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stq clogs garden sandals little 로고

STQ Clogs Garden Sandals Little

This product clearly states that shoes should be ordered in a standard size. My grandson wears a size 11 baby. According to the description, this shoe fits sizes 11, 12 and 1. The shoe is a good 1 cm larger for his foot. Even when using a strap, the shoes do not stay on the foot. I'm afraid to order a size down as it will most likely be too small. This shoe will likely fit a size 1 baby foot, not a size 11 or 12!전체 리뷰보기

footsis pilates hospital classes dinosaur 로고

Footsis Pilates Hospital Classes Dinosaur

Excellent quality

We have been looking for such socks that do not slip on the tiled floor for a very long time, excellent quality, good work, the child will be very happy to order more전체 리뷰보기

one all samsung replacement remote 로고

One All Samsung Replacement Remote

As described, ready to use with any Samsung TV. Not only is the learning feature extremely easy to use, some of my devices worked with the remote without any programming even though it wasn't Samsung! Within 2 minutes of putting the batteries in it was able to control my KDLinks streaming media player, my Technics audio system and of course my Samsung HDTV. Great remote control and very cheap.전체 리뷰보기

geox cfast11 moc black toddler 로고

Geox Cfast11 Moc Black Toddler

Geox are fantastic shoes. They stand up to all the abuse an active little boy can endure and polish to perfection. My son goes to a school where polished leather shoes are part of the uniform and the Geox is ready to be tested on the playground and then looks good for dress up day. Because they breathe so well, they practically don't smell, even at the end of the school year. This particular style is definitely similar to modern day loafers, so there is not much space from the sole to the upper of the shoe. If you have a child like mine that doesn't like the feeling of shoes touching or pinching their toes/feet, this style isn't for them. Try Geox William instead. Significantly higher toe!전체 리뷰보기

bracelet natural volcanic bracelets friends 로고

Bracelet Natural Volcanic Bracelets Friends

The beads came in a very nice black box and packaged. It was a good weight and the color was true to the picture. My boyfriend and I love it and it makes a great gift. I recommend them for every occasion!전체 리뷰보기

paisley london henry occasion wedding boys' clothing 로고

Paisley London Henry Occasion Wedding Boys' Clothing

Really well done!

These suits are very well made. The product arrived on time, in excellent condition. They were in duffel bags with every item and the costumes are beautiful. We had to order a size up because they weren't his size, but it worked in our favor. The shirt fit a size 10 but the suit would fit a size 8 better. I used the measurements to order and everything was fine. The pants are roomy, the vest is relatively roomy - it happened. I will definitely order here again. The quality is way better than anything I could find in a department store.전체 리뷰보기

kwmobile dust cover 49 50 protector accessories & supplies 로고

Kwmobile Dust Cover 49 50 Protector Accessories & Supplies

Perfect case

I just wrote a review of the same case for a 55 inch screen. I bought the 50" because it looked easy to put on after being made for the road and was very heavy. This bag is very light, very easy to put on and when not in use you can just fold it up and stow in the pouch provided. I have cats and sometimes they spray and spray the coating sadly. I just toss it in the wash and no smell and it's clean - super easy. You won't regret buying this case to to keep it closed If I had a complaint, very minor, minor, I would like it to go a little deeper.전체 리뷰보기

handle joypad protective trigger button 로고

Handle Joypad Protective Trigger Button

Having two l and r keys helps a lot. I use my Second Screen Vita on my PS4 and it works great. I'm currently playing Cyberpunk 2077 and it made the shooting and driving much better.전체 리뷰보기

monoprice cornerstone full motion articulating bracket 로고

Monoprice Cornerstone Full Motion Articulating Bracket

I am satisfied with this corner TV wall mount, but with a few exceptions! First, the built-in spirit level that comes with this mount is a far cry! DO NOT BELIEVE IT! Get a professional contractor level! 2.) The bracket is designed to drill more holes in the wall plate than wall studs. I drilled a third hole in each bracket so 3 screws would go into the wall studs on each side. (The included wall wedges are completely useless!) I wouldn't trust them to hold much weight at all! I also didn't like the idea of drilling big enough holes for the molly screws! Higher tightened screws were also used, 1/2" longer than delivered. This mount should be designed to focus more on vertical mounting than horizontal mounting. In my humble version!전체 리뷰보기

jeqmory toddler children slippers sandals 로고

JEQMORY Toddler Children Slippers Sandals

Great Quality

I didn't know what to expect because the price was so good but they are super cute! Good and comfortable, my baby loves it! They even sent an adorable set of adorable little sharks! I recommend this 100%.전체 리뷰보기

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