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noctua nt h1 pro grade thermal compound 로고

Noctua NT H1 Pro Grade Thermal Compound

This is JUST INCREDIBLE! I went to my local computer store to buy some thermal paste and the specialist there said that all thermal pastes are basically the same. After applying the "paste" I bought from him, I didn't see any difference in temperature and decided to try Noctua's paste. My laptop gets very hot. Specifications: i7-4800HQ with RX M290X graphics card. The laptop ran at idle at about 65 C and at full load with a maximum fan temperature of 98-99 C. The graphics card ran at 97 C under full load with the fan at maximum. After applying Noctua paste: The laptop idles at around 49C and never exceeds 90C under full load. Graphics card now runs at 70-80 C with 1/4 to half speed fan and never goes over 76 C at full load with fan at max after 4+ hours of gaming. I highly recommend this product! As you can see, not all thermal pastes are created equal. 전체 리뷰보기

love dream dramatically preferred self soothing bedding 로고

Love Dream Dramatically Preferred Self Soothing Bedding

Previously, our parents swaddled us in huge diapers and, like caterpillars, we all lay in a column. I almost never learned how to swaddle babies. Always some kind of corner yes got out. Now come up with sleeping bags for babies. They are sewn according to the free swaddling system, i.e. the handles are not tight along the body, but are freely located upwards. Jumpsuit in soft fabric. Seams out. Size s is for baby 3.5-6 kg, and about 62 height. There are zippers at the beginning and at the end of the product, for convenient dressing of the baby. There is also a chin protection against lightning. As for the tags, I would place them outside the product. Because such a "library" located inside the product is very disturbing for the baby. 전체 리뷰보기

magic bullet blender small silver 로고

Magic Bullet Blender Small Silver

At the time it was heavily advertised. Therefore, my mother did not leave the item without attention, bought it and gave it to us. At first, this device was interesting. But this is only at the beginning, as something new. In fact, there is no need for it. We use it only for children's birthdays (we make milkshakes). When you get everything, it looks impressive. Here's what's included in the set: The unit itself (the base on which everything is inserted), two bowls (big and small) four cups with handles (I call them mugs), multi-colored rings 4 pcs. (put on mugs) three bowl lids two nozzles with a straight and cross blade, piston juicer bowl two lids with holes of different sizes (it’s good to use for the microwave, and pour something through small ones), four spare rubber bands, recipe book, instructions. And, probably, the most amusing thing is that the recipe book is in English, without translation. It's cool that she is, that she is not. There are several recipes in the user manual, that's all. Information about the use of the device is presented quite informatively. There are, of course, shortcomings, but these are trifles. The base part looks original, shaped somewhat like a half egg on a stand. Looks pretty nice. There are no buttons on the surface. It is a little heavy in weight, as it contains the entire mechanism. Very noisy, a little quieter would be better. At the bottom of the device there is a ventilated grill, through which air escapes. Air enters from these holes, due to such ventilation it is cooled. All parts are made of plastic, hard and durable. Only the lids are slightly soft. Everything is very high quality. There are a lot of pros and cons to this device. It's pretty easy to assemble. The base part is plugged into an outlet. On nozzles and on circles a carving. It is quite tightly screwed to each other. A nozzle is taken with the blade you need and a mug or container of the right size. The container is attached to the nozzle and twisted. Then, the container with the nozzle is inserted into the base part. Further, more interesting. After all this is hoisted up, it will not work and it does not have buttons to turn it on. To start the installation, you need to press the container and turn it in a certain direction to fix it. If you just press it, it will start working, but as soon as you release it, the work will stop. That's what you need to turn around for. For fixing on the containers there are small bulges, and on the base part of the recess for these bulges. Thus, inserting into the recesses and turning all the way, as if locking it. After, to remove the container, everything is done in the reverse order. I really like multi-colored rings. It is very convenient to mark glasses, which allows you to remember where something is poured. The only bad thing is that they are thick, I do not like it. Very good idea with the lids. I made what I needed in a glass, closed it and put it in the refrigerator. In order to make a cocktail, I use a mug. Convenient, you can drink right away, and make a new one in the next mug. We put everything in a mug. We put on the base and turn it on. If necessary, you have to shake it up and down a little to get everything fluffed up. Here's what happened. If it turned out a lot, now you won’t drink everything, just the lids come in handy. Cover the glass with a lid, twist, put in the refrigerator. Very comfortably. I have never tried lids with holes, never had a chance. Nuts twists not very finely. Usually that's what I need. I really didn't like the juicer. Doesn't work well for this feature. But it is fully understood. In order to push, you need to use a piston. I used two pears. After the products are sold, you can simply close the plastic lid and let it work a little more. This is the lid. Close it is necessary, otherwise everything crashes. Little juice is obtained, and the cake is very wet (it turns out mashed potatoes), that is, it does not squeeze much. And, in fact, the juice itself is very saturated with pulp. As a result, you get 50% juice with pulp and 50% fruit puree. By the way, the puree is pretty good. The only thing that the "juicer" does well. By consistency, as they sell in jars for children. All parts, after use, are washed without problems, quite easily. I didn’t like the fact that sometimes there is not enough power, it heats up, you have to turn it off and wait for a while. At these moments, it usually smells like burnt rubber. It’s just as bad that you can’t put in a lot, but very, very little. Otherwise, not everything will grind. Tried to grind different products on it. Didn't like anything. Half is small, a small part is in huge pieces and a small part is in medium pieces. And all this in one bowl, with almost all products. It was advertised as a mini food processor. To be honest, it's loud. He is clearly not suitable for this role. In general, it is not particularly needed. And it's too expensive for something like that. We have it more often than we use it. Very often we use only during the summer season. In the country, everything is used, which is not so necessary at home. I certainly recommend this device. Its quality is good. But it is up to each individual to decide whether it is necessary or not. 전체 리뷰보기

