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Clinical Resources

This program saved us time with documentation, helped our employees be more efficient in their work flow by using this system it also improved accuracy of billing for services provided to patients! No complaints at all about clinical resources!! Great software that fit perfectly into my practice's workflow. I wish there was an option or some way we could customize where certain data would go so they wouldn't show up twice but other than thats everything is great. ! I like how they can help you with your questions, no matter what time of day or night it is! They are knowledgeable when it comes to their product line as well at being able to answer any medical question that may arise in regards to our facility products & services We're not there yet but we do plan for continued growth within this space which has been great so far!전체 리뷰보기

smartapprove 로고


I like how easy it is to use and navigate, also that it has many options such as having a live status of every task which is great if you have many users. It would be nice if it had more reporting features so that you can track all tasks in progress. I think that all companies should use this software, it saves time and it helps us get the job done faster. We have been using smart approve for about one year now and we are able to do most jobs we need to do within our department with ease. I liked that it was very easy, simple & quick enought as well so they could be ready in just hours! It would help if there were more people who worked at this kind of service but everything else is great!! You can do all your approvals online without having to send anyone out anywhere or have them come into your office. There's nothing i dislike about smart approve other than maybe how much quicker things go when compared to paper forms. ! 전체 리뷰보기

smartlaunch™ 로고


We have used this software for our New Product Launch at work, it was very easy-to use especially when you are working with multiple people in different locations around world as we do! It's good that there were no glitches while using them so far but I am sure they will continue improving their products more than others out here since its still young compared other competitors like Marketo or Pardot which has been established longer time ago already. The main benefit i can see from smartlaunch would be how quick everything goes through once an idea gets approved by someone else who works remotely away form us where ever he/she may live (in US). 전체 리뷰보기

dicolab teamplayer 로고

Dicolab TeamPlayer

Ease of use for both employees as well as customers is my favorite thing about this software! I also really like that it allows me to customize each user's individual screen so they are not able see anything from other screens in their office. It can be difficult sometimes when trying figure out how something works with all these options available but once we figured them out its been great!! We've only had one issue where an employee forgot her password which was easy enough fix using phone support services provided by teamplayer/docolabs.전체 리뷰보기

hashgains 로고


I like how they have multiple pools available to choose from (CryptoPooler vs Antpool) as well their support is great! They also offer cloud hashing so you don't need much hardware if at all for your needs which makes it even better!! If there's anything about this service i dislike its not being able too purchase hashrates directly with other cryptocurrencies such us bitcoin or litecoin but only through fiat currency -.-; however thats easily fixed by just using another wallet where those currencies are accepted instead of having them tied up inside one account/wallet system :). So far everything looks good though nothing really stands out yet because we haven'y had any issues since signingup last month :) We're currently looking into purchasing some more hashes via crypto pooling services rather than paying extra fees each time when buying directhash rates wich can be costly depending upon what coin(s)/cryptocurrency etc.. 전체 리뷰보기

digit 로고


I like this application very much! It does everything it says, with ease - all my business processes are run through here (including payroll). The interface isn't as intuitive at first glance as some other platforms but soon becomes second nature once you get into the flow. We have not encountered any problems thus far! As an owner/operator for a small non-profit organization there really was nothing else out there we could use right away so we went ahead and created our own. Benefits include less costs & being more efficient about how work gets done by having better visibility throughout the system, tracking information where needed from one department or employee up until they receive payment. 전체 리뷰보기

unfuddle stack 로고

Unfuddle STACK

I like how easy it was to get started with this product. It's intuitive and well-designed. The interface makes me feel comfortable right away. There are so many features you can add to customize your tool. We have been using unfuddle to track bugs & issues from our customers' requests. This has really helped us improve our customer service by providing them fast response time. At first we had some troubles because of its complex nature but after learning more about it, I realized that everything is very simple and straightforward. 전체 리뷰보기

mycollab 로고


The best thing about this is that it has all features of project management software, which includes tracking time & tasks for each member in team as well as managing customer relationship with ease through its dashboard view! It also helps us to create milestones along our way so we can easily track them from beginning till end. I dislike how difficult some things are like creating new task or adding members into your group/team etc., Also sometimes when you add too many people at once then it takes lot longer than expected but other parts work quite good. We use mycollabs mainly because they have great support staff who help me whenever i need their assistance regarding any issues related to product usage (even though most times there's nothing wrong).전체 리뷰보기

project indicator 로고

Project Indicator

I enjoy using this product, it's extremely well put together as you can see from their great work to find such problems in your codebase or application that they help fix with ease! The interface is easy going enough for newbies but has all features one would need as someone who works more extensively inside of Eclipse ADT Studio/Eclipse CDO IDE etc (like refactorings). This makes sense because most people have used IntelliJ IDEA prior which had some major downfalls when trying an eclipse plugin like this compared other similar plugins out there; especially if we're talking about java 8 support - where intellij doesn't seem compatible anymore unfortunately either! I like that it is simple to use, easy to navigate, and has lots of options for different types of projects. It's also very affordable. There are many features that I wish were available, but there is nothing really negative about this software. If you're looking for something simple and straightforward, Project Indicator is definitely worth checking out. The main benefit is that it makes keeping track of project status much easier than using spreadsheets or paper. 전체 리뷰보기

centric plm 로고

Centric PLM

I like that we can create our own products using this software without having to go through any kind of middle man or third party which is great because it keeps costs down as well as time spent doing custom work! It's not so easy if you're new at creating your product but once familiar with how things are done they make sense very quickly. We have been able use centric plm since about 2 years ago now and haven't had much issues yet other than some minor bugs here n there (which has all be fixed). If anyone wants an automated way of building their models then give them a try i'm sure after trying out one modeler/builder u will find yourself loving what CPLM offers!! 전체 리뷰보기

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