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Good day to you all, my dear readers! Today I'm going to tell you about the best pretzel place in Russia. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Krendelkoff Bakery. Here you can taste and experience the magical sensations of the taste and smell of these incredible pretzels. Though small, the cafe is amazing in the choice offered to the customer. Six types of pretzels for every taste and color! This is a classic pretzel with sesame seeds. Tender pretzel with cheese. Spicy pretzel with pepperoni and cheese. Exotic pretzel with hemp seeds. Delicious and sweet pretzel with poppy seeds. An unusual pretzel with pumpkin seeds. Also, in addition to pretzels, the cafe has a large selection of other pastries: hotdogs with different fillings, rolls and pies. Also, the cafe serves great coffee and a variety of lemonades! The cafe positions itself as a street food cafe, so there is no indoor space. Only food dispensing on the spot. A large selection of drinks so visitors can enjoy their food with a wonderful drink to suit all tastes! Highly recommend this establishment to visit! Thanks for reading my brief review, come eat pretzels. 전체 리뷰보기

nintendo sw 45496421861 souls remastered 로고

Nintendo SW 45496421861 Souls Remastered

Hello all! I want to tell you in this review about this exciting and interesting game! If you like inflicting pain on yourself, if you like crying at night from despair, if you like walking barefoot on burning embers in the form of Lego figures, then this game is definitely for you! This game is suitable for sophisticated gamers who love challenges during the playthrough. In the game you need to defeat enemies to pick up internal currency in the form of souls and avoid defeat, as each defeat takes you back to the control point and revives all enemies again. Of course, you have a non-replenishable supply of first aid kits in the form of Estus drink. But each enemy, even the weakest, can send you replaying a level. The bosses in this game are a separate story. Each boss has its own set of attacks and moves. You need to find a certain approach to each boss that will help you defeat it. Each boss is the end of the level, to pass the game on - you need to defeat the boss and take the trophy from him. Of course for some bosses it will take you more than one hundred attempts, a ton of nerves and a lot of sleepless nights. There is a huge amount of variation in the game's playthroughs. You can be a mage with a large set of spells. You can be a warrior that knows no fear and carry a sword bigger than you, that destroys your opponents with a single strike (the main thing is not to miss). You can be a dodger who deftly deals with enemies with quick attacks and a bunch of other things. In the course of the game you'll earn souls and can pump your character into any class. But do it wisely! The game also has a sufficient number of battle weapons to fit the different classes. Big swords, spears, bows, magical scepters and huge hammers and axes. Here everyone will be able to find what they like best. The amazing thing about this game is that regardless of your class, you can use any weapon you want. Yes, it won't be as effective, but still, no one will forbid you to use it. I highly recommend this game to play. Yes, it is not easy to play, but that's why millions of fans all over the world love it! Every action here will hurt you, and you'll love it, you'll see. As the saying goes: the weak go, but the strong stay. So it is here, if you feel the charm of this game, you won't want to leave. You'll go again and again, level up and earn souls. May the light of fire be with you that has long since faded! Thank you all for reviewing this review! I hope you enjoyed it. See you soon in other reviews. Goodbye!전체 리뷰보기

apple iphone 11 64gb black 로고

Apple IPhone 11 64GB Black

Hello, everyone! I want to tell you about my experience of using this beautiful phone. I bought this model 3 years ago in 2019. At that time, this model was the flagship in the line of Apple phones. My phone has the following features: black body color and 128gb memory. In 3 years of using this phone, I have not experienced any problems. Great camera, in good hands can be a good photographer's tool. Long charge, which was insanely nice and comfortable during working hours when there is no time to recharge. Big enough screen, which is not too bulky (as on the MAX version) and easily fits into a pocket of jeans or pants. It does not get hot when working continuously for a long time. In 3 years, the only thing that distinguishes its condition from new is minor scratches on the screen (yes, I have not always carried it with protective glass) and a loose charging connector due to the charging wire and wired headphones. There's not much of a problem with that, as it's a fairly popular nuisance with all phone models (assuming you don't just use wireless headphones and charging). I enjoyed this model immensely. The great design, clear camera, and large battery capacity made using this phone as comfortable as possible. After the previous model (iPhone X) I was pleasantly surprised by this phone line of Apple. Of course, I did not expect anything super-cool in iPhone 11, but this phone surprised me. Now, most likely, this phone model will not surprise anyone and my review may not be relevant, as the turn of iPhone 14, but I hope that there will be some people who will read and agree with me. If I were here 2-3 years ago, I would highly recommend this phone for purchase and use. It was probably the best phone on the market at the time, even Samsung was far from anything similar (at most the camera could compete). IOS - this is a separate story, once you try it, you never and never go back to Android. The most convenient and understandable operating system for people. I advise you also to buy a good case to protect the back panel and side edges. Be sure to put protective glass. If you can financially afford it, buy wireless headphones and forget about the piles of wires and loose connector. It is no secret that the internal synchronisation of Apple products at the highest level. Therefore, the use of airpods and apple watch is mandatory for use with this phone. All in all, my evaluation of this phone is 9/10, and I take off one point for irrelevance in our time. Have a good time everyone. See you all again! 전체 리뷰보기