crocs 10001 classic clog lavender men's shoes in athletic 로고

Crocs 10001 Classic Clog Lavender Men's Shoes in Athletic

Greetings, friends and guests of ! Ohoho, Crocs closed stores in Russia. And yes, I will miss you. I know for sure for 12 years (I bought it for the first time in Singapore, I'll show you). In Moscow, I bought it in a company store in a shopping center and in the Belaya Dacha Outlet. I love sabo. I myself carry exclusively in the country. And for children, these are the main shoes for the summer and instead of flip flops in the pool. The last Crocs clogs were bought by me on February 5, 2022 for my daughter. On the new ones and see what these shoes are like. This pair is made in Vietnam. We had / have Chinese. The quality is always excellent. Clogs always come in two sizes. Here they are. It is clogs that are popularly called simply "crocs". The size range starts from toddlers. Baby, of course, mimimi. Adult classic colors usually. The material from which the clogs are made is called Croslite, it is EVA. Lightweight rubber, in my opinion. Soft and elastic at the same time. The sole is grooved. The pattern is different for different models. The sole is grippy. Actually, once these shoes were created for yachting enthusiasts - so that the shoes do not slip on the deck. The inside of the clog is also not smooth. These shoes are wide, the leg can be spacious, but the foot will not slip! The strap is considered removable. Honestly, I never experimented and did not try to shoot. We just wear it, as you like and comfortably: go with a fixation on the heel or like slippers "put your foot in and go." There are special decorations for Crocs clogs - Jibbitz. Sold (sold :((( ) individually and in thematic sets. They are inserted with effort into the holes on the clog. They sit tight and don't fall out. This is how they look. Now let's see what happens to Crocs clogs after a while. Teenage clogs, worn 1 school year in the pool and 1 summer at sea and in the countryside. Well, yes, the sole can no longer be peeled clean. But strong, the second summer they went! Before washing -> Maximum purity -> They all have the same device: holes, back. The difference is in the mega-relief of the inner sole. And boyish Jibbitz.) Clogs for children. Used 2 years in the kindergarten pool and 2 summers. These were my daughter's first Crocs clogs. Now my goddaughter wears them! They don't do anything.) Clogs Crocs for children. Worn by my son for 2 seasons, then carried by my girlfriend's children and returned to me. A total of 4 years they were dragged by 3 boys in turn! Crocs clogs are large, with synthetic leather on top. I gave them to my dad 7 years ago. These are the only Crocs that I took without a discount, and I don’t regret it even once - chic. Dad took them on business trips (to change shoes on an airplane and hotels), he takes them to a sanatorium. And if you put them on with trousers, then the look is far from a slap. Well? Ready to meet the old timers? Once I thought that rubber clogs - fya, why do I need it. But I still bought 2 pairs. 12 years old, worn a little on several holidays. Simple-simple. No inserts, no drawings. And 12-year-old Crocs clogs, which I wear every year (!!) from May to September in the country. Kitchen garden, country roads, fields… You can’t wash them to powdery pink, no matter how hard you try. But they didn’t get trampled, they didn’t get crumpled, they didn’t tear, and they don’t want to be scrapped. Clogs are romantically printed. And I didn't know it was a limited edition when I bought it. And now for the second decade at my feet Zac Efron)))) Plague. Not immediately, but I found out that these clogs were dedicated to the release of one of the parts of High School Musical (I did not watch it). All in all, these shoes are indestructible. This is not an exit, this is to relax and run along dusty summer paths, beaches and fields. I do not know of such a case that the original Crocs were torn. I had the stupidity of one summer (in quarantine) to buy unknown clogs for children, so they are on someone’s nose, someone on the back fell apart. That's what the tale is about, about durability and wear! Thank you for your attention to the review. Let everythnig will be alright. 전체 리뷰보기

