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BHEX Token

The trading platform BHEX has a strong and leading presence in the crypto currencies world, being invested by several first class institutions. It offers a wide range of services and products, eagerly competing with most well-known trading platforms. What I particularly enjoyed is the return on investment I could earn from purchasing the BHEX token ant the time of launch: an average of 90% it’s definitely a great return that brings satisfying results. BHEX token keeps nice standards over all its course of living, making it an interesting crypto on which to bet. One of the main downsides of the token is its unavailability for mining, which can be an overriding feature people will take into account when making investing decisions. In these cases, a proper wallet of the platform might as well influence the customers’ choices. I suggest to implement one as soon as possible. 전체 리뷰보기

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In a world where people are so mobile, interact with different countries and make exchanges with diverse currencies, it is imperative to have an efficient service helping making transfer all around the world. Adding crypto to the tier, the scope of CompareTransfer appears to be interesting and unbeatable. I personally need this type of service, since I work for people coming from foreign countries and paying in their own currencies. At the end of the month I need to change everything in my own currency to make my living wage. That is why I continuously look for the best, faster, cheaper service to change money with and this is why I came across with CompareTransfer. The preconditions of this service are quite interesting, but the website is almost impossible to use, it takes ages to load and continuously shows error pages. Is there a bug or something?전체 리뷰보기

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LGBTQ Network Foundation

I am always in favor to those project taking care of social matters, especially if they are aimed to support minorities, discriminated group of people or social issue impacting as all. The LGBTQ Network Foundation is a brilliant idea, a very interesting model on how integrating blockchain and crypto to help communities in everyday life and facing issue. In today's world we all need to stand up and speak up for everyone's rights, to make everyone feel included in our society and break down every forms of racisms. The LGBTQ Network Foundation is doing it right: by implementing blockchain, crypto tokens, swaps and exchanges it has the change to be of a great support to all those people belonging to the LGBTQ group, raising awareness, sharing stories and taking care of a worldwide community without borders. Fully supporting this project!전체 리뷰보기

kublaicoin 로고


The project had some very interesting traits at the beginning, that is why I felt so curious and I started to follow all along its developments. Then, time started to fly by and updates from this project kept lacking, leaving unresolved issues, unfinished ideas and unsatisfied people. It appears clean by its price trend, explosive increase during the very first month of its launch, then sharply dropping to even lower than its ICO. It had been dormant for more than half a year now, so I supposed it had been given up or something. For those like me who have been following the project since the very beginning and invested some money it all feels pretty disappointing. I can't hide a bit for range about it as well.전체 리뷰보기

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