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Gods Unchained

God day, today I will tell you something about Gods Unchained. God Unchained is a very fun card game that's on blockchain with nfs cards that can actually be sold for a lot of money. The game is free to play and earn to play as well. In this game you earn Ethereum currency for collecting and selling card. I researched, these are my results. If you just play Gods Unchained each week you can make maybe eighty dollars, a hundred dollars, depending on how good you are and what kind of prizes you can get consistently. There is other ways to get money as well such as free community tournaments. In my opinion, you should definitely try this game, because this game has a bright future!전체 리뷰보기

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Hello, today I will tell you something about CryptoKitties, based on my experience. I don't even really like cats, but this game "blow my mind" when I found it. You buy crypto kitties with Ethereum currency and each one is unique and they are unique because they all have unique code that's backed on blockchain and each kitten has it's own kind of unique characteristics. You can own your own kind of "cat" and it just has it's own attributes, it's own name. If you own two crypto kitties you can breed them together and their attributes or "cattributes" as they call them will determine what the offspring will look like and in some cases certain cats certain parents will have a higher rate of potential genetic mutations in their offspring, so you could essentially mate two cats and their offspring could have a genetic mutation that no other cryptokitty has ever had before, thus making it more valuable. Generation zero crypto kitties are worth the most, there was only a finite amount released into the world. The game is good and interesting, I suggest you try it.전체 리뷰보기

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God day. Today I will tell you something about Splinterlands. Splinterlands was released in 2018, and you are probably wondering if it's still worth playing Splinterlands. My opinion is that it is definitely still worth playing Splinterlands now, and the reason for that is actually pretty simple, Splinterlands doesn't favorize people that have been playing longer then you. There is no advantage for being in the game for a long time, aside from the obvious fact that you probably will have more game experience and will be more skillful than others. You can still earn rewards by playing the game. You get deck for wining battles, you earn reward cards and dark energy crystals for completing your daily quests, you can earn packs, deck and cards for your season rating, and there are still many tournaments in which you can win different cryptos. A few months ago, the game come out for phones as well, so you can play Splinterlands on phone or on computer. Overall, for me this game is excellent, and I suggest you to try it.전체 리뷰보기

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