farming simulator 22 pc 로고

Farming Simulator 22 PC

I'm a Farmer. I come in after a 12-hour day on the farm and start playing Farming Simulator. I love it! Hi all, I would like to tell you about the wonderful game Farming Simulator 22. I am a long time fan of this line of games. I love developing my farm and spending time on this digital ranch! The game is beautifully done. The game design is well done and a lot of emphasis has been placed on the graphical display of the game elements. High-quality appearance of vehicles, a large selection of mechanics, it is obvious that the game was worked on by high-class specialists. My every day starts with working on the family farm and ends with this wonderful game! The game is above and beyond praise. Abundant equipment, tools, and opportunities to develop your farming industry. I love exploring and growing different crops. Also, I'm great at developing livestock farming. Plus you can build a railroad and establish a railroad connection to the city and create a business campaign to sell cattle/grain, etc. I've been playing this game for a long time and have a great understanding of all the mechanics, but it will be difficult for a novice player. There is training in the game, but it is so superficial that it is better to ask for guides on YouTube. There people will be able to explain a beginner more. Also, the game is quite demanding to the characteristics of your computer. If you want to enjoy the game to the maximum, you need to turn the graphics settings to maximum and enjoy the excellent picture quality. Unfortunately, not all computers will be able to produce this. The game places a huge emphasis not only on the graphics, but also on the mechanics for the players. This game is suitable for calm gamers, without the desire to get everything at once in the moment. The game is long and it's great, if you enjoy the moment of the game and not in a hurry for business, this is the game for you. Lots of opportunities to realise yourself in farming and that's great! I highly recommend that everyone try this game! Here you can experience the real emotions and challenges of working on a farm. All the mechanics of the game are a complete repetition of all the actions in reality, and believe me, I have spent 30 years on the farm and 50 more will be here. The only thing missing from the real thing is my cousin John and his gun. This is a major omission in this game (ha-ha). There's also no opportunity to have a beer with the workers after a hard day's work. Every action in this game brings an unforgettable experience. Driving a tractor through the fields and harvesting wheat is the best part of this game. I advise everyone to try and experience it! You won't regret it, I guarantee it! Thank you all for reading my review of this game. Goodbye in other reviews and have a good time!전체 리뷰보기

genius assets 로고

Genius Assets

What can I say about Genius assets? This is a large cryptocurrency project entering the global market. This company works in the field of crypto-investments and has its own crypto-token, which is under moderation. This opportunity allows you to get a big income in a short period of time in case the token is successful. The project is stable, safe and interesting for long-term investment, because the project is an active investment in the construction segment in the US market, this aspect will allow to receive dividends. To start working with this company, it is necessary to go to their website and pass a quick and easy registration. Then in the personal office put double protection and verification to protect your account from threats. Comfortable communication with support, which will tell you how the world of cryptocurrency works, if you are new to it. Lots of experts who have been making money in this field for more than a year. You can easily discuss all your questions with different and interesting people. The company's crypto token is now being moderated on exchanges, making sure the company is reliable. These steps indicate that the company is getting stronger in the cryptocurrency market. You can also use this token for conversion, as the commission for it is decent and will allow you to get the currency you want at a better rate. True, their currency is still frozen, but its rate is now extremely attractive for buying and holding debt assets. The company has a good technical support, which will always help you find all the necessary information in all languages, and also the service itself is available in different languages, which indicates a willingness to work with clients from all over the world! At the moment I have invested about $3,000 in this project, and I am generally confident that this platform can bring me a good income in the long term. I will not recommend it to newcomers, because there is still a risk, though small. Any new crypto project can fail at the beginning. But Genius assets is ready to prove itself 100% and cope with all the difficulties of the market. In conclusion, I would like to say that the project is promising, I will recommend and follow the product of the company. I will also buy their currency for the long term. Investing is everyone's business and to invest or not, everyone should decide for himself. Genius Assets - I believe in you and your product! I hope our work together will bring us profits and unprecedented growth in assets! Goodbye!전체 리뷰보기

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