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mohern double sided short humans 로고

MoHern Double Sided Short Humans

Great brushes for cleaning my Shih Tzu's eyes! I first blunt the teeth of the comb with a nail file to make them less sharp. I then use Johnson's highly diluted Tear-Free Baby Shampoo (a tiny drop in a cup of warm water) to soften and wash the easy-to-remove residue from the eyes with a cosmetic cotton circle, then gently comb the remaining residue from the eyes . Highly recommend brushes!전체 리뷰보기

cablemod pro modmesh cable extension motorcycle & powersports 로고

CableMod PRO ModMesh Cable Extension Motorcycle & Powersports

I was sooooo waiting for this, unfortunately I either got an evil unicorn out of the wires, or a quality problem. I'm guessing an evil unicorn. The processor kit had a disconnected cable and the video card power cables were not working. as you can see above. I'm coming back thinking about ordering another pair but this shows why I'm disappointed with purchases like this through the seller and not Revain. The refund must be issued, then the credit applied, and then the replacement/repurchase completed. The process is very long when something goes wrong and due to the long painful impersonal process I have now eaten too many products and have decided not to return because of the inconvenience and high hassle coming back for a low price. The cables I received should not pass quality control. And other options I see on Revain are from brands I'm not familiar with.전체 리뷰보기

bingfu universal motorola connector amplifier 로고

Bingfu Universal Motorola Connector Amplifier

The previous owner of my truck tried to install an aftermarket radio. One of the many mistakes he made was not buying an antenna adapter; Instead I cut off the antenna cable and tried to connect the Motorola connector to the cable. Not even close. I replaced the antenna cable in the cabin and used this adapter to connect the replacement cable to the radio. For the 2012 Ram 1500 it was perfect. Keep in mind that there may be two antenna cables; one for the wing antenna and one for the GPS/satellite radio if you have one (like mine). Make sure you have connected the correct antenna cable. This adapter works with both.전체 리뷰보기

hoody doggy turquoise accessories adjustable 로고

Hoody Doggy Turquoise Accessories Adjustable

This is an amazing necklace/jewelry for dogs. I have a chihuahua and it suits him beautifully. Beads and pendants look like the first day, the accessories have not faded or changed color. This item came in a very cute little gift box with a cool sticker/company logo on it. . Ideal for a gift. I first bought it for my larger dog but it didn't fit because I didn't measure and estimate the size. This is 100% my fault. Be sure to measure your pet's neck. I love that this is a creative, colorful and low profile product for my dog.전체 리뷰보기

sublimation bandanas triangle polyester accessories 로고

Sublimation Bandanas Triangle Polyester Accessories

I wish that Material would be thicker and easier to tie to small dogs. It is very easy to connect. Good outlet for the money.전체 리뷰보기

