell belt extenders. I advised them that they might want to buy belt extenders for plus size people. After all, plus-size people train too!전체 리뷰보기

san francisco bay brand 3 6 ounce 로고

San Francisco Bay Brand 3 6 Ounce

uromastyx mama

I have uromastyx (in case you didn't get the title). While using veggies as a base, I like to sprinkle them over her food to make sure she gets a good variety. I LOVE eating dry food because it means I don't have to buy and throw away as much fresh food. This will last about a year, which is about $2 a month! This is way better than the pellets I found at my local pet store.전체 리뷰보기

pethiy raincoats small waterproof adjustable drawstring yellow s 로고

Pethiy Raincoats Small Waterproof Adjustable Drawstring Yellow S

I have a 10 lb Shih Tzu and the little one is too long for him! I had to tighten the straps as tight as they could but then a long strap dangled from him, I always worry it's in the way when he poops. The fit at the chest is quite tight, to cover the buttons I had to pinch a bit so didn't want to downsize. The sleeves are ridiculously long, fully open, and extend well past the paws. Even when he was curled up very high, he would trip over it as he walked because his coat slipped sideways. Then his legs stuck out from the front of the cloak. Even at XS, I can't imagine it would have a huge impact on sleeve lengths. The body length may be acceptable for XS, but the chest is not suitable. The hood is too big for the Shih Tzu's small face. Although his back was dry, his head and legs were wet from the rain. Also, the zipper broke after just a few uses. It was too late to return so I just buttoned it up. I tolerated it because it was cute and it didn't slip and trip when he wore his harness underneath. But today I didn't use it and I had to keep adjusting my coat, it was very annoying. When we got home I just threw it in the trash.전체 리뷰보기

andaconna llc rosie clip accessories 로고

Andaconna LLC Rosie Clip Accessories

I am very happy with the quality and ease of use of this harness for traveling with my dog! I tied it to my seat belt and left it there which is great as it's always ready when I need it. My dog stayed safe in my car seat with enough room to lie down or sit comfortably. The seat belt is held securely in the holder - no problem! I've also used it to keep my bags in place - a real plus! The blue color of the clip is as expected. Will definitely be buying another Rosie Clip to use in our other car.전체 리뷰보기

waterproof diapers washable reusable absorbent 로고

Waterproof Diapers WASHABLE Reusable ABSORBENT

You are perfect! The adjustable rear hole is great. They are thick enough to protect their buttocks and adapt perfectly to the odd body shape of our paralyzed dogs. Detergents from other brands cut into her leg and feces fell out of the tail hole. Just make sure you velcro them before washing or they will stick to the lining and could rip it apart.전체 리뷰보기

tripp lite monitors displays dwm3770x 로고

Tripp Lite Monitors Displays DWM3770X

Light but strong!

This wall mount is ideal for mounting a flat panel display on a wall with minimal downward tilt and no rotation. I installed it on a stud, but there is hardware for almost every type of wall anchor, as well as every type of TV back mount. Tip: Make all power/cable connections before mounting the TV on the mounting rails as they are too close to the wall for a later connection.전체 리뷰보기

baoshishan refrigeration compressor hydroponics jellyfish 로고

BAOSHISHAN Refrigeration Compressor Hydroponics Jellyfish

I've only had it for about a week but so far it has served its purpose and I'll be upgrading after a few months of use. I use this with a 50 gallon reef tank with a 15-20 gallon sump tank so maybe 70 gallons total. I bought it because my aquarium almost crashed at 85° water temperature. It gets hot here in Texas and keeping the air conditioner on all day when I'm out is just not cost effective. This chiller should pay for itself within a few months considering how much it would cost to run the air conditioner. The optimum temperature for my pool is 78°. This device allows you to set a temperature range so that it cools down to a certain temperature and then turns off until the temperature reaches the tolerance you set. I set a tolerance of two degrees, so I set the thermostat to 77° (in Celsius). This means it will work until the temperature in the tank reaches 77°C and it shuts off. Then when the water starts to warm up, it turns on again at 79° and cools down to 77°. Thus, the device does not work continuously. The two holes on the top of the device are interchangeable as both can be used for entry and exit. The device itself does not have an internal pump, so an external pump is provided for water circulation. I have the pump in the sump drain compartment and the drain hose in the return compartment. That appears to be enough for separation, so it's not already chilled cooling water. You have enough 1/2" tubing for two 5-foot sections and two clamps. Be sure to leave enough clearance around the unit to allow for good airflow. The air that exits the back is quite warm as it is pulled warm from the water. Cool air enters through the sides. Also be sure to calibrate the thermostat as directed using a reliable aquarium water thermometer and set the unit accordingly. Mine was off for around 2.00am °, but really corrected.전체 리뷰보기

kurgo stuff treat hands free training 로고

Kurgo Stuff Treat Hands Free Training

Problem with this bag: 1. The belt clip is too small, so small that the product cannot be tested properly. I'm a woman and I tried to attach the clip to my leggings, jeans and dog carrier and it slipped off of everything. This was probably tested on a person wearing a leather belt. If you look at it, you can see that it is insufficient.2. The carabiner is cheap and opens, and if you have to use it instead of a belt clip, the bag will spring. This bag needs a redesign. It's otherwise solid, and while I don't prefer the clasp (which makes opening, closing and washing/drying difficult), it would be one of the better options if it weren't for the faulty belt clip and carabiner. It's hard to want to return a $12 product, but Kurgo can get away with it, if not with a redesign if we all think so! So I'll be back :)전체 리뷰보기

durable removing stains dandruff mohern 로고

Durable Removing Stains Dandruff MoHern

I am very happy with this flea comb set. They are well made and also very affordable. There is a wide range of combs with teeth of different lengths for all coat types. I prepared a small bowl of soapy water (Dawn dish soap works best), a necessary step as the combs need to be damp and slightly "sticky" with a film of soap or the fleas will just pop off after combing (hard found this) . Path)! Each time you make a pass with the comb, rinse the comb and fleas with water. This will drown the fleas as they cannot swim in soapy water. The cats remained relatively calm throughout this process, and at least 100 fleas should have died on the first attempt. Overall they are excellent value for money and work very well and I would recommend them to any potential buyer. I'm happy and so are my cats!전체 리뷰보기

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