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sony splashproof premium headphones limited 로고

Sony Splashproof Premium Headphones Limited

Left channel failed after less than 100 hours of use, approximately one week after warranty expired. FWIW, I take very good care of my gear. I kept them in a mint box in my backpack, never pulled them out by the string and always put them back in the box immediately after use. Putting your ear through the ear loop was figuratively painful, and wearing it for more than an hour was literally a pain. However, they stayed in place until I took them off no matter what I did. The sound quality was mediocre, befitting the price and design. I don't think the Extra Bass actually reached the advertised 17Hz, at least not loud enough compared to the midrange, Music heard at this frequency, like the lowest organ notes (16 Hz), although bass guitar (40-400 Hz) cuts through quite well. I also do not believe that the published sound pressure level (volume) comes close to the specified 104 dB. As I walked around town, I could barely get them loud enough with the iPhone 6S to hear the talk radio over ambient traffic noise (approx. Of course, once they stopped working altogether, none of these shortcomings mattered. As I walked around town, I could I could barely turn them loud enough with the iPhone 6S to hear the conversational radio over ambient traffic noise (approx. Of course, none of these shortcomings mattered when they stopped working altogether. As I walked around town, I could barely hear them loud with the iPhone 6S do enough to listen to the talk radio about ambient traffic noise (approx.전체 리뷰보기

e-bro motorcycle handlebar grip brake lever lock 로고

E-Bro Motorcycle Handlebar Grip Brake Lever Lock

Although this lock (barely) didn't match my Kuryakin grips, the product itself is well built and with a little editing in the grip passage it will be an important part of my anti-theft devices.전체 리뷰보기

sandals lightweight anti slip aquatic toddler girls' shoes 로고

Sandals Lightweight Anti Slip Aquatic Toddler Girls' Shoes

sprinkler fun!

Fits my daughter well. Durable and well made. I haven't had them that long but we use them for outdoor play in the water and they work great. Non-slip helps her run and play with less spills! We mention that she wore them to the grocery store once and gave them a pretty good rub. Surprised they got so dirty, but personally I don't care, shoes are meant to be worn. I love how they dry quickly after spraying. I'll buy a few more if needed.전체 리뷰보기

simulated surveillance security systemwith realistic 로고

Simulated Surveillance Security Systemwith Realistic

It is 2 stars

Rated 4 stars, so you can see my 2 stars review first. Just don't expect it to glow like a real one. Appearance is a reasonable facsimile. can fool a drunk 65 year old robber.전체 리뷰보기

mud kingdom winter fleece lining boys' clothing and pants 로고

Mud Kingdom Winter Fleece Lining Boys' Clothing and Pants

Elastic waistband twists and won't stay flat. The general fit is just odd. The color is bright and saturated but that's the only thing I like about them.전체 리뷰보기

jacket outerwear hooded puffer outwear boys' clothing 로고

Jacket Outerwear Hooded Puffer Outwear Boys' Clothing

Unreliable zip

Unreliable zip. Torn on second wear. Sometimes we can get together and sometimes we can't. It's very frustrating trying to dress your baby in the cold. The fabric is warm and fluffy but needs a better zipper.전체 리뷰보기

marvel spider man quartz plastic casual boys' watches in wrist watches 로고

MARVEL Spider Man Quartz Plastic Casual Boys' Watches in Wrist Watches

Great gift!

The young man who received the watch has autism and now knows how to tell the time because the numbers are either large on the face and hands or marked as hours and minutes .전체 리뷰보기

adidas french hooded jacket joggers boys' clothing in active 로고

Adidas French Hooded Jacket Joggers Boys' Clothing in Active

It is described as a boys set but we bought it for our little girl. Great when we're playing outside on a cold day. But it looks cool enough that if we have to run into town for something, she can wear this set. True to size (our little girl is taller than the boys who are a year or two older than her). She said she was fine. I'm an old school adidas fan, it reminds me of b-boy clothes from the 80's and 90's (Adidas and Puma tracksuits). Besides, it's Adidas. Everyone knows this name, they trust it when it comes to quality. This way we don't have to worry about questionable fabrics or materials, that don't last long. I wash in cold water with dark, dry on gentle heat. Victory outfit, so happy we ordered it. If you like this, add it to your cart and order today.전체 리뷰보기

classic garden breathable sandal outdoor indooru720addxc white 160 boys' shoes for clogs & mules 로고

Classic Garden Breathable Sandal Outdoor IndoorU720ADDXC White 160 Boys' Shoes for Clogs & Mules

Made just for kids

These pages remind me of the big brands on the same page. My daughter loves these flip flops, they are easy to put on and take off. The Unicoen is stuck, I'm not worried about it falling off. And the glitter still holds up well.전체 리뷰보기

lucky love sandals toddler water boys' shoes in sandals 로고

Lucky Love Sandals Toddler Water Boys' Shoes in Sandals

Cute with a problem

I bought these for my 2 year old for the summer. First, they are adorable and true to size. I received them in my normal size 8 and they fit perfectly. I love the color and how the straps are adjustable. My problem is how do you attach the sandals to the back of the foot. I didn't know there was a latch. Last year we got a similar pair from Target and they had velcro around the back of the foot. Closing takes longer and is a bit annoying. Especially if you're running out the door and your kid is kicking or something. I wish it had velcro like Target. I will keep them as otherwise they are good shoes for the price.전체 리뷰보기

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