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The customer service is amazing, they work with you to figure out what your needs are & help make them happen! I do not have any dislikes about this product at all!! It's been great working w/AppTrinooversus trying new products from different companies in our industry as well :) Our team has used so much of their services over time that it was hard finding other options until now when we've moved into using RecruiterOne (which uses Troninos) instead - but there really isn't anything bad i can think right off hand either way. We love having trionos around because if someone leaves or gets sick then one person doesn’t know everything that happens within an app which makes things more difficult moving forward than ever before ;) And also hiring staff members who aren'e familiar yet helps us feel comfortable letting go sometimes without worrying abouot training etc.,. 전체 리뷰보기

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The ease with which we can customize our screens makes it easy enough that even those without any HTML experience could get up speed very fast! I wish there was more flexibility around what fields you are able pull from your database/searchable databases (ie only pulling certain parts or all). We used this product as an ATS solution within my organization but also had many clients using their platform across multiple states so being flexible when working outside one's own state would be great too!! Overall pretty happy overall though not 100% sure why some client sites have such different layouts than others? It seems like maybe they were built by someone else who didn't use BMS at first then later changed over time?? Just something odd about how things look sometimes compared to other products out there - just don’t know if its anything specific here vs elsewhere yet haven”™ t found anyone willing to talk specifics w me haha. 전체 리뷰보기

goopaws soft sided approved carriers collapsible 로고

GOOPAWS Soft Sided Approved Carriers Collapsible

Works perfectly !

Fast, fast and in a hurry needed due to leaving for training camp. I had to bring the child to the grandmother! She traveled well and it was pretty cool! My mother still uses it to carry my baby. It even has a flap made specifically for your suitcase so you can keep your little one super cool (as you can see) close to you! In addition, the inner part can detach in case of spillage, which is very convenient! Also the way it is strong yet flexible worked great during the flight keeping my baby from being crushed! Highly recommended!전체 리뷰보기

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Intoval Wireless Charger Charging S3 Accessories & Supplies

Update 10-01-20 gave me a different charger. So far the charger is working as intended with my Samsung Note 20 and Samsung Active 2. Intoval was very persistent in trying to fix the problem. I rushed my guess in my first takeover review. I would have no problem buying another Intoval product. I ordered this because the listing said the charger would work with my Galaxy S20. I can get the vertical charger to work, but I have to either place the phone horizontally on top of the vertical charger, or charge the phone horizontally on top of the vertical charger and slowly rotate the phone vertically, being careful not to lose contact to the charger. The horizontal charger charges my Note 20, but that defeats my purpose for ordering this charger. My watch charges well, my Galaxy S7 with Otter Box Commuter case charges well on both vertical and horizontal chargers. Photos of how I got my Note 20 to charge on the vertical charger. I think the device is a good charger, but I think the company was just trying to take over the new Note 20 business without proper testing.전체 리뷰보기

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Fritz PRO Ammonium Chloride 500Gm

You are probably looking at this to start the nitrogen cycle in a new aquarium. It should definitely provide you with the ammonia you need to feed your nitrifying bacteria. It looks like (although I can't tell for sure) 100% ammonium chloride powder. I work full time in a pharmacy and am familiar with chemical raw/single component powders/medicinal powders and it's very similar. You'll most likely only need a tiny, tiny fraction of the total 500 grams in this jar for everything to work, so you're left with a ton of ammonia. I think you could use the rest to make your own ammonia cleaning solution if you like. You want to measure this with a scale. It would be nice if they offered this in 50 or 100 gram bags, but they will probably only relabel the chemicals they buy in bulk. Even so, it's probably better to use Fritz's other "Fishless Fuel" product, which is a pre-diluted ammonium solution. I didn't know Fishless Fuel existed until I bought this powder.전체 리뷰보기

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Ikuso Indoor Interior Kitties Kittens

Read a bunch of bad reviews for a type of cat door that has a flap and decides I don't want to risk my kittens paws or tails and since it's an indoor door we use it, and it works fine. Installation was pretty easy, just cut out the round part. We had to try a few times to get the right angles and stuff like that. It really should come with a specific template as it is not clear what piece you should be using to even measure the cut, we obviously made the wrong template to begin with. But now that it's installed, my kitties started using it right away. Took these pics tonight with one sitting nicely in the hole and the other sliding right past her sister. My cats currently weigh about 6.5 pounds each, if that helps at all.전체 리뷰보기

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BioSilk Dogs Bristle Removes Suitable

I cut off the tag before noticing the missing side comb and curved bristles. Deciding that I would rather skip the meal than bother trying to get it back, I tried it on a dog and she gave me the biggest stinky look ever and pulled her hair. I will keep it to help with its knots but it will be a pain and a half to clean as it has no side comb and is useless as a regular cleaning tool. Phew, I knew almost before I even bought it what a waste of money. I don't like glove brushes, they're all too big for my hand and I have a lot of useless supplies, but this is way better than that.전체 리뷰보기

smalllee_lucky_store halloween costume outfits holiday 로고

SMALLLEE_LUCKY_STORE Halloween Costume Outfits Holiday

Funny novelty

My cat doesn't like wearing this, but it's quite funny. It fits her perfectly but the suit itself is a bit tight and restricts arm space.전체 리뷰보기

eliminator veterinarian strength destroyer trigger 로고

Eliminator Veterinarian Strength Destroyer Trigger

Very easy. Left no scent! No chemical smell, no fruity or spicy smell. Nothing! When dogs come back from the vet, they usually smell like anal glands covered in some kind of chemical cleaner smell. I found out they use this product and bought some with dogs on the couch and in the car. Good to know he only leaves salt and water behind. What a find! This is my way from now on.전체 리뷰보기

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Zack Zoey Fleece Lined Hoodie 20

Attention, the different sizes do not match at all I have a medium sized Dalmatian (50 pounds) and originally ordered a large hoodie. When I got it I couldn't even close the front scratch and was afraid of breaking the dog's legs if I took it off. It was so tight and too small that I ordered XXL. When I got this I put it on and it was ridiculously large. The sweatshirt almost completely covered his cock. So when I sent these two back I was finally happy to find that the XL size was supposed to fit perfectly, but that wasn't the case at all. The problem lies in the editing itself, which is actually poorly done. Size XL is ok but the front legs are still too tight on his front legs so he can't lie down comfortably. In short, don't trust the sizing and the cut doesn't seem very well thought out. She's only meant to fit a certain type of dog and in almost all of the photos (no matter what size they sell) she probably looks more like small dogs like this French bulldog. In her defense, the stuff is really good. Ps: In these photos, Luda is wearing a LARGE sweatshirt.전체 리뷰보기

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