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hanilav graphic sweatshirts pullover hoodies boys' clothing and fashion hoodies & sweatshirts 로고

HaniLav Graphic Sweatshirts Pullover Hoodies Boys' Clothing and Fashion Hoodies & Sweatshirts

My daughter loves this jacket. The smooth material is soft and comfortable to wear, but with plenty of extra warmth. She gets compliments on that jacket every time we go out. This is a really great sweater. It will catch everyone's eyes because it is so beautiful전체 리뷰보기

hankies multi color yec0113 midnight burgundy 로고

Hankies Multi Color YEC0113 Midnight Burgundy

12/20/17 Updated my original review. I am increasing to 4 stars. These are washed and ironed much better than the so-called "luxury" ones. For the money they are good. My husband uses them every day and so far they are holding up. At first I thought it was normal. The fabric felt good, if a bit stiff. Then I washed them and when I started ironing, I realized that the edges are poorly finished (especially blue). I had to cut so many threads that I slipped and cut one of the handkerchiefs. Some corners are not finished yet. I believe they would be fine for one or two uses, not long term use.전체 리뷰보기

pajamagram family pajamas chill out 로고

PajamaGram Family Pajamas Chill Out

The best pajamas!

The best pajamas ever! The material is excellent! Super great quality. I usually wear a large top and small bottom so I was concerned about the fit, but the medium fits perfectly. The top is a little big and the bottom has ties. The butt is long which is great for me as I'm 5'8". Even my grown daughter wants a set전체 리뷰보기

vifuur water outdoor sports 35 boys' shoes and outdoor 로고

VIFUUR Water Outdoor Sports 35 Boys' Shoes and Outdoor

EXCELLENT water shoes! Ideal for the whole family! I came across these shoes in a BuzzFeed article about popular summer shopping, so I bought a pair to try on first. I REALLY LOVE mine! I have worn them on a boat with friends and family and everyone loved how comfortable yet simple and trendy they looked like a water shoe! I use my Revain Prime to order a pair for my daughter as well as my best friend and her three daughters! I definitely recommend it highly! The quality DEFINITELY beats the amazingly low price!전체 리뷰보기

will brands antenna 4k cable motorized installation 로고

Will Brands Antenna 4K Cable Motorized Installation

Before I review the product myself, let me tell you, dear reader, one very important thing. WAR IN THIS SIGNAL. Yes exactly. There are many places you can place an antenna, but none will ever be perfect for all channels, and placement never guarantees that no other signal will interfere with it or that nothing can get between that signal and your signal. antenna to block it. It's amazing, as they say. I'm getting 20 of the registered 24 channels available in my area and I'm stuck in a hole in the valley where my Verizon phone's signal is only 1 band out of 5 in my kitchen window and a burst of signal in the rest of the house. (For those of you who pass as millennials, "puff for the signal" is what people ten years older than you say when they say "you'd be better off with a can of soup and a rope".) Most channels are pretty good most of the time, meaning I usually have no problem hearing or seeing what's going on. Sometimes there is pixelation. And sometimes there is a lot of pixelation. But here's the thing. It's not for those who watch TV to get the best sound and picture quality without interruptions and access hundreds of channels. It's the antenna for people like me who need local news and weather and something to lean on when the internet goes down but don't care what's flowing down the line to pay for cable. (For those of you who are considered millennials, "whistle" is what people ten years older than you stopped calling it TV when we started seeing flat screens, so half of you get it Don't tell me why anyone ever called it that in the first place (I'm not your teacher, google it.) Finally, if you just want to pay for TV once and get local news and weather and a few things like a PBS channel or MeTV want to get and you're not a person who likes to flip through hundreds of channels and discover that twenty-six are doubles, seventy-three are musicals and sixteen are in a foreign language you don't understand, and of the rest there are only about four things that you want to see and you've seen them all five times. So, i think you get it If you want me to explain this further, you need a cable. As for the product itself, then it is strong enough to withstand several attacks from a cat, and once hung on a tightly fixed, but fairly ordinary ledge. Not those pretty round ones for fancy curtains, oh no. I just told you I'm cheap. I mean cheap, flexible, weird little tin can curtain rods with a bent end that you attach to these twin hooks and then snap right through them as you step on the curtains. Yes, this antenna was attached to THIS ledge. I wouldn't advise or recommend you to do the same because to be honest it was pretty stupid of me as my cat likes to attack things in the middle of the night and I'm glad that he didn't destroy him and the window (that's why I moved it), but I say that to illustrate that it's not heavy or bulky. The craftsmanship seems pretty good, and it doesn't take up much space. Most of you would probably make better use of it if you put it outside, but I left mine inside and it still works great.전체 리뷰보기

mean well rsp 1000 48 power supply 로고

MEAN WELL RSP 1000 48 Power Supply

Would have gotten 5 stars if the fans weren't too loud for me. They run all the time and accelerate under load. I'm sure MeanWell designed the cooling system to match the power dissipation, but my application runs at a relatively low average power and only needs full power intermittently. The output power of 1008 W was also a bit excessive. I ended up returning this power supply and buying one of MeanWell's conduction-cooled versions, the UHP-700-48. This source cannot provide full power output at 120 VAC (it requires 240 VAC), but it has enough power output for my application and is completely silent.전체 리뷰보기

gigastone compatible olympus panasonic digital computer accessories & peripherals 로고

Gigastone Compatible Olympus Panasonic Digital Computer Accessories & Peripherals


Stable and efficient, this "low capacity" SDHC was the max size for the gear I've used it in. 32 gigabytes (8 times the storage space), so the storage ratio was not very good!전체 리뷰보기

digit tail military replacement universal accessory 로고

Digit Tail Military Replacement Universal Accessory

Don't Worry

later I was looking for a wrist strap to replace my Garmin Fenix 5X and came across this one. I really liked that it was different from the original so I ordered it. Was delivered on time with extra pins and screwdrivers for replacement. I put it on my watch and started using it. After less than 3 days of use, the tape started to tear. What a waste.전체 리뷰보기

keen kids seacamp sandal blue boys' shoes and outdoor 로고

KEEN Kids Seacamp Sandal Blue Boys' Shoes and Outdoor

A grown woman bought them for herself. I find this pair more comfortable (lightweight, flexible, low to the ground) than the Venice H2 and I and my feet love them! Size: I have women's size 7.5 (EU 38) in street shoes. I needed a size 6 Big Kid (any size smaller seemed too small for me). pebbles and they are soft to the touch). I would not wear them (I would NOT wear a pair of sandals) because (like ANY sandals) they can snag in pebbles and/or sand. I use them for everyday use (walking, at home, on the street). They're likely to get a little hot in very hot weather (as they're a bit closed for sandals).전체 리뷰보기

little summer spring printed trousers boys' clothing for pants 로고

Little Summer Spring Printed Trousers Boys' Clothing for Pants

good quality

very happy with it. Perfect for my daughter in the summer so she doesn't get bitten by mosquitoes in the evening. I took them a size up because I like to tumble dry them and they shrink. If you don't use a dryer I wouldn't buy them too big. I bought size 130 cm for my daughter's height of 110 cm.전체 리뷰보기

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