purina friskies seafood chicken variety 로고

Purina Friskies Seafood Chicken Variety

I don't understand why some cat food gets bad reviews because cats don't eat it. We've had up to 9 here at our country house, some of them were homeless people who came to eat and one stayed at home in inclement or cold weather and although they can be choosy they all basically eat what we put out for them . when they are hungry. You get canned food during the morning meal and different types of grain-free dry food for the rest of the day (depending on the price). We had a cat who was about 17 years old, she died not long ago and all she could eat was canned food. Can't comment on how good it is but still reasonably priced with a subscription and savings, it's a bargain for us and it's not available locally which is 45 miles is the vet . The problem is, homeless animals need better food, not the Purina Seafood Sensations we want to give them. It's difficult to hide food plates or push some cats outside while others are eating, so now we mix it with that and they seem happy... other cats seem to like it too, although we prefer to keep them on the taste of the wild to keep . We have several acres of land that is completely fenced so the cats feel safe from dogs that walk off the leash. I'm guessing they're not actually homeless because they rarely venture more than 100 yards from home and can hear cat food popping from across the field. A few years ago, our cat had urinary problems: bladder stones that restricted her urination and made her bleed, and she tried to urinate throughout the day to reduce irritation. The vet stated that the reason for the stone formation is the bad ingredients in some dry cat food because the cat cannot process enough liquid to digest the food. He wanted to put her on a special diet of Science Diet Urinary Tract Dry Specialty Blend and then on one of her regular foods for life. It seemed a little useless because initially we fed the cats a decent food like Purina One. We did some research and found that most of the filler in most dry cat foods is actually grain, which is difficult for cats to digest. The diet we found included homemade cat food consisting of shredded rabbit and chicken pieces with some added vitamins. I tried it and it worked, but it was a hassle to make, the rabbit isn't cheap or easy to find, and takes up a lot of freezer space. Going back to another search, some limited canned and grain-free pellets proved viable alternatives. There aren't many fillers in canned foods, and the most important ones for us are poultry, fish, and meat in pie or gravy form. Cats are using this now and the kidney/urinary tract problems are gone, their coat is better, their urine is more but they urinate less often now because they don't need to consume as much water to process grains and they like them really what they eat. We feed them Friskies or canned 9-Lives and started with Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Merrick Before Grain, Felidae, Natural Balance Pea or Taste of the Wild dry. Dry food is getting more expensive, packaging is getting smaller and free shipping offers are disappearing, so it's harder to get a deal now, but when we do, we buy more. I can't say enough about how well this new diet is working and every trip to the vet saved is worth more food. In general, cats prefer dry food with a fish flavor. What we do is based on information from Lisa A. Pearson, DVM at Making Cat Food (, and she believes cats need bones, which makes grinding difficult, which is why canned food contains bones. We've tried grinding up our own chicken and rabbit mix but it runs out fast and I can't grow either with the intention of killing it to feed the cats. We still feed them dry food because it's quite expensive to feed all these cats. It's a shame that the packaging is getting smaller, but the prices are staying the same or increasing. We bought grain free kibble from Merrick and Wild Buffalo and now the packs are down to 11lbs. everyone. However, if you do the math, canned foods are still cheaper per serving. As long as Revain keeps doing business we will keep buying them, cats will keep eating them and it's worth 5 stars in my opinion. We had a subscription and stock for some other brands but they soon disappeared as they are difficult to ship and recently on some boxed products they disappeared or the price went up significantly. I am posting this review with minor changes for each cat food we buy, rather than writing a brand new review. For example, if this continues... and the price keeps going up, we won't buy them again, and even with a 15% discount (most items are now 5% off and 15% is rare) and free shipping, they cost more than in one Grocery Store...End the price hike rant! I find micromanaging my subscriptions a real problem, but if I don't I'm either overpaying or missing out on an offer in a different sized bag. Our cats have a few acres of fenced property so who knows what they'll eat in there, but once inside we're determined not to give them anything to make them uncomfortable or give us the vet bill and listen like one of them whining about what would be a 90 mile round trip to that vet. We've been using this for about 3 years and it's one of the few that's still available to us at a discount. The cat with the problem that started it all is only going from strength to strength and seems to have had more than one life since I found her lying in the driveway on a cold, rainy day about 15 years ago. The advantage of buying wet food here is that it has free shipping and comes in a boxed box. Heading to the local shops (which are 40 miles away) means buying it in a can or, if you're lucky, getting an open flat. In any case, it's a pile of empty cans and lots of bags that have to be lugged home, sorted and stowed away. Now I can get over 100 cans at once and it only takes me a few minutes to open the box on my door and put it away, so the convenience is a real plus. As the lenses aren't that strong expect a few bent ones and I've even had a few split ones that had to be thrown away but that's not a problem with the product so I'm not deducting a star for that. The last order was opened, repackaged and then sealed with tape but the number of cans of each choice was wrong but the total was correct. I have less salmon and more than others but I got the salmon in different packaging so it's ok.전체 리뷰보기

