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Larry D Rine

The quality in customer service! I can't think about anything that we dislike or haven’t enjoyed working with them from their team all through to project management/designs etc.. Very attentive & quick responses when needed very knowledgeable staff who go above an beyond making sure you get your projects completed as expected at competitive prices. No complaints so far but if there was something i could mention it would be 1) more communication 2). better documentation which helps make future jobs easier 3.) faster turn around times 4.).전체 리뷰보기

nexage 로고


The best part of nexage is its ability to integrate with other software platforms seamlessly which helps me run my business more effectively. I have had some issues regarding customer support but i am sure they are working towards resolving these problems as fast as possible. So far so good! Great integration between different types of softwares. It has helped us streamline our work processes by making it easier for all employees at the office to use one platform instead of having separate applications or websites.전체 리뷰보기

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D3 Technologies

They are very responsive, they communicate well about project scope & timelines along way through out development process - whether it be via phone or email (sometimes I wish there was more communication but we have been able find solutions together). The team has many years of expertise working for major OEMs so know what works best when developing new systems/products within an industry which helps you save time as compared against other companies who may not understand your product requirements! Nothing really at this point though just glad our relationship continues forward after over 2yrs now :) We needed assistance from d-tech's R&D department specifically focusing upon 3d printing technology integration into manufacturing equipment such us CNC machines etcetera.전체 리뷰보기

styleade 로고


The best feature I like is that you can have multiple employees working in different locations but share their data with others who are not physically present at work. Some people might find this difficult to understand so it's good if there was an option to explain how your system works as well (for example, what happens when someone shares his/her account). It has been very helpful during my internship period while doing online research or using various applications simultaneously without any interruptions from other users sharing same accounts. Also helps make sure all sales records get entered into one central database which makes record keeping much easier than maintaining several copies individually.전체 리뷰보기

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Write Manage

I really like how easy it was to set up my account with write mange! The support team helped me get everything setup correctly for our needs. It's so simple you don't need any training at first use.The only downside would be some of the templates are very basic in design which makes them not ideal if your looking towards more professional designs (we have custom ones we created but they take longer). We're using this software primarily to keep authors organized and able to submit work easily between each other without having multiple accounts or emails for different projects - especially since one author may handle several different titles/projects from many publishers. This has solved so much time wasted trying to find things among email threads etc.- no searching through dozens of messages anymore- just upload new files directly into project folder instead of replying back and forth over emailing multiple people about same file- saves SO MUCH TIME.전체 리뷰보기

brightwork 로고


The ability for multiple users to collaborate at once has been extremely helpful in our daily workflow. It's easy to use even if you are not familiar with it! I would like there was more integration into third party applications such as Salesforce or HubSpot so we could have one place where all tasks were located rather than having two separate places (Brightwork & 3rd Party). We're solving multiple problems within my organization by using this tool - better communications between team members, ease of task tracking/monitoring, improved communication across teams. 전체 리뷰보기 로고

The ability for my team members to access everything they need from the one page is brilliant! There's nothing i dislike about this service, it has made our jobs so much easier with all the monitoring we're doing at work now via uptimerm!! Our IT department uses uptimer m too as does every other organisation that works within these systems/websites We can see uptime history for our website easily with this tool. It is very easy to use even by non technical users. I don't have any dislikes as it's working well so far but if you want more features then go ahead otherwise all are good in my opinion. It has helped me to check uptime/down time for one or multiple sites at once. 전체 리뷰보기

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Social Reach Marketing

The best thing about Social Reach Marketing is that they have a great team of experts. There is nothing that I dislike about their services. They are affordable, and their team is very easy to work with. They are also very quick to respond to any questions that I have. We are able to use their services to promote our company. Their team is able to get our posts seen, and we are able to keep track of our results. I like that they are very efficient in their services, always willing to help with any questions you have regarding your account or what is going wrong within it! They also provide great customer service which makes them stand out from other providers we've used previously (in terms of quality). Nothing really at this time - everything has been good so far but if there's anything i can think about then let me know :) Great team who will take care of all aspects relating to marketing for our business!! 전체 리뷰보기

range 로고


The ability to use it everywhere! In my organization as well as in other companies I have worked with across different industries. It works great when you are on-site but even better if used remotely or while traveling. Nothing really at this time because we just started using range so there isn't much for me to say about our experience right now. If your looking into getting range then try out some demos first and see which feels best for you. We've been able to solve problems of communication both within our remote employees and those located on site. 전체 리뷰보기

myshiftwork 로고


It’s a nice interface. I like how I can view all of my work shifts at a glance. The only feature that I don’t like is that it’s really basic. There are some features missing such as seeing how many hours you’ve worked, seeing what your pay is after shift, not being able to see how much time you’ve worked on a particular shift. It’s a great platform to use because it has a good database of companies and organizations. We have been able to get jobs posted very fast. People can easily apply and we can view all of their work shift information in one view. I like that it's easy for me as an employee of this organization, with other employees who are not able or willing too use computerized time clock software (we're required by our state insurance agency), so we can still verify hours worked in payroll! It also allows us access at home while off-site which helps keep track if someone forgets their laptop/computer when they go out into public areas such as restaurants etc..전체 리뷰보기

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