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The interface is very easy to use, it's intuitive as well! I love that you can access your analysis from anywhere via my browser or mobile app (iOS/Android). There are some things we would like improved such us being able of saving our results at different time steps for each element separately with automatic update when new versions comes out; also there should be more options regarding mesh refinement which could improve accuracy but increase simulation times considerably so this depends if needed by client application requirements - however all these issues have been addressed since version 1 release last year where improvements were made accordingly according user feedbacks received during beta testing phase before final launch date was set up.- Analysing structural behaviour under static loads- Structural modelling using finite elments software.전체 리뷰보기

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Vivian Health

I love that it's easy to access all of my accounts from one place. It makes finding candidates much easier! The ability to filter out applicants who have not been vetted by our department is very helpful as well. Sometimes, if we don't receive an application in time, the candidate isn't able to be screened until after they've already had their first interview with another employer. This can make scheduling interviews difficult because you're never sure when someone will arrive or what kind of behavior you'll encounter at your next scheduled appointment. We are solving some issues around transparency within HR departments. 전체 리뷰보기

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Bilqees Technology Solutions

BTS has been able to help my company with everything from project management to IT support. The staff are very helpful and I honestly couldn't ask for better customer service. There was a time when we were using BTS but they had to close up shop due to a lack of funding. We ended up closing down our account and that was something that I didn't understand. I know there aren't many reviews online for BTS, however I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great company to work with. We used BTS for all of our server needs and it was amazing! They can help you with your computer issues as well. 전체 리뷰보기

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I like that it's open-source software so you can see how things are built in order to make improvements yourself or contribute back when something isn't working as expected (or not at all). The UI looks really dated compared with some other solutions out there though - if this bothers anyone please let me know! We're using hg for our versioning needs within Jenkins pipelines but also have used git before without issues; we've only had minor problems here which were easily resolved by looking up answers online rather than asking support directly :) Easy to learn and use as it is very intuitive. You can also set up your own rules for merging different branches together. The UI and the fact that you cannot have multiple heads at once are two things I think could be improved. If you are looking for a simple git alternative, then this might not be what you need. We wanted to solve some issues we had with our code repository. Our previous one was just too complicated and lacked features. This has helped us with that. 전체 리뷰보기

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The product has been very well designed, easy to understand how it works after watching their demo video - excellent customer support when I had questions at first; great UI/UX! Would love if they could add more countries in Europe (especially UK) as some of our customers are there but can't use this due to country restriction or lack thereof ;-) Overall pretty good map service though not perfect like we want them too be :-) We just need something that is reliable so many businesses trust us already which helps alot :) A little pricey compared other providers out there however overall value proposition makes up its price tag ;) Easy payment options through paypal etc.; fast turn around time from receiving credit card details till getting final approval within 1 day max!! Customer Support via email also helpful sometimes since you have access 24hrs per days during weekdays unlike. 전체 리뷰보기

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The best thing about pingo meter is its ease to use interface with very less or no technical knowledge required for using it as well. It gives you an insight into how your website performs in real time which helps us monitor our clients' web applications more effectively compared to other solutions available out there. I have not found any downsides so far but if anyone has then please let me know at [email protected] We are solving problems related to monitoring online application's availability by providing insights from metrics like response times, errors etc., This allows us to take quick decisions regarding issues faced by customers while they're visiting their site.전체 리뷰보기

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iceScrum allows us to track our sprints and has helped us to visualize our progress in terms of velocity and burndown charts. It is very easy to use with simple drag-and-drop features which allow you to work seamlessly without having to learn too many new things. The UI could be improved as it is not very user friendly. I would suggest users who are looking out for a robust project management tool should give this a try, it's free! We are using iceScrum to visualize our projects' progress, manage tasks, assign them to team members and release them at the end of every sprint.전체 리뷰보기

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RC On-Track Issue Management

I like how easy it was for my employees of all experience levels (from entry level up through very senior)to use this product without needing any training at first time usage! It's not too complicated but has enough features so you don't need lotsa support help in order make sure your using everything correctly when solving issues with customers or clients who are having problems/issues as well - also helps keep everyone organized because they can log their own work into each ticket assigned them which makes accountability easier than ever before!! There really isn’t anything i dislike about rcOn Track other then maybe some minor UI things could be improved upon such as moving items around within tabs would sometimes cause confusion while trying figure out what needs done next etc.. But overall we couldn;' t live wirhout our rCOTmplnment platform anymore now due its easeofuse nd ability foour staff members regardless if newbies thru veterans alike. 전체 리뷰보기

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I love that we have all the data in one place (which is essential for our industry). It makes it easy when you need more than 1 person at an event because everything can be done from any device or location. With so many features available through GoExhibits's integrations there are always ways around problems. If you don't find what your looking for within their platform they'll help guide you towards other options. They do not offer training but will try hard if requested. We use Exhibit extensively throughout my role as Director of Event Marketing & Sales Operations which includes managing multiple events each year across 3 states. 전체 리뷰보기

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The best thing that I like about this software is its simplicity, it's robustness & ease of use. Also there are lots options available for customization which helps us run multiple campaigns at once using different templates or modules etc., If you have any issue regarding configuration then they provide excellent support team who will help you out within few hours as per their time zone difference (they operate 24x7). It would be great if we could customize our own branding option instead of having predefined brandings provided by them but otherwise everything looks good so far! 1) Automation2) Multiple Campaigns3) Branding4) Support5) Customization6) UI/UXBest part - Easy Integration With SalesforceSo Far No Complaints But Yes some minor issues can easily get resolved from customer care executive through live chat feature1.) Integrations needs improvement 2.) Some features need more advance customizations 3.). Customer Care Executive should work little.전체 리뷰보기

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