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About Metal

Metal Pay is a blockchain-based payment processing platform, which intends to introduce cryptocurrency to the mass-market level by combining participation incentives with a clean and user-friendly interface.

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A different project with a currency exchange system: Metal

Hello everyone, I will present you my review about the Metal project today. Good reads to everyone. Unfortunately, it is still not popular to make transactions with Fiat currency in today's…See more

About Metal coin (MTL)

Metal coin (MTL) is the local cryptocurrency of Metal products and is an important part of the Metal ecosystem. According to the team, making any crypto transfer through Metal Pay is instant and free…See more

A payment system that gives us access to everything we need without restriction

This is a payment processing platform that will allow us to make payments worldwide just by using a phone number. We can do it with both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. They offer a reliable and…See more

Metal: reliable payment solutions

The main utilities offered by cryptographic platforms are exchanging digital assets between different chains. But nevertheless; finding a platform that also allows you to exchange digital money for…See more

Metal will be revolution! Metal, MetalX , MetalPay, Metal University, Proton

100% focused with Marshall Hayner on building the best platform for crypto. period. Current portfolio: - blockchain: ProtonXPR : next gen chain with push - wallet: metalpaysme Venmo…See more

A unique sensible process complete with innovative features.

It is one of the few cryptocurrency platforms that plans to expand beyond the realm of online cryptocurrencies. It intends to become a one-stop banking solution that joins the gap between Fiat and…See more

Processed almost instantaneous payments

A project that is based on payment processing and being rewarded for it, is an initiative that motivates the operator to opt for it since its program can bring benefits as soon as you pay or use the…See more

Digital bank application.

It is seeking to make cryptocurrency more accessible to the public and is a very good target for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. And when you consider that the vast majority of the world's…See more

A sick project!

This project needs of several required adjustments. The crypto market is very competitive. Projects with faults or poorly developed won`t have life long, A lot of things needs to be correctedSee more

Metal, is a project that is limited to certain users due to its availability…

Metal, is a project that is limited to certain users due to its availability on a platform, but efficiently fulfills its purpose such as making payments or sending p2p money with your internal token…See more