repti zoo backgrounds ventilation knock down 로고

REPTI ZOO Backgrounds Ventilation Knock Down

I usually buy an Exo-Terra brand terrarium when I need this type of terrarium (although I have other brands), but recently I've been searching the market for a 24 x 18 x 18 inch aquarium and decided to give repti - try the zoo. Later this year I will be building a 5 or 6 foot terrarium and since Repti-Zoo and Carolina Custom Cages are the only two known companies that sell larger terrariums I thought this would be a good opportunity to meet Repti. - Zooterrariums before investing in a large aquarium - especially since I had no luck with their electronics (all Repti-Zoo thermometers and hygrometers I received were defective). Below are some thoughts on this terrarium compared to what Exo-Terra has to offer: Screen Top: The Reptizoo mesh is not as thin as the Exo-Terra therefore 1) less UVB is filtered and 2) the Zilla- Spring clips are easier to clean Install. Because the Reptizoo mesh is strong, the spring hooks also don't deform the screen, so we didn't have to resort to backing boards under the hooks to prevent the screen from tearing (which we do on the Exo-Terra). Her top is one long open section, unlike Exo-Terra which divides her into 4 quadrants, allowing Reptizoo more flexibility in terms of lighting. Double mini-dome lights hardly fit this Exo-Terra size unless they're diagonal and the canopy lights sit flat because of the crossbars - we add strips along the bottom of the lights to keep them from swaying. Reptizoo's only weakness is that you have to leave a one centimeter gap between the frame and the mount due to a heat resistance issue with their plastic frame, which the Exo-Terra doesn't seem to have. In addition, Reptizoo's outer frame is quite wide, which does not allow the use of a thin high-power UVB lamp next to a mini-dome heat lamp; both lamps are very common in the US and should be placed as close as possible for optimal vitamin D synthesis. The smallest slimline (14" lamp with 12" bulb) combined with a 5.5" Minidome measures 19.5" which is 1/4" more than the two ends - 1" when calculating the required spacing in Cord Management: The Exo-Terra has 2 cords on the back (the Reptizoo does not), but there have been reports of reptiles getting trapped inside causing injury and death, and eating insects hiding there. The Reptizoo has a prominent grommet on the right side of the tank that allows cables to be routed to the side rather than up or back, but I personally find that the cables hanging off the side of the tank (like the grommet itself) , ruin the look . Terrarium. Both Reptizoo and Exo-Terra have integrated cable management systems into their tops. Reptizoo uses 6 half-round clips (1 in the back left corner, 2 in the back left side, 1 in the back right corner and 2 in the back right side) that are inserted, but they are only suitable for very thin wire. There is a channel on the back of the clip for the cable to run through. However, if you are using a thermostat, you will need to cut the groove deeper for the cable to fit. Thermostats are very common, so I was surprised that the Reptizoo design didn't have a place for them. Also, the slides pop up easily and unexpectedly. The idea is good, but the implementation is lame. The Exo-Terra, on the other hand, relies on a pair of sliding bars (one on each side of the back) that cover a series of wire holes, and you open one or more rooms by sliding the bar back and forth. The holes fit all wire sizes I've used so far and you can block any holes if you like. Ventilation: Before purchasing this device, I asked if there was a model that did NOT have grille holes on both sides. Tank, but Reptizoo NEVER replied. While the 4 3/16" holes provide cross-ventilation, unless you live in a humid environment, there will be a dramatic drop in relative humidity (RH). Moisture is critical to proper hair styling and health, so this is a big concern. We replaced these panels with acrylic sheets to keep the relative humidity above 40. The Exo-Terra has numerous small holes drilled along the frame just below the doors (off center to avoid pinheads etc) allowing for adequate ventilation while maintaining humidity levels. Bottom: Both brands embed the legs in molded sockets to allow adequate ventilation for the UTH, but the Exo-Terra has shorter legs to allow for minimal clearance - we need to add grommets to prevent pinching the UTH cable to avoid. Reptizoo, on the other hand, offers a lot of freedom. However, in the questions section, Reptizoo states that their bottom is entirely glass (similar to Exo-Terra), but it appears to be covered in composite material and I don't know how durable it will be (especially since their plastic top gets hot) . frame) doors and locking mechanism Reptzoo comes without a handle (therefore the doors are difficult to open), while Exo-Terra is fully functional out of the box; It comes with a built in handle/knob built into the locking mechanism. Reptizoo requires you to physically lock the doors (they sent 2 keys on the suction cups) to keep them closed. The lock is surface mounted - when the key is turned a tongue pops out, acting as a physical barrier in front of the doors. However, due to the minimal gap between the unit and the glass doors, you will need to push on the doors to close them, otherwise you will hit the bottom edge of the door, causing the glass to break/crack. Exo-Terra works without a key - just turn the handle to lock the doors. Also, the bottom of your door is framed so the edge of the glass is protected. Other: Both companies use a foam backdrop that mimics rocks and rocks - the Reptizoo has a flat back, while the Exo-Terra has a pair of vertical channels on either side designed for routing cables (see Cable Management for details). Although I have received some backgrounds from Exo-Terra that have been a bit short (up to 1/2 inch) over the years, their backgrounds are cut from a single sheet - their Reptizoo piece by piece. What I received is 2 mismatched pieces glued together and the seam is awful - impossible to hide. Reptizoo's "breathtaking" design calls for a frame at all corners, while Exo-Terra is made entirely of glass for a seamless look; As such, the Reptizoo is more like an old-fashioned box, while the Exo-Terra is more like a tank. Although the ad claims that assembling the tank is a 5-minute task for one person, I didn't think that was true. Since you have to hold all four sides together to put the top on, you really need an extra pair of hands. Also, like the previous reviewer, one of the parts arrived damaged - someone had previously removed one of the four main bolts holding the tank together. Exo-Terra ships its unit already assembled, so no assembly is required. Overall, the Reptizoo Terrarium is an attractive choice - 3.5 stars. I wanted to round up to 4 stars as cost is the main factor (I paid $160 for Reptizoo while Exo-Terra was listed for $280 despite being historically priced competitively with the Reptizoo division), but the Reptizoo's customer service leaves much to be desired. much to be desired (no response to questions, plus I once received a weird email from them after returning a faulty Revain hydrometer); So I rounded up to 3 stars instead. Both are good but not perfect.전체 리뷰보기