utopia home premium wooden hangers 로고

Utopia Home Premium Wooden Hangers

Every hostess strives for everything to be good in her house - everything lies in its place and has a decent appearance. Naturally, I want to buy some home accessories cheaper and no worse in quality. Once I went to the Fix Price budget store, I saw 2 Home Collection wooden hangers on the shelf. in a set. They were sealed with a cardboard tag. Wooden hangers, of course, in some places there are small notches that a thing clings to when you hang it on a hanger, but this problem can be quickly solved with sandpaper - I ran it over a rough place a couple of times and everything is in order. The hanger is standard - with recesses on top in order to hang clothes with special ribbons, as in a store. Of course, for the 36 rubles that these hangers cost, we understand that they are made in China and delivered to Fix Price stores by a Moscow supplier. But for such ridiculous money - these are just great hangers that will serve you in your wardrobe, like expensive ones - for a very long time! 전체 리뷰보기

zinus spring mattress narrow replacement 로고

Zinus Spring Mattress Narrow Replacement

I already wrote not so long ago that we changed the bed, in general it all started with a mattress, it was he who became unsuitable for normal sleep, the previous mattress served us for 8 years for sure, but sooner or later everything comes to an end. The new mattress was taken in the same place as the bed, in the Ikea store, although all the previous ones were bought from the same manufacturer and, in principle, the quality suited us, but as a rule they still have to wait after ordering, but here you can choose and immediately take home. What is good about the Ikea store is that you can sit on any furniture, lie down, that is, try out how comfortable it will be for you to sit on it. While I was choosing something, looking at beds and much more, my husband lay down on one of the exhibition beds and played on the phone, as a result, when I came up with an offer to go choose a bed together, he said that he had chosen a mattress. When we looked at the price of the mattress he chose, we were pleasantly surprised, only 7999 for the size that suits us. And we chose the HEATLEVIK spring mattress, I know that many people think that the mattress should be taken only expensive and you will be happy, but I don’t agree, we have the mattress that we safely threw out was completely expensive, and I don’t call it super-duper comfortable or high-quality can. So you can afford to try to buy a mattress for 8,000 rubles, and even if it turns out to be of high quality and deteriorates after some time, you can replace it without problems, not really worrying about it, especially since the manufacturer gives a guarantee of 25 years. The box looks like this: You can carry it in this form even in a car. The height of this mattress is 19 centimeters, there was also the same mattress but 25 centimeters high, it seemed that they were looking at it, but we thought that we wouldn’t notice much difference, especially since the bed itself is quite high. After you open it, the mattress will take shape within 72 hours , with us, it seems to me that he straightened out very quickly. On the bed, when they laid it out, they realized that it really wasn’t worth taking it higher, this mattress rises quite enough on the base. The folds completely smoothed out after a few hours and it became even. 전체 리뷰보기

