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Cadmart, Inc.

I like how easy it was for me to learn this software because of its user friendly features and interface which made my job easier than before when using other softwares such as AutoCAD or Solidworks. It has been very helpful with managing all our projects from design through manufacturing process since we are working together with many different companies at once time so having one tool helps us work faster and more efficiently. Nothing much about cad mart itself but i think there should be some improvements regarding customer service if they decide not to renew their contract then customers will have problems especially those who use cloud storage feature. If you need an efficient way to manage your project files without any hassle, go ahead! You won't regret doing business with them. We're able to store everything under one roof instead of keeping multiple hard drives scattered around office while also being able to access anywhere anytime via internet connection. 전체 리뷰보기

cignex datamatics’ “digital employee engagement platform” (deep™) 로고

CIGNEX Datamatics’ “Digital Employee Engagement Platform” (DEEP™)

The ease of use, intuitive interface, customization options, functionality and support offered by this platform are its biggest strengths. This tool can manage all types of teams with different roles like sales, marketing etc., It's free version has everything needed to start your project without any limitations. Some modules need more time to load so it should be given some time if you think that there might not be improvement soon. We have started using DEEP as our intranet software because they offer many benefits such as easy navigation, user friendly features, security management, content publishing, integration capabilities, SEO optimization, custom workflows, analytics tools. 전체 리뷰보기

citibot 로고


I like how easy it is for people in different departments within my county department of transportation (CDOT) to communicate with each other using this system! It has made our work more efficient. We have been able use citibots mobile app as well but sometimes we do not get alerts when there are issues that need attention from us or others working at CDOT. Also if you dont know what kind of issue your looking for then you may miss something important because all notifications will be sent out via email which could take days before someone gets around to reading them. So many times i receive emails about an incident and cant just go right away until later since they werent directly related so by the time i got around to responding everyone was already annoyed with me over being late/not answering questions etc. This helps keep track of incidents throughout the day. The benefits include safety enhancements and cost savings through improved response rates and reduced repair costs. Our main goal now is keeping track of road. 전체 리뷰보기

dcbrain 로고


The tool is very easy for new users who are not familiar with AI tools or machine learning algorithms but it has some advanced features as well that make sure you cover all your needs without any additional efforts required from user end ( if needed). I would like more tutorials available online so people can learn quickly how this software works which will help them get most out of their investment easily! It's great product by far when using Machine Learning techniques within automation process flow charting/ designing etc., This helps me reduce time taken up while doing my job effectively hence saving both money along side quality control improvements too!전체 리뷰보기

quantum secure visitor identity manager 로고

Quantum Secure Visitor Identity Manager

The most important thing I like about this software as an administrator of the organization that uses it is its ability to integrate with all the major vendors in our industry (such as VMS). It also has many integrations for internal systems such as Active Directory or ADFS and can be deployed across multiple platforms like On Premises, Azure Virtual Machines etc. One minor issue is there’s no option to add custom groups or fields. But thats because it doesn’t support custom group creation yet but once they implement then i would say it will be best for my job! We have used this product in combination with Sitecore so we were able to use visitor data from Sitecore in addition to what was stored in QSVM. 전체 리뷰보기

meetfox 로고


Our team can utilize any of our own devices such as laptops or cell phones while working remotely during remote employee hours which makes it much easier than having someone drop off lunch when traveling around town instead! I've never run into an issue where meeting was not setup correctly between us (which in turn made others who were at same conference feel frustrated). Nothing really but if this happens we have other options like Zoom/Google Hangouts so no biggie there either!! I love how easy it was set up as well my clients loved being able use this platform so easily! Not much dislike at all but if you have any issues please reach out immediately because they are very quick in responding back!! We were looking into other platforms such like Zoom or GoToMeeting however we found meetfox had more features than others which made us choose them over those two options (Zoom & GotoMeetings). 전체 리뷰보기

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