idepet clothes hoodies chihuahua clothing 로고

Idepet Clothes Hoodies Chihuahua Clothing

I ordered both XL and 2XL because I wasn't sure which would fit and which would be too big. I have a 14 pound shitsu. Based on the measurements listed on the product page, both should fit my dog. Unfortunately the XL was narrow and the 2XL too narrow, although the 2XL had more room, albeit a little more. If you want a comfortable fit for your small dog I would recommend the 2XL as it fits snugly without being too tight. However, if you want your furry friend to have a little reprieve, look elsewhere. I would say 2XL would fit a dog under 10lbs and XL would fit a Chihuahua. Otherwise the hoodie was very cute, well made and a good price.전체 리뷰보기

petcube camera built full room monitoring 로고

Petcube Camera Built Full Room Monitoring

Wow. I thought the Petcube would be really cool. I got my cat almost simultaneously with this device. Boy was I wrong. Maybe my demands are too high today, but the thing is expensive scrap. I should have known as I curiously downloaded the app online to test laser play with other pets. I only found 1 or 2 out of 100 that had it enabled. Of these, the camera was placed on the floor like in a mouse pose at a cat internet cafe, so I tried playing laser pointers with the kitty residents and it looks like they're so fed up with that laser. . That's exactly what happened to my sweetheart: she played with it for a day, and then, after dozens of attempts to get in and out of the room, she just didn't care about the laser. Perhaps there is simply no substitute for face-to-face handheld laser interaction. In any case, the laser itself is GOOD and syncs up well with the camera once you get the hang of it. Night vision is on when the light is on. So I had to disable NVIS to see anything. After a week or two, the night vision failed completely, leaving it only dark in low light. Voice quality is better than other cameras, so that could make a difference. However, it takes 2-3 minutes for Wi-Fi or wireless connections to load and clear before you can see or interact with anything. Did I get the worst Petcube Play 2 ever? You guys made me look like an idiot when I was bragging about it to my feline friends and the device wasn't working. Now they are even more suspicious of your product. PETCUBE. Contact me directly for details on this review - perhaps this situation can be remedied with sensitive, conscious customer service; I could possibly use the Petcube biter and change my mind.전체 리뷰보기

horze avalanche medium turnout fleece 로고

Horze Avalanche Medium Turnout Fleece

Excellent, very durable thick sheet. I love the fleece lining. Blocks the wind and is perfect for Southern California where it really isn't cold enough for a heavy blanket. Use it on my clipped Connemara trail. There were no static problems.전체 리뷰보기

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