efficiency≥95 wwdoll protection against haze proof 로고

Efficiency≥95 WWDOLL Protection Against Haze Proof

Different masks are important - different masks are needed during a pandemic. I already wrote about the TricoTex bandage-mask. For testing, we bought several different masks with the hope that some would be suitable for the child. Although they say that children can go without masks. Well, I don’t know, we sometimes put on a mask for the baby when we visit especially crowded places. This household mask is KN95. Made in China. The mask says that the filtration efficiency is 95%. In my opinion, this is a pretty good indicator. The packaging of the mask shows how to properly put on the mask. This mask is for adults. The mask uses non-woven filter material. The mask is fixed on the nose with a metal clip. The mask looks very good. The supplier of masks to Russia is EVA LLC. We use. True, they did not find anywhere how long you can use this mask. 전체 리뷰보기

self locking cableties assorted multi purpose management 로고

Self Locking CableTies Assorted Multi Purpose Management

Cable ties, or in other words - a plastic clamp should be in reserve in every household. With their help, you can quickly fix the necessary surfaces without additional tools. Screeds are packed in bags. They can be either 100 or 50 pieces. They also differ in colors: white and black. Country of origin - China. The sizes are also different from 100 mm in length and up to 400, and maybe more, I just haven’t met. Different clamps and thickness. Of the minuses - the relative quality. Sometimes a strong clamp gets in, and the next time it immediately breaks. But most of decent quality. They are actively used at a car service for fastening sleeves, highways. They can also attach caps to wheels. Now many manufacturers use screeds for their own purposes. I bought a doll for a child, the components of which were fixed with plastic clamps. Cheap and cheerful. It is better to buy in a package. The price does not bite and does not even pinch.) It is interesting to hear in the comments for what purpose you use clamps. 전체 리뷰보기

klabb shower inches chrome handheld 로고

Klabb Shower Inches Chrome Handheld

The hose was purchased in December 2021 to move to a new apartment to replace the metal rattling hose from the developer. This is the second such hose we have, the first one died after one and a half to two years (the brass bushing jumped out of the hose, flying off along with the watering can and the nut. Of course, the receipt was lost during this time and it was not possible to check the guarantee. A few days ago, the shower head rattled, the water pressure dropped. I thought it was an airlock and checked the entire system from the shut-off valves, but it turned out to be a hose. An autopsy showed the detachment of the hose from the braid. The hose peeled off and as a result we got either a hernia or hemorrhoids. As a result, the hose lasted 4 months and one week. The check was lost during the move - it will not work to check the guarantee. 전체 리뷰보기

blissland shower inches chrome handheld 로고

Blissland Shower Inches Chrome Handheld

Good day. I'll tell you today about a seemingly ordinary thing - a shower hose. It seems that there can be nothing so supernatural here, but still. So, meet the Hansgrohe Isiflex Shower Hose. The funny thing is that it is as if rigid and it does not twist. I mean, you can't tie it in a knot, for example. The fact that it does not twist is how to explain it. One flange is just made to scroll around its axis. Damn ... In a word, you can hold the hose at the very base of the watering can and at the same time freely turn the watering can 360 degrees. I don't know how best to explain it. There are pictures in the photo above, for example, the first one on the left can somehow clarify what I wrote above. Please note that the flange with a spinner is only on one side. Do not confuse during installation. And then you will have the entire hose spinning from the very base from the mixer. Actually very convenient. The hose is quite solid, rigid, does not bend like a sausage does not hang out. It might be worth saying the same. My wife used to love to twist the entire hose with a watering can around the faucet. With an old, ordinary hose. With this hose, this can also be done, only the radius of the loop (corner) will be much larger. And the last. This is my second hose. The first completely similar one was handed over to the store the next day after the purchase. There was just a factory marriage. The hose was tightly clogged. The strength of the lungs was not enough to blow it through. Check this product directly in the store. I like. But pay attention to the shortcomings I have identified. All good. 전체 리뷰보기

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