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Prizm is very different from other crypto and blockchain platforms. Traders and miners intertwined. What more? 😂 Blockchain through life. I think that this platform, which can be both investment and reliable, will adapt to our lives in the near future in terms of technology and usability. Everything is environmentally friendly, decentralized and safe. This is the future.! 전체 리뷰보기

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100% focused with Marshall Hayner on building the best platform for crypto. period. Current portfolio: - blockchain: ProtonXPR : next gen chain with push - wallet: metalpaysme Venmo meets CoinBase - exchange: metalxofficial : fully licensed US + EU Metal is expanding worldwide. Metal X is preparing to launch. Metal Pay is adding more and more cryptocurrencies. Metal University is getting ready to teach the masses. Proton is revolutionizing finance, identity, and privacy.전체 리뷰보기

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A new generation of future is created with Cryptocurrencies and you will realize that. I work in finance and management. I'm interested in and investing in innovative